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  1. I think you're right, Red Yaris 54. Although 'phoning around the dealers one included the brake fluid change for a quote of £180 for a major service. Anyway I took mine to the nearest Toyota garage for a major service and was informed that the brake fluid was 25% contaminated and required a change. They adviced of a brake and fluid change for £85 extra. I agreed to the work. All well and good. The next day I realised I've been had. Why? Because an automatic car doesn't have a clutch and there is no clutch fluid reservoir! I wrote a stroppy letter and complained. The garage 'phone back
  2. Should a major service for a Yaris (i.e. 60,000 miles) include the cost of brake and clutch fluid change? Thanks in advance.
  3. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...2483638515&rd=1
  4. How to remove centre ones (with pics) - click Removing the Air Vents on the left of this page
  5. vmail The max you would have to pay is £100. Even if you buy 2nd hand, I think you just need to let Blackspot have the serial number of the RA, pay the subs £100, and away you go. Why don't you give them a call and see if the above is a go'er, and post their response? Good luck
  6. No fee is payable for using the Road Angel as the GPS antenna. You do need to pay a subscrition after the first year to Blackspot, the manufacturer, for updates to the camera location database. The sub for the first year is included in the purchase price of thr RA. After that it's £99 for lifetime subscription or £79 for 2 years.
  7. This bloke's panited the dash and the knobs..... http://ourworld.cs.com/BeMaNiXbOi/dash.jpg
  8. Just buy a cable like this cable
  9. Yes, I have a Road Angel, which I use as a GPS antenna for the SatNav.
  10. If you already have a PPC, less than £200 for software, car mount and GPS antenna Software
  11. Oops. Didn't realise my old account still exists!
  12. Thought I would share this with you. Here's the SatNav set up in our Yaris, which is portable. My wife and I no longer have arguments about each other's sense of direction or map reading skills Pic
  13. So back to my original question. How mucho from dealer please?
  14. Does anyone know how much these would cost from a dealer?
  15. I'm sure your friendly Toyota dealer would be able to help you out. They'll have some "universal" key.
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