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  1. Just a follow up to the conclusion of this saga on this thread
  2. This is a very old post but there was a happy ending which I thought I'd share. Using the Torque app with custom PIDS I was able to see what was actually happening and not happening a) The voltages of each cell in the battery were pretty uniform - I did not have a sick battery. b) As the car was driven the temperature of the battery rose - Torque could monitor this cell by cell. When the temp reached a certain level, the ECU tried to start the hybrid fan, which would not start - this started an error message. c) Using a multimeter I was able to check if there was a current going to the hybrid fan when there should have been - there was not. d) Having replaced the ECU and acquired a salvaged fan, nothing would resolve the issue. I therefore concluded that the problem was not the battery, ECU or fan but rather somewhere in the wiring loom. e) I could not find the wire in the loom that was causing the problem, thoug it stood to reason that that was a result of corrosion. I was on the verge of taking the Prius to an electrician when my son-in-law, a mechanic, blew the turbo on his Focus. He had previously made his excuses for not touching the car but now needed to borrow it. With his trained eye he eventually found the corroded wire and was able to easily repair it. Job done. Albeit after spending £300. But a lot less than a new battery, ECU and wiring loom from Toyota.
  3. " All vehicles must be under 12 years of age and have recorded less than 120,000 miles since new" That puts me out of that game - but the Toyota Extended Warranty is unlimited in terms of mileage but limited by age.
  4. My 07 Gen2 Prius has 145k on the clock and is showing its age. I'm wondering if it's still possible to buy an extended warranty since the original warranty is long gone? I do have the car serviced by a Toyota dealer, so the car meets that criteria. But would I have missed the bus by not purchasing the extended warranty when the original warranty expired. Assuming that I still can, does the warranty cover labour as well as parts? Also, that all encompassing get out of jail card for dodging warranty obligations 'normal wear and tear' - would that apply to the expensive bits like the hybrid system?
  5. So I posted recently about issues with my Hybrid Battery ECU. To cut a long story short it wasn't the Lead Acid 12v battery (though that's been replaced). I've sourced and installed a salvage ECU from the US which cost far less than the £800 the Toyota dealer quoted. I still get the warning lights. I accept that there's a possibility the salvage part may be a dud, but I have one more line of attack as diagnosed by the dealer - the hybrid cooling fan was showing a fault code. I've taken it out, given it a jolly good clean and made sure that the entire air cooling system is sealed tight to ensure the batteries get the full benefit of the fan. So assuming that the lights ping back on, I see that there are salvage fans available in Germany for around EUR33 which is a whole lot less than £300 quoted Toyota. What I'd like to know is whether this part can simply be replaced without any tweaks to the ECU? If it can, then its a DIY job. If it isn't then I suppose I have another £130 bill from the dealer to replace a part and code it up. So, has anyone replaced their fan or is there a techie who knows the answer? PS: The 500kg gorilla is that its actually the hybrid battery that's failing, but that's the topic for another post. PPS: Thanks for all help and suggestions.
  6. Thanks for all the help. I'm going to replace the battery and see if that sorts matters.
  7. Hi Grumpie Cabbie Thanks for your suggestions. Yes the 12v did figure in my thoughts and I did check the voltage in maintenance mode using the screen hack. Suffice it to say there is tell tale evidence of 12v issues, but nothing conclusive, hence I have to consider other causes and pay heed to what the Snows Toyota man and his diagnostics tell me. Fixing PCs for a living as I do at the moment, power issues present in a number of ways so yes, replacing the 12v is still an option. That said ecus do go wrong. It's slightly frustrating when you ask the man with the gizmo just what has failed in the ECU and he replies 'computer says no'. Just a thought, is it possible to reflash the firmware in these cars? Finally, goods to see you still around on this forum Grumpie Cabbie. I bought my Gen 2 in 2009 and have racked up a fair few miles. It's been a quite reliable car - what are your thoughts on longevity over 150,000 miles?
  8. Greetings everyone. My 07 Gen2 has developing hybrid battery ecu issues with and I wonder whether anyone has experience of sourcing and replacing this part? My dealer is willing to install a second hand part as a new one would cost in excess of £800. I've found a part on Ebay from the US (as you do) but the only niggle is that the part number has an extra zero on the end. The dealer has given me part 89890-4709 and the listing on Ebay has an extra 0 on the end. If I spring for this part, am I likely to find some incompatibility between the US and UK models? Thanks for all your wisdom and advice in advance...
  9. RECALL!!! Review of other hybrid models as well though no recall on the Gen 2 (media not always clear on this) or the Lexus Hybrids YET.
  10. [so, I cannot see any good reason for closing the openings in the front of the car, based upon my experiences so far this winter. Having the SG II fitted just behind the steeriing wheel, I can all time check various engine parameters while driving] That is the Gen3 - I assume that the same does not happen in the Gen2. Good info though.
  11. So what I did was buy a Dahon Vitesse D7HG folding bike. Stuff it in the boot!
  12. The electric motor appears a bit underpowered for true hybrid?
  13. The other thing I've noticed is the number of complete numpties thinking they can drive at brisk speeds on this snow and still stop. Far too many idiots driving far too fast with pedestrians walking in the road to avoid slipping and cars parked in odd places. Needless to say the plod are nowhere to be seen
  14. Could you provide some links to posts where grille blocking has caused damage to the engine or cooling system? - I've not come across any when I've looked in the past and the top of the search list just now was the following link which was not what I had in mind :) EDIT: I found a thread on PC I haven't read all the way through yet, so I am not sure that anyone has suffered an actual failure rather than guessing at what may happen and BTW I agree with being cautious. So the key lesson here is to pay heed to outside air temp and partially unblock when temperature go above freezing, then completely unblock when we get above say 15c?
  15. If you just have to touch the door to open the car (ie no blip) then I'd imagine that the lights come on some time around when you open to the door? In either instance make sure the light switch is not set to off (small but important point :D )