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  1. The first thing I did when I bought my teenage son his first car (Aygo) was get a spare key made as there is always a risk of losing the only one available. While the guy was here he showed me a video of an Aygo he did in Anglesey where the girl had lost its only key. The dashboard was completely out so he could get to the parts he needed to get too (I guess maybe ecu / immobiliser) and he said the price he charged her was £550 which was a lot cheaper than the main stealers
  2. The insurance firm is Insure the box , its great for new drivers but obviously they have to have the black box fitted. https://www.insurethebox.com/telematics?gclid=CjwKCAjw_L6LBhBbEiwA4c46usePDSsGQPwsuFl0u-c3O235Zy5ElY3wHtMMeZP9v36HdN2K7oUmEBoCb_QQAvD_BwE
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, we contacted the insurance company and after a 24 hour wait they decided there would be no extra charge due to going from 14" steel wheels to 14" alloy wheels. As it is the Mazda wheels are no good on the front due to the brake calipers rubbing on the inside of the alloy spokes so we are just going to get 4 new tyres for his steel wheels and see if we can find a better set of 14" wheel trims.
  4. HI, My son passed his test a week ago so the Aygo is now his and so far he is very happy with it. He mentioned he would like to buy a cheap set of alloys and has seen a 14" set from a Mazda mx5 mk2. Does anyone know if these alloys will fit an Aygo. Thanks Colin
  5. 1 week warranty is an absolute joke, it may take longer than that for you to get around to fitting it. Your choice in the end Sam but with such a short warranty and no mileage known its a big gamble. Another thing is Sam make sure 100% it is the gearbox as you don't want to spend another couple of hundred pound to find out it was something else.
  6. Got to agree with Steve, I changed the oil on my old Toyota Estima and then changed it again 4 years and 30k miles later. It was still a lovely cherry red colour. You really don't know what was supposed to been reconditioned on this replacement gearbox you have fitted, myself I would have gone to a garage and at least got a guarantee on the box and workmanship.
  7. Apologise for not answering but been a bit busy decorating. Front footwell carpets are dry, I think its probably just a case of it has not moved for nearly 5 months. I have ordered a reusable dehumidifier bag as suggested by Frostyballs and will try it to see if any improvement occurs.
  8. Hi, Bought my son a 14 reg Aygo back in August for when he passes his test, unfortunately his lessons have been put on hold for the 3rd time due to covid so the car has not moved in months. The issue I have is now winter is here the inside of the windscreen is soaking wet again. Just to add the boot / under the spare wheel is bone dry as are the seats and under the carpets are dry so no leaks in this one. I have tried placing the heater settings on different settings and closing the vents to stop moisture entering the car but still its getting wet. Any ideas please.........Thanks Colin
  9. Are the drl's moulded into the plastic grill or fastened on top of the grill. The blue Aygo is my sons car which has a standard grill with no drl's. The orange 2014 aygo is a stock photo with drl's fitted. It looks like when the old owner fitted a replacement bumper it was fitted with the incorrect grill so the drl's were left out (hope that make sense) .
  10. Ok i replaced the passenger side headlight today, not a bad job apart from one seized bolt. On removing the bumper i found 2 wires hanging down behind the bumper (near to the end of the grill on both sides) with connections on to fit lights. I know this car had a replacement bumper , i am wondering if the original bumper had Drl's and the replacement bumper has a standard grill. I thought maybe foglights wires but my car only has a stalk with rear foglight switch on.
  11. Its crazy how much main dealers and garages try to rip you off. I paid £52.26 for Delphi Brake Pads & Discs, £52.49 for a new headlight and £48.99 for a Full Service kit inc oil + Cabin filter. Despite being 56 years old and having dodgy knees and a bad back i still enjoy doing all the work myself and as previously mentioned you know if the work has been done properly.
  12. To be fair he was watching me all the time and he will be helping me to remove the bumper tomorrow to fit a new headlight (weather depending), i have had him remove the wheel so he knows how to change a wheel if a puncture happens.
  13. Hi Folks, After Selling my 57reg Aygo back around 2013 i am back, i have bought my son who is having driving lessons a 14reg Aygo Move with 58k on the clock. Passed its mot with a couple of advisories so fitted new brake discs and pads yesterday (what a swine the 6mm torx countersink bolt was to get out, ended up drilling them out) and will hopefully will fit a new headlight tomorrow as the old one has water in it. I have bought a service kit so will do that probably next weekend. Drove it back from Birmingham with no issues apart from the aircon needs regassing. Hopefully if and when he passes his test he can spend money on it and not his old Dad.
  14. Its time for me to say goodbye as my wee little aygo is going tomorrow , its not going far though as its been sold to a lovely lady 1 mile away. I had the aygo for 3 1/2 years and apart from a couple of minor issues its been superb and i could not fault it. I am buying a Ford Ranger pick up which should be very interesting indeed as its nearly 6' longer than the aygo. Thanks for everyone who has helped me in the last few years your help has been much appreciated.....Regards Colin
  15. Thanks for the input Bob, Well the job was completed in no time at all, i started off measureing the replacement alternator and come to the conclusion no way was i going to get it out upwards so i removed the complete front bumper (7 screws / bolts ten mins work) the it was so easy as it was a case of unbolting the 2 bolts that held the old alternator in place and releasing the 2 wires and the just refitting the replacement alternator and also fitted a new drive belt. I tested the replacement alternator while the bumper was still off (14.2v while engine was running) and then rechecked the tension of the new belt then refitted the bumper. All in just under 2 hours work and no scraped knuckles....Colin
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