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  1. Hi, looks like your Celica was built at the Tahara plant in July 1982. Thanks for your compliment. Are there still some of those left in SA? I can't seem to find much info about it, or the plant they were built at. YMH.
  2. 23057 production cars were made between August 1981 and July 1985 on two assembly lines, of which 18322 at the Tahara plant and 4735 at the Tsutsumi plant. Cars built at Tahara have a frame number starting with 00, cars built at Tsutsumi starting with 60, e.g. 0000231 was built at Tahara in October 1981 and 6000231 was built at Tsutsumi in December 1981 . 39 pre-production cars were made in March 1981 at the Tahara plant. These numbers only covers the RA61 chassis'. YMH.
  3. Hi, Sorry to hear about that. :( Up to about a year ago Toyota still had a rear window for the RX30 Sedan available -the one for Jan. 1977 to Aug. 1979 cars, without the integrated antenna. It'll probably be your last resort at the price they charge, but still might be useful. YMH.
  4. Hi, they're the same on all Japanese built Yaris/Vitz. There's a part up to -and including- December 2002 and a different one from January 2003 onwards. bearing -2003: 90369-38022 bearing 2003-: 90369-38021 snap ring -2003:90521-77001 snap ring 2003-: 90521-77001 Bearings and rings are the same for LH-side or RH-side. Oh, yeah, don't go near that bunch of utter useless, retarded wallies at Lookers, Rayleigh. :ffs: Maybe try Westfield Motors at Rawreth for a place closer to you? YMH.
  5. yvvan

    Gt4 V Mr2 Turbo

    That sure is true. The nice thing about the Yaris is that you can have a bit of safe fun with it. When you see the outside of that corner coming towards you faster than you'd anticipated, just lift off the throttle and steer in. But from there to some of the claims some people lay on the Yaris is a very big leap. Who said understeer ain't no fun? *opens next can of worms* :P Yves.
  6. yvvan

    Gt4 V Mr2 Turbo

    :lol2: i wouldnt laugh, i can drive my yaris a lot lot lot lot more extreme than my MR2. the risks arent as high and the car is smaller, you have more choice of lines. also, in the yaris you can floor it all the time and not worry. I own both a Yaris SR and an AW11. I will put my hand on my heart and say the MK1 handles better, every single time - no contest. As a car amongst it's peers - yes the Yaris handles well. But when you start compairing it to the likes of MR2s/GT4s on a circuit, you're on spurious ground. Nothing new under the sun here I see. Some people seem to be instilled with this illusion, or rather delusion, making out the Yaris to be something it is not, was not meant to be and never will be. Maybe, just, that one could point out the Techno di C. Yaris, but that's a whole different kettle of fish. Undoubtedly, given their differences in drivetrain and handling, the Yaris driven against the Mk. 1 would rather fast become part of the decorum, all else being equal. As Mike hinted at, the Yaris may give the impression of being fast, but that's only because the poor thing is making such a racket trying to get somewhere that could be classed as speed. Spurious ground? More like up to your neck in Florida swamp ground ... and the 'gators knowing it's dinner time! Yves.
  7. I'm now sponsored by "Smooth 'N Shine Polishing Straight Out Relaxing Balm" :P :P
  8. No spoiler and TS badge as been said, aircon and sunroof are standard, some are fitted with alarm as an option. Although I know of at least one TS without sunroof nor aircon. ;) :D
  9. Barely. Cross drilled rotors however have this rather annoying tendency to shatter.
  10. 27Nm. Exhaust manifold + Phase 1 Yaris = rusted on nuts = readings way off.
  11. Lamb Meat Madras - £4.20 Egg Fried Rice - £1.80 Garlic Nan -£1.60 Popadom x2 - £0.30 x2 = £8.20 Thanks!
  12. Go for it Lee Then turn it into this or this depending on the need of the moment :D :D :D
  13. Even though I'm in my own ways sensitive about how animals are treated, as has been said ... That is why I will not sign this particular petition because I seem to have an allergy for this side of Macca, Heather Mills and all the other zealots at PETA. Yves.
  14. At first I was a bit a bit surprised by the discrepancies between the RON and MON rating ("High Research Octane Number (RON) of 102 and Motor Octane Number (MON) of 90 ..."), until I read the statements ("High oxygen content ...") and ("... bio-component ..."). Yves.
  15. You're not Ross. It is confusing! It just depends on how they got to these figures. It's like when people say, I got XXX bhp, and the standard car has got YYY bhp, so my mods must have upped it by ZZ bhp. How can you know that? The manufacturer's figure is power a the crank and comes from the average of a series of his pre-production on an engine dyno (and even then you can wonder how truthful those are, tax bands and image are strange things), the other comes from a chassis dyno where the measured power at the wheels is "translated" into power at the crank using a calculation which is mere guesswork. I guess that to me, single dyno figures don't mean much, even multiple dyno figures are only an indication. Certainly not the religion some people want to believe they are. Yves.
  16. Nah, the people at Customs and Excise will soon start thinking I run some import business. :P Wrong country you're thinking of Rob? Strange that just about the only time I see them things is when I'm in the UK.
  17. What were you expecting posting that question on a car forum? That you'll be sick on the ferry, twice? That it's a long and boring drive over a dull motorway, with even duller scenery, twice, again? That you'll be knackered before you get there? That you'll have to wait for hours to find a decent spot to leave your car? That you'll have to wait even longer before you actually get on Schleife? That whoever will be at the wheel s/he will scare you to death, more than once? SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT!!!!!!!! in a word, GO!
  18. I do! But then I come from the Land of Chocolate and Beer. :D
  19. According to EC 1400/2002, the so called Monti directive, one doesn't have to use Toyota spare parts, even Toyota dealerships don't have to, as long as those parts are of an "equal quality" (although that's a lot of room for interpretation there, both ways). The only times the manufacturer can require one to use their parts is for things like free servicing, warranty repairs, recalls ,... , although these are almost exclusively contracted to the own dealership network. Dealerships can now also not be contractually forbidden to sell on spare parts to independant repairers and manufacturers must give independant repairers acces to things like repair data, diagnostic tools, special tools, .... Yves.
  20. *drumroll* The One, The Only, */drumroll* Scionic!
  21. GT4BOOSTER (formerly known as maleborn_1967)
  22. The one and only living GT4 encyclopedia: Leeky
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