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  1. one more question if I may: i am looking to buy a car with no more than 80K on the clock so would you expect many repairs within next 3 years? bearing in mind 5K par annum and can you please let me know how is the suspension doing after at around 80K (let's assume the a car wasn't abuse in the past) thanks!
  2. Thank you everybody!!! i will have a good look and keep you posted.... all the best Mac
  3. Again, many thanks guys and I will arrange a test drive at Car Giant today My budget is 7.5K so will need to spend some time and not rush it, I guess. Thanks a lot again!
  4. thanks Dave that is very handy. I think I will go for diesel anyhow as running cost looks quite pricey with petrol.
  5. Hi guys, I am planning to change my Corolla T-Sport to Rav4 as we are expecting a baby very soon. Can you advice if this is a good family car and what's your view in terms of driving it mostly in town? Is it better than Avensis, if so why? I am planning to go for 2007 or 2008 and I do no more than 5K miles per annum (90% in Town) Many thanks Mac
  6. Hi, do you have front wheel arch liner?(passanger side) how much for it? thanks
  7. Hi guys, does anyone here have wiring diagrams for 1989 AE92? There is no power going to distributor. Many thanks!
  8. Hi guys, I have a start problem with my Corolla 1.6 GTI. It starts in the morning but there is no way to start her in the afternoon.(after work) i have to give it a push I have changed spark plugs and checked ignition cables. My mate told me that it may be down to coolant temperature sensor?? Moreover,the battery and motor starter are fine. any ideas what could be the problem? Many thanks Mac
  9. Sounds fine... i'm in London, how much for P+P?
  10. Hi, I need a rear ( lamp right) for my AE92. Anyone can help?
  11. Talking about snow and ice... a bus crashed into my little rolla an hour ago... Damn!!!!! I will need a rear right lamp, anyone has a spare :D
  12. i hope you comment my car... if so, many thanks. there are signs of rust by the rear window, and arches but other than that it's in great condition. Exhaust was replaced about a year ago by a guy who I Got it from he owned it for 15 years... i guess that speak for it self.on top of that there is full service history since 89. Anyhow, about an hour ago a bus crashed into me. What a bustard!!! need rear, right lamp now and rear bumber needs paint. any ideas where i can get lamp from?
  13. My Corolla 1.6 16v GTi ’89 seems to be very thirsty… (Not that I wasn’t expecting that) She needs about 14 liters per 100 miles in London (plenty of traffic). So I wonder what your stats are.
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