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  1. Excess. (Cant believe this post is still live!!)
  2. 37mpg on a run is the best I've had in 3 years, usually average about 35mpg
  3. Cheers lads, nice to be back, just got to buy my Toyota now! See the site has changed a wee bit!
  4. Hey, not a total newbie on here so I know what the forum is like! :) (Used to have a wee Corolla SR), had a few cars since then and am looking at the Auris SR 180 just now as a company car. Anyway, just saying hello!.....
  5. order (I cant believe this thread is still going!...Not been on in about a year and its still here!)
  6. They should fit the Corolla. Both should be 4 x 100 PCD with similar centre bores and offset too. I looked into Yaris wheels when I bought mine for the rolla
  7. But who is the undisputed Scottish TOC Bowling champion Jim!? lol <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Hehe! :)
  8. I played this on Saturday night for the first time and its not too bad, everyone was crap at the putting so it was fair. Just use the grid and follow the line of lights along the grid, the power is based upon the percentages needed and you have to judge that percentage of the full swing. :!Removed!:
  9. you say that but the 4A-GE is definately more catered for, bits for the 4A-FE are far and few. (saying that my one off piper cams should turn up soon, YIPPEE ) Both still more than the vvti though! is the vvti engine worth tuning? its only a 1.4 and to be honest i know il never get the power out of it that im aiming for (and i would flog it to get a bigger engined rolla but i stupidly overpayed for the car a year or so and im determined to get as much life out of it as possible) been looking at a 4AGE 20 VALVE black top but not sure if it will go in on my model??? could give fensport a ring to see what my possibilities are Yeah, give Fensport a ring, they should sort you out. I would have really had to just swap the 1.6 for something bigger if I wanted easy power out of it.
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