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  1. the vvti engine in the Toyota estima some burn oil and some don't.
  2. my toyota estima has got 50,000 miles on the clock and i am the first owner when it was imported from Japan. i have owned it for 2 years.
  3. i have Toyota estima acr50 2007 which is burning oil.
  4. you can buy cruise control stick from Amazon for about £12.
  5. i looked in to getting cruise control fitted to my 2007 toyota estima you can have it done. i got quotes from £500 to £700 to have it fitted. but if you have stereo control on your steering wheel it might be plug & play. if you search on here cruise control you will find the topic were it has been discussed.
  6. no it's not losing oil. when i do a oil change I'm going to use bg109 engine carbon clean. which should sort the problem.
  7. it has done 56000 miles what oil should i use. i normally use Castrol magnate.
  8. it had a oil change when i got it last year. i was going to change oil next year what can i do to stop it using oil. it losing about 1/4 of oil about 500 miles.
  9. i do so of my repairs my self if i cant do it i get local garage to do it. i have notice that it using oil it has a vvti engine in it. this seems to be a common problem with this engine but i keep an eye on it.
  10. Hi tony do you know that imports from Japan are not undersealed. i got mine done at local garage.
  11. Hi tony i live in Ipswich this is my 2 estima the first 0ne was a 1994 which i had for 13 years and sold it to a friend who lives around the from me. I'm loving my new one.
  12. i was going to buy Toyota estima hybrid but i went to my local Toyota dealer and they said that they would not touch it as it was a import. so i got 2.4 petrol. unless you know a independent garage that will look after it.