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  1. I agree to some extent but it was an email from Toyota UK that said "We'd really like you to share your experiences of owning a Toyota". I would have been delighted to have had the opportunity of saying what a great car my Gen 4 Prius is.
  2. Recently Toyota UK sent me an email asking me to take part in The Auto Express Driver Power Survey. I said the survey wanted me to share my "experiences of owning a Toyota" and referred to "insurance, running costs, reliability, performance and dealer service" However, the survey gave no opportunity of making any form of comment on any of these topics. It just asked the usual type of question including my age, what part of the UK I lived, whether anyone in my family worked in certain professions etc. It did not ask for any personal information. It was a complete and utter waste of my time.
  3. I have had a good look but I cannot find any sign of a 'sight glass' on my Gen 4.
  4. Whilst my Gen 4 Prius was having its 2nd annual service, I got a call from the dealer saying that they noticed the car had not had its air conditioning serviced/regassed. As the air con works perfectly, the car is only 2 years old and has only done just under 15,000 miles, I told them I did not want it serviced yet. On collecting the car, an air con reminder appeared on the service checksheet with a cost of £137. I was told verbally that whilst the car is still under warranty, the air con service was not covered and it would cost £165. Why the difference? VAT? I kept my previous Prius a Gen 3, for over 6 years and 50,000 miles and no one at the Toyota dealer (a different one from my Gen 4) ever mentioned anything about servicing the air con. Toyota dealers probably want the work but to say that the air con needs an expensive service after only 2 years is a bit much in my opinion.
  5. This is reassuring. Last year the service department did present me with an invoice and it took a bit of persuading that I was entitled to a free service. So hopefully this year things will be easier.
  6. I recently phoned my local dealer to book the second annual service for my Prius. The first question I was asked was ”How do you pay for your service?” Not the obvious “When would you like it done?” or “What is your registration?” I bought my car when Three Free Services were on offer and some drivers have a Service Plan with fixed payments so I know there are different methods of paying. However, why would they first ask about payment unless there was some form of preferencing of certain customers? Surely there couldn’t be different standards or methods of servicing depending on how you paid?
  7. Doesn't everyone do this?? Not OCD but OCP - Obsessively Clean Prius !!
  8. Of course the real advantage of having plates screwed in place and not stuck on, is that they can be removed to clean and polish behind them!!
  9. When they did refix my plate with screws, they did it very quickly and neatly. So I am sure they must have used a template to position the drill holes.
  10. When my Gen 4 Prius was delivered two years ago, I thought it strange that the front registration plate was screwed in place but the rear one was just stuck on. Yesterday the rear plate came loose. I took it off only to find two neat screw holes that could have been used to fix it permanently. I went to my local Toyota dealer who had supplied the car and asked for it to be fixed back properly with screws. On being told that they no longer used screws and only stuck the plates on, I asked “why are there two Prius models similar to mine outside the showroom with plates fixed with screws?” A quick discussion followed between the receptionist and someone from the service department, all visible behind the red glass screen, and they agreed to use screws to refix it. Surely the cost saving made by sticking it on with four or five bits of tape rather than drilling holes in the plate then fixing it with two screws cannot be that significant? Not to mention the security aspect of being able to pull off a plate that is stuck on with tape.
  11. I can confirm that the handles are no longer sticking so it looks as though putting some silicone spray on the handle mechanism at the lock end (but NOT the lock itself) has solved the problem. I don't know if there was a design or manufacturing fault in the mechanism but I am satisfied with this simple solution.
  12. Rather than having the hassle of booking my Prius into a dealer for them to rectify the sticking door handles, I decided to try some silicone spray. I sprayed a small amount inside the handle mechanism near the door lock on the driver's door. So far I think it is working and the handle has stopped sticking. I will report again in a few days as I need to see if, as has been suggested, the warmer weather has any bearing on the problem.
  13. This is really useful as I now know that the problem is not a one-off with my car and also that just greasing the mechanism does not cure it. As it maybe a design or manufacturing fault I will ask my dealer to check with Toyota UK to see what they have to say.
  14. I have a Gen 4 Prius Excel and over recent months the external door handles on both front doors have stopped returning to their shut positions. They now have to be pushed the last 6mm or so to click shut. The fault has got progressively worse as when it first started, the inertia of shutting a door made the handle finally click into place. This no longer works. I thought a bit of grease or WD40 would cure the problem but as the car is only 18 months old, I decided to let my Toyota dealer do this. However, after examining the handles, the Service Dept. said the problem is more complex and they need to take the handles apart. This may involve stripping parts of the doors. On PriusChat an owner from Ireland recently reported the same problem but no one has offered an explanation. Has anyone else come across this on a Gen 4 Prius?
  15. Spirited Aqua is one of the colours for the Plug-in Prius and unless things have changed very recently , it is not available on the non Plug-in Hybrids. You mentioned that you spend several hours a day driving. For anyone clocking up high miles, I cannot think of a better car at the price than a Prius . You get excellent fuel consumption together with a superb driving environment.