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  1. Fascia Surround: T55406-52010-B0 is for the Phase 1 (roughly £38) Fascia Surround: T55406-52041-B0 is for the Phase 2 (roughly £38) Double Din Unit - FP-11-03, made by Audioleads, it says for a RAV4 but it will fit the Yaris - from Halfords ISO lead: PC2-17-4 (toyota one)...... £12 halfords Picture WITH Fascia Surround.. Picture WITHOUT Fascia Surround (Head Unit placed inside coin tray... And with regards to fitting, there are many links to follow in the How To's For fitting the adapter.. Simply insert headunit and cage into the appropriate slot, and bend the security prongs up on the top and sides (see pic).. The adapter is then held in place by three self tappers.. Two at the top left and right hansdside corners. and one at the bottom left. (Note that I left the additional 'legs' on to avoid any 'Oops I've snapped off the wrong one because the Instructions said to' disaster.. Simply insert the adapter and line up the holes. Screw in and secure.. Sorted...
  2. Hey, Open the bonnet then iIf you fumble around as far forward as you can reach.. there should be a rubber gromet. Use this. Thread the amp cable through and it should end up in your passenger footwell/underneath glove box.. Sorry about the lack of detail but I'm just getting my legs back.
  3. Wtf?! It's not the best thing seeing people pish against shop windows.. Bushes - fair enough Imho.
  4. Aye, nice big front screen, swivel to txt etc.. Sony Ericsson have a cool 'theme' thing going on (which you can change) - Free Themes I'm on O2 contract, no problems.. although don't think they are still available (?)
  5. I've got an S700i - class.. Everyone loves it. Tidy camera, video is cool, blutooth, the usual stuff..
  6. Supermario Kart.. Bought a Gamecube purely to play it!.. Worms, classic.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4749987.stm Sorted
  8. Just wondering if anyone is using it and got it linked up their home hi-fi sytem etc etc, how far have people gone with this.. B)
  9. I'll download it later to check that it's the correct tune - pretty sure tho
  10. Will defo have it later.. Unless someone beats me to it. Future Underground Nation - "It's the way"... Try that bad boy B)
  11. Believe that this was on constantly on hols (last week).. :shuffles feet under desk:
  12. Bit late, but have been on hols.. Hope you had a good un.
  13. Good luck mate - was a mechanical/electrical fitter @ Risca Iron Foundry til they closed the place Great times, great bunch of guys..
  14. Alot of people seem to be recommending nutrition advice (which is not wrong).. But add some fitness and you'll be well away. My mates allways used to say that i've asked Santa for 'an immune system' for Christmas! I started lifting weights in the garage (I don't suggest you do the same :P ) started jogging etc and visit the gym at least 3 times per week.. *Touch wood* Not a single sniffle or cough for months. Find a little sport that you enjoy, jogging, cycling, boxing whatever..
  15. *Is off on Hol's soon, should get a crazy photo or two*
  16. For those that care: Chemical Bros' - Galvanized U2 - One Stereophonics - A minute longer Weezer - Buddy Holly Franz Ferdinand - Take me out (some kind of remix)
  17. Ok, it's that time again So here goes, I'm off on hols come Sat and need some new music. All tastes, I couldn't care less. Imagine you had to put 5 tracks on a CD, what would they be..? Cheers peeps
  18. - me too. First Driver: So what colours yours then? Second Driver: Red First Driver: Mine too.. Second Driver: Good choice etc etc
  19. Happy birthday dude.. <Goes looking for cake>
  20. Note: The guy is selling the Turbo kit and Bodykit, not the car..
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