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  1. How did I miss that? Has the CarPlay settings option always been there? I’ve just set my brightness down to a more manageable level, thank you!
  2. The only problems I’ve had with CarPlay on a 2020 Aygo is a corroded lightning connector which led to some crashes, otherwise it has worked flawlessly. Try a new cable, otherwise as has been said, ask the dealer to investigate.
  3. I shall revert to the cable for a week and see whether the glitching remains....
  4. Did you give the CarPlay adaptor a go? I’m still suffering audio glitches, and the occasional trip where the adaptor relentlessly disconnects requiring the USB to be pulled to reset it. I now understand why they have such glowing reviews, I left a 3 star review and it has never been published! They obviously only publish the 5 star reviews 😡
  5. Back in the day, before trip computers and built-in consumption statistics, I used to use a Scangauge to monitor bits and bobs including fuel consumption, and found it invaluable in working out how to drive economically. You can configure the scangauge to display instantaneous and average fuel consumption, along with other niceties such as water temperature and inlet temperature. You tell the scangauge how much fuel you add at each fuel-up and it auto-calibrates itself too becoming more accurate as time passes which is nice (my Aygo’s built in fuel consumption reading is always 2-4 mpg o
  6. I’ve used https://www.powerbulbs.com in the past. There seems to be a virtually perpetual sale on! Prices, delivery and packaging were good so I’d recommend them. Do bear in mind though that extra brightness comes at the cost of longevity.
  7. Very nice, I hope you’re enjoying the subwoofer! I’ve had mine since September and am loving it. My only gripe is the lack of keyless entry and starting, it’s proving difficult to get back into the habit of using the key after my previous Xclusive.
  8. I bought a cplay2air adapter during their recent Black Friday promotion and am pleasantly surprised by it. It initially connects my iPhone and head-unit by Bluetooth, before then switching to its own WiFi for the streaming. Unlike the cheap eBay offerings which have swathes of negative reviews, the cplay2air seemed to have a lot of positive reviews and firmware updates seem to be regular to add new model compatibility. It works well with the Aygo, but I do get some audio glitches but I’m not sure they’re any more prevalent than you’d get with a standard Bluetooth connection.
  9. S_J_P

    hands free!

    I fitted a Parrot CK3100 to my Aygo, it was inexpensive and worked fine but wasn’t a patch on the integrated Bluetooth systems. i did a post on how I fitted it here.....
  10. I seem to recall that my MMT Aygo used to complain when I was a little too hasty with engaging gear and moving off, as it took a fair amount of time for the clutch mechanism to cycle. Does the problem manifest itself when you’re moving off hastily? If so, then be a little more deliberate and see whether the problem goes away. Otherwise speak to your friendly garage.
  11. Cool, there’s nothing like an independent endorsement. I think I’ll hit the buy button then.
  12. I’m sorely tempted by the Black Friday cplay2air offer of a WiFi/Bluetooth USB dongle for around £75. I’ve been put-off the cheap eBay offerings due to frequently reported compatibility issues, but the cplay2air seems to have glowing reviews (and frequent firmware updates to resolve issues/new cars). Has anyone used one of these dongles on their Aygo, and if so, what was your experience?
  13. As mentioned it’s a simple fix to bend the paddle, I did mine some time ago, no need for a replacement mechanism.
  14. Red light’s wavelength and energy content is much lower than white and it’s usage is desirable as it helps with night-sight. Besides being a safety feature I would expect that there’s a regulation stipulating instrument illumination colour and switching to white may be in contravention of the regulations so I suggest you check.
  15. I fitted an eBay interior light delay module to my Aygo Blue (in fact I’m sure I did a pictorial write-up on the install in these forums but can’t find it!) which worked fine for a few weeks then the module failed and I just removed it. They’re easy to fit to the door-activated switch wiring, but it’s easier to just keep the door ajar until you’ve put the key in the ignition. edit: Ok I’ve found the original thread, but the pictures are no longer present....
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