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  1. I would just like to add that while I was able to reproduce the problem earlier on my Prius - it was in no way drastic as it is stated in the press. The brakes used to get released for about a fraction of a second - probably half a second or so and immediately they used to come back on. I have come down that bridge doing 50MPH at night and braking when i was coming down the bridge and it used to release the brake and catch again - nothing majorly drastic. The software update has fixed the problem.
  2. Got my Prius software updated on Monday - took 40 mins and got my IQ2 pedal recall fixed yesterday - took an hour. I drive regularly over Marylebone bridge in London and when u come down from the west side, there is a pothole, the brake issue could be reproduced there on my Prius consistently. Had the software updated on Monday and last night drove through there and couldnt reproduce the problem - so it does appear that it is fixed.
  3. Did some digging around and I think the culprit is the CVT gearbox. I have been told that all the automatics have a very poor economy. Is that correct? can someone please confirm. MY IQ2 1.0 CVT is around 33 MPG.
  4. You are lucky mate that you are getting low 40s. I am getting around 34-35 MPG and the dealer did all kind of tests and kept the car to do their own tests and they confirm that the best they can do is 35MPG for IQ2. I feel cheated and totally ripped off. I spoke to TOYOTA customer services and they are hopeless as hell. All they can do is that the dealer confirms that the consumption is 35MPG and there is nothing wrong with the car. My Lexus IS200 with a straight six engine used to give me 34-38 MPG on the same stretch. I am disappointed to say the least.
  5. Hi, I have measured the MPG over 5 fuel ups. Fill it to full and then drive and then calculate. Its the same... The meter reading is slightly lower than what i get in real.
  6. Have an update after speaking to Toyota Customer Relations (TCR). Is TCR a joke. I called them and they made me explain the entire issue, they said that they cant do anything but will put in a word to the dealer. At the end of the call asked my reg no and then said the following. "Oh!, the dealer has contacted us and confirmed that your 35MPG figure and they cant do anything" . So basically as the dealer cant do anything - TCR cant do anything and all I have to do is shut up and be happy that i have a crap car with a crappy MPG - which also apparently has a faulty accelerator pedal. I took delivery of my new Prius last Friday, God I wish I hadnt taken the delivery. Please help with any suggestions...
  7. Thanks for the reply. Well when i press the foot down and drive in hurry it averages far less than 30 MPG
  8. Sorry Guys, first post here. Have been lurking around for a while but just had to ask for other peoples opinions. As luck would have it, I sold my Lexus IS200 (lovely car) and bought 2 Toyotas . An IQ2 1.0 MUltidrive for the Wife and a Gen 3 Prius T-Spirit. Bought the IQ in December and did around 500 miles in the first 10 days and observed that I was averaging at around 28 MPG and reported it back to the dealer. Advised me to drive another 500 miles and report back. Reported back after a month that the fuel consumption was around 30 -24MPG. I tried to drive really very carefully and the best I could get was 36 MPG. Dealers called in the car 15 days back and ran a few tests and said car is perfectly fine (they changed the speedometer counter as the instantaneous fuel consumption was always stuck at max 60). After a long discussion, they said that they will have to take the car in for a couple of days and do their own driving around test and test their own fuel consumption figures for my car. They took the car yesterday and got a call sometime back letting me know that they have calculated the fuel consumption figure and it is 35MPG. At this moment I said great - so tell me what can you do about this. MY lexus used to give me 30 MPG on the same route and I used to drive it like crazy. The dealers response was - "THIS IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS CAR. As this is perfectly acceptable we cannot do anything." My question for everyone here is - is this true?? I cannot do anything about a brand new car which I purchased and reported within a week that there seems to an issue with the fuel consumption. I am really annoyed with the dealer about their response and feel totally cheated. Any advice will be highly appreciated.
  9. Hi Guys, I am new here and my new IQ2 automatic gave me 38mpg in first fuel up. I have made a big change from a lexus down to an IQ and I am afraid my Lexus wasnt that bad in terms of MPG when compared to what I am getting here. Any advice will be appreciated.
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