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  1. Nice to see all you guys at JTS and put a few more faces to forum names. Shame the weather was'nt brilliant but at least it did not rain. Here's a few pic's Gaz took at the show, not much Track action, but just a few pretty ladies.... Should make some good wall paper. Enjoy: :P JTS Show Here's a few of my favourites as a taster: Thanks Kevin
  2. Hi Tegan, hows it going? Yeah, it is a bit difficult to get your head around. I think because he left the line slightly quicker than me, that was the difference between the two cars. In Qualifying its the "fastest time that counts" but in the eliminations "its first across the line who takes the win". Thanks Kevin
  3. And for those that say I never smile! Thats probably why..... :P Thanks Kevin
  4. HKS Drag series round 1 report now available here HKS Drag Series Thanks Kevin
  5. Well a good day overall, 2nd in Street the class so a decent points haul for the HKS Drag Series :) Struggled with grip all day in the final third, having a few scary moments on more than one ocasion, see video. :drive1 Lost out in the final by 0.1 of second across the line despite running a faster time. You can download a vid from our site (wmv, 45mb) Click Here(right click, save as) Once again thanks to everyone for there support and assistance on the day. Regards, Kevin
  6. The Yaris is still for sale now on ebay: Modified Yaris Thanks Kevin
  7. For Sale 2001 Toyota Yaris 1.5 T-Sport Thunder Grey 68,000 miles FSH Sythetic Oil and performance filter always used 8 months tax 12 months MOT Lady Owner for last three years Over £4500 spent on modifications: Booster Body Kit Front, Side and Rear Lester Front Grill Morette Headlight Conversion Lexus Style rear tail lights 5Zigen GT1 15” Black Alloy Wheels with polished lip Toyo T1-R Tyres all round Brand new T-sport mats Tein Coilovers (Can go alot lower than in pics) OMP Rear Strut Brace Envy Front Strut Brace Envy Cold Air Intake Envy Carbon Engine Cover Envy Red Silicone Rad Hose Kit Buddy Club Oil and Rad Cap 3G 10 Groove Brakes Front and Rear Endless SSS Pads all round Goodridge Braided Brake Lines Megan Exhaust Manifold Envy Sports Cat Exhaust System Envy Sports Back Box Low insurance group, Good MPG, Maintained regardless of cost. Also comes with standard Toyota alloys which I have painted black for Winter use to keep the alloys nice for the Summer. This is a unique car, you won’t find another one like it. Very, very reluctant sale, good home and caring owner essential. I hope this car gives the new owner as much fun and enjoyment as it has for me. Please ring 01670 823333 for further details. £4595. ONO Thanks Kevin
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys, that car really has been a "labour of love". The House of Kolour Cinder red really looks good in person with the metal flake and numerous coats of laquer. Don't think the camera's really pick up the sparkle and shine of the paint work. Thanks Kevin
  9. Hi all, most of you on here already know I drive a rather fast Toyota Supra that has been kicking around the drag scene and shows for the last few years. The final incarnation of the car is featured in both Max power and Banzai this month, so may be worth purchasing for anyone that is interested, could certainly be worth a sly look in "WH Smiths Libary" while the wifes shoping! . It actually made the main cover car on Banzai and the secondary inlaid car on Max Power cover. See below: Banzai Max Power Thanks Kevin
  10. Got one Varis Carbon Bonnet left in stock, their fit and finish is fantastic and they weigh next to nothing! May come someone a deal on it as we currently over stocked and could do fith freeing up some cash! January is always a good time to to deals.... :D Thanks Kevin
  11. WoW Tom, that looks awesome! :o B) Fantastic project..... :D Which wheels did you go for in the End? Thanks Kevin
  12. We just managed to get another couple of Apexi Power Intakes for the Yaris. They had to be specially made up at the Apexera factory as they no longer stock they took 2 months to get a hold of them! Only got a few in so if anyone wants one I would suggest they get there orders placed quick sharp! ;) Thanks Kevin
  13. Looking good, nice car! Nice choice of mods. Thanks Kevin
  14. Varis bonnets rock! Tucka your Glanza looks like a carbon copy of mine! Very nice B) Thanks Kevin
  15. Bump! Any News? My contact details are: T:- 01670 823333 f:- 01670 843000 email:- kevin@envyperformance.com OR by PM. Not Knowingly upset anyone I hope! Thanks Kevin
  16. Looking good Chris! How is the handling have you took it around the twisties yet! I think some wheels and a rear spoiler would set it off a treat! Thanks Kevin
  17. Could a moderator please PM me or email me at kevin@envyperformance.com to let me know what happened to our section, as it seams to have disapeared! :( Thanks Kevin
  18. Hi Chris, did'nt take you long to fit that! Some great detailed pic's there, should help any body else who is currently fitting their's. Thanks Kevin
  19. Group Buy update: 1. ToTo_17 - Called and Paid - Sent out. 2. Tsport Stu - Called and Paid. 3. Tom's Ming - Called and Paid. 4. Morpheous - Called and Paid. All being well the rest of the kits will go out on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Thanks Kevin Envy Performance Ltd
  20. Looking good Chris! I think you may be the first Phase 2 TS Yaris with the full Envy system fitted! Not get out there and have some fun! You may now need better brakes and suspension to handle the extra power! :P Thanks Kevin
  21. Hi Matty, I can get the replacment cones they are £30 each and are in stock. Thanks Kevin
  22. Hi Mark, sorry for the confusion, I thought you had a 1.0ltr kit and were interested in the Greddy Air inx II. Thanks Kevin Hi All, so far for the group buy I have the following people who are interested in the Envy CAI for the Yaris T-Sport. 1. ToTo_17 - Called and Paid. 2. Tsport Stu 3. Tom's Ming 4. Morpheous If you wish to go ahead with your purchase please call me tomorrow on 01670 823333 with your payment details. The total GB price is £115 + £11.75 delivery for UK delivery. Please be aware I only have around 5 Envy CAI left in stock from the intial 25 purchased. I don't have any plans to re-order anymore, so once they are sold the product will most likely be discontinued. Thanks Kevin
  23. Thanks to Chris for getting this going. If those who are interested in the kits could contact me via PM or by calling me on 01670 823333 we can get this going. I have them all in stock so you will have them the day after payment, we accept all form of card's, cheques and back Transfer. Thanks Kevin Envy Performance Ltd
  24. Got a second hand set of Glanza headlights here for £40. Thanks Kevin
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