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  1. We received a telephone call from our local Toyota dealer with whom we have ordered the 2019 Dynamic. A week or so ago they indicated that in response to my complaint of the 'Street View' now being unavailable in my 2016 Excell and our further concern that it would be unavailable in the new Dynamic when it arrives in August, they would register the map in the demonstration Dynamic to check. The call that we received this afternoon that the Street View IS available in this vehicle. They indicated that they had to 'register' with Toyota and that they had 'to do some digging' to get it to work. In summary, they told us that when our Dynamic arrives they will be happy to show us how they set up the Street View upon collection of the vehicle.
  2. My local dealer told me that they would register the map on their demo Dynamic and check. We have been out of the country so we have not received an update. However we will contact the dealer accordingly. If this is the case we will not hesitate to provide a written complaint to Toyota UK about the senseless decision to discontinue the street view due to the ‘lack of use’.
  3. My local Toyota main dealership was not aware that this feature has been pulled and expressed surprise. Before responding, they will sign into the demo Dynamic to see if it functions on this new model On a different note, we were advised that our Dynamic AWD ordered beginning of March is anticipated to be available by mid-August.
  4. Dynamic ordered beginning of March, dealers just advised it will be mid-August 2019.
  5. It would.......if I had a friend in the EU with a similar vehicle. I don't think Toyota will want to pull that stunt in the USA. I have paid a deposit for a 2019 Dynamic, but the loss of the deposit in the worst case does not concern me. It is the principle of the matter. Don't forget to use everything in your Toyota daily, because if you don't, Toyota may take it away because of 'low usage'. Nonsense. I will talk with my dealer tomorrow.
  6. I need to contact Toyota myself as I am not satisfied with their reply. 1. I doubt that they have the ability to provide a user statistic on what is an embedded application. 2. That aside, why remove something in any event....unless it is costing Toyota a licence fee for instance, which is not an acceptable reason. 3. If it the case that few people are using the fog lights on their vehicle is it now Toyota's policy to remove them or inhibit their use when the vehicle goes in for its service? 4. Is this specific to the UK? ( I shall make an enquiry of friends in the US) Ongoing.......
  7. I confirm that the street view is no longer functioning. I would be guessing that it has been removed because either, that the license fee for the street view has not been paid for, or, someone has decided that it could be a distraction to the driver. Either reason cuts no ice with me. Although it would be lame to claim that we purchased the vehicle because of this product feature, My opinion is that it is very disappointing and remiss of Toyota not making this information available. Finally, we awaiting the new Dynamic model. We were given to understand that the Dynamic will include the features of my 2016 Excel. Accordingly and subject to contract, we will ask for confirmation of this feature before taking delivery. Thank you. Regards, Graham
  8. Our cousins across the pond tell me that it is the ☹️same.
  9. Has anyone tried the horn on the 2019 yet? Hope it’s not the same squeaky thing, or that will be my first modification. Cheers.
  10. Only the fact that you will not pay just £20 for road tax on the new vehicle. It was always a talking point when friends enquired about the running cost. £20?No way they would say. They may be not be so envious when we have to pay much more. In comparison to other vehicle with this engine size, the road tax is still cheap.
  11. My wife videoed the warning and simultaneously videoed the empty road ahead. We showed this to the Service Manager and the fault was corrected during the last service. Job sorted!
  12. Tom, I contacted my local dealer two days ago regarding my pending quotation which is to include this pack for the 2019 Dynamic i. I still awaiting a response from them. Their corrective action of reducing the number of items in the pack is certainly not acceptable unless they reduce the cost of the pack proportionally. If you can provide the email address of the recipient of your complaint I will be pleased to add to it. Regards, Graham
  13. 2016 Toyota Excell. Contacting AdrianFlux and quoting this website & forum saved me £45 today over the cheapest quote from ALL the comparison web sites. In contacting this company I experienced a pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable call handler who introduced himself as "Reece" (Rhys). Renewing motor vehicle insurance annually has never been a joyous occasion over the last 50 odd years. However, Reece restored my faith in telephone call handling, providing me with the quote with the absolute minium waiting time. Well done Adrian Flux! Regards, Graham
  14. Have fitted front and rear dashcams, the front being fed by 12volts from the front dome light. No interference to DAB or any emissions to my Ham radio transceiver either. Regards, Graham
  15. G4HFG Graham

    RAV Hybrid

    RAV 4 Hybrid? Best car I have ever bought. Purchased in August 2016 from RRG Rochdale and it is a really pleasure to drive. I have fitted a number of after-market bells and whistles and I would be pleased to answer any specific questions that you may have. Hopefully the snapshot helps show the vehicle. Regards, Graham