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  1. Many thanks for the suggestions. I have gone for the Toyota offer and had it fitted today.
  2. Hi all The battery on my 2006 D4D XT5 has died. I had to call Green Flag a month ago and they jump started it. Was fine since. Did not use car over weekend...refused to start in the cold this morning. I have had the car for 5 years now and I suspect the battery is the original battery from new. Any suggestions what brand I should buy and price range please? Many thanks for you usual expert advice!
  3. Got mine replaced with a pipe sourced from a breaker. Cost £150 all in.
  4. Mr T quoted £150 + VAT. Managed to get one from a breaker for £80 + £10 delivery.
  5. Took car to an independent garage that specialises in Toyota and Lexus because it's close to my work place. They contacted Toyota...part not available in UK at present...can be shipped in on 29/10/13 the earliest. Manage to source one from a breaker. Waiting for delivery now.
  6. Thanks guys...will take it in too Mr T hopefully tomorrow...will post update😳
  7. Hi all I have an 06 plate XT5 that has done 47k miles. Noticed diesel dripping on the drive today. On closer inspection, fuel is dripping from the fuel pipe at its junction with the tank near the jack lift point on the rear passenger side. The pipe is enclosed in a corrugated plastic/rubber sleeve. I had to put a container under the car and it collected about 1/4 pint diesel over 4 hours. What would be the best bet to get it repaired, Mr T or a local garage? Many thanks!
  8. Hi all. I am looking to sell my Rav4 XT5 after thinking long and hard. I am downsizing to a Toyota IQ as I only use the Rav4 for commuting. My Rav4 is an 06 plate in cadium green. It has done 42k miles and is in good nick. It has style and protection packs fitted and full Toyota service history. It also has new Geolandar tyres and roof rails and bars. Any thoughts on how much I should be asking for it? Cheers!
  9. Thanks guys. Dont have a code reader so took car into Mr T...found P1238 error code meaning injector compensation out on 2 injectors-#1 and 3...explained they would need to carry out compression check before injectors replaced and would need to check EGR condition and wiring to ECU...total cost about £2000!!
  10. Hiya all, Really enjoy reading this forum. Have a 2006 XT5, done 31k miles, last main dealer service in June 2011 and MOT in December 2011. Fuelled with Texaco supreme diesel. Today 3 warning messages came up on dash...Check engine system, check VSC system and check 4WD system. Car seems to be driving fine. Would greatly appreciate any help and advice. Many thanks. Regards, Talim
  11. talim

    Rav 4 4.4

    Hiya all, Really enjoy reading this forum. Some great posters and fantastic tips and advice. I have a 2006 XT5 which I want to part exchange for a new Rav4. Anyone knows when the new version is out? Cheers.
  12. Hey all! Rear wiper blade on my XT5 just tore off-the rubber bit. Where can I get a good quality replacement blade that doesn't cost the earth? Cheers!
  13. Dear All, My 2006 Rav4 XT5 looks nice and shiny after her wash but the wheel arches still look muddy even after being pressure washed. Besides painting, is there a dressing I can use to make the wheel arches look blacker and cleaner? Cheers!!
  14. I am guessing my Rav4 is a prime candidet for this also? 2006 with 35K on the clock... a bit worrying Thanks for the advice...I will write to Toyota HQ...Cheers
  15. Bought it from a dealer...got a 12 month warranty but it does not cover oil leaks!
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