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  1. welcome to the club the blue is lovely
  2. yep and guess what its still playing up grrrrr :ffs:
  3. Hi all just got back from the dealership they have checked all the wires and re stuck the control unit onto the windscreen but coundn't find a problem a little test by me on the way back home no problems lets hope it stays that way!
  4. Has anyone else experanced problems with this system or is it just my car i brought the blue as it had the bluetooth which is vital as i am a ambulance responder in my spare time and i need to be able to answer calls on my way to jobs but the system disconnects randomly and doesn't want to hang up oh and the sticky pad that holds the unit in place isn't stick anymore the car is only 3 months old! going back to the dealership tomoz will post what happens then yes i have tried other phones
  5. loosen the wheel nuts (do not take them off!) get in the car roll the car back and forth a couple of times that might just do it (WARNING!!! DO NOT TRAVEL MORE THAN A COUPLE OF FEET AS YOU COULD DO SOME SERIOUS DAMAGE)
  6. yeah i do mean white :D im only fitting them beacause i like to play around with my cars lol fitted the heater module lights just now they are working nicely will put a piccy up when it gets dark have fun guys
  7. very true hatter, my bulbs turned up today so i am going to change the bulbs (again) i have also changed the interior light to a blue led, i had 4 normal led bulbs turn up today so im going to do the side lights and numberplate bulbs tomoz too
  8. Jan, As always you're a fountain of knowledge the reason i blew a fuse is cos one of the bulbs was broken and i was messing around with the contacts (made it spark) and the fuse did what it was supposed to do, on the up side i now know how to get the steering wheel cover off to fit an tacho :-) once again thanks for your help
  9. blew a fuse and spent an hour trying to figure out which one then realised there where fuses on both sides of the stearing wheel lol woops blew the bulbs so am going to have to buy some more grrrrr
  10. some led's might cause the car to think the bulb is faulty and try to force more power down the cable there for blowing the fuse? im not an expert and if im wrong im sure i will be told lol
  11. have just modified it will put picies up tomoz as im not in tonight
  12. ok i have edited the pic lol i love my job lol time to modify the boot bag, im so glad work is never busy!
  13. yeah i know im a di*k i couldn't be bothered changing it after i posted it lol
  14. still needs some modifications to it but when its finished properly it should be ace and i couldn't resist sewing aygo on the front lol
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