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  1. Time to call in a day with our RAV. Traded it in for a Honda CRV 2.2 Diesel. Went to look at a 2011 RAV Xtr at Altrincham Toyota, and could not even start the car because the battery was flat, (the guy said it had been stood for a few days !!!!!!!!!!!) blimey, my car had only just had a new battery after 10 years and had never failed to start. Not a good sign. That is not the reason i didn’t go ahead with buying it, even though it was a good discount on the car and a good trade-in price. I researched the engine problems and decided I couldn’t risk it, not even on a 2011 reg. The other thing was the boot size compared with the CRV. We have 2 dogs and a caravan to pull. Had Toyota not had all the associated probs with the engine I wouldn’t have looked anywhere else as this car has been very reliable and served me well for over 6 years. Anyway, time to go! And thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years. Cheers, Nigebob
  2. Just had a look at a 2011 2.2 XTR Diesel, low miles. Tempted, but want your input on the engine and any other bits and bobs that have gone wrong on this particular age of RAV. I was originally interested in 2008/09 but all the problems with the engine and subsequent rebuilds put me off. Do we have a definitive year date after which toyota fixed these problems, if they fixed it at all???? I remember a similar situation with the dreaded DMF supposedly being sorted by the end of production of the 4.2 (mine!) but I still ended up having to get it replaced. If the engine probs have not been fixed I will be going for the CRV instead. Anyone with experience of towing with these babies!, what is the max tow weight? Any input appreciated, but lets not start slagging off the CRV because of the badge name.
  3. Happy Birthday Nigebob Squarepants!

  4. Positive comment I like that thanks Agree with previous replies… Never look a gift horse in the mouth!
  5. I here you redlew, I’am in same position as you, same model (55 reg), cambelt was done in march, water pump, dmf and clutch was done at about 60k, I think. The car has had a knocking noise recently and it has been diagnosed as a leaking shock absorber (drivers side), so I’am looking at doing the shockers x2, drop links x2, top mounts x2 and D bushes x2, plus if it keeps playing up probably replacing the VSV. I’ll have to get them done soon before the geometry goes t1ts up and knackers my lovely Michelins. Oh and then I’ll have to get it all re-aligned.
  6. I have just had my SCVs replaced and mine is a 4.2 version Is this updating of the ECU software exclusive to the newer versions, ie. 4.3 onwards or do I need to get the software on mine updated? I don’t recall reading about software updates for the 4.2 Anyone!
  7. EML came on… got it read… and 1251 popped up, which indicates VSV, so I have had it checked and the readings from it were ok Can these things give intermittent faults? seem ok on testing but play-up now and again Any suggestions?
  8. Spoke too soon! all was well for a few days, but on Sat I got the limp mode, same scenario, up hill! Stopped and re-started, all was ok again. I can hear something “kind of struggling” sounds close to the bulk head behind the stereo, just before it gives up. I checked out the VSV readings as per Ancormans’ post and all was ok So, any suggestions? I get confused with the YouTube posts because they refer to the VSV as it being that “flying saucer” looking thing near the turbo! and yet the post by Ancorman on the VSV is something completely different? I think I know which one to believe. So what is the “flying saucer” thingy, and can I get it cleaned out or does it need replacing? The EGR has been cleaned and the fuel filter replaced.
  9. Yahooooooh that has done the trick! It was the SCVs all along. Now where is that garage that just wanted to throw a new turbo at it? Bar stewards.
  10. I’am picking them up tomorrow (Wed 3rd) from Diesel Jones (P F Jones, Manchester) Garage around the corner from work are fitting them, I can’t wait to give it some “beans” up the hills to try it out! It has been really embarrassing at times… nearly got overtaken by a cyclist , I jest, but not far off the truth.
  11. You CAN claim from the council… no matter what they try to fob you off with. Go back and take pictures with a tape measure if at all possible Be firm but polite and infer you are prepared to use solicitors See what gives
  12. Hi David, confused by the ref. to a headlight on ebay from a 92, see link below http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/91067-rav4-model-range/ think they ran from 94 -2000, hope this helps identify it
  13. Thought I’d give anyone out there needing a “GENUINE BAND NEW GARRETT TURBO” (not Chinese copy) for their RAV4, the best price I could find was from Turbo Technics (Northampton) £740 + vat and includes gaskets. Hope this helps anyone having to go down this route, I think this is preferable to risking a refurbished one any day!
  14. There is tons of stuff on this forum here about limp mode caused by “turbo overboost” If you have already eliminated it being the Egr and the Turbo actuator I would think you are looking at replacing the SCVs, BUT Again there is a lot of info already on this forum about the SCVs and how you can test them before you go ripping them out See pinned section at top of RAV4 forum page… Goood Luck http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/79-rav-4-club/
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