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  1. Zulley

    Avg Mpg?

    On mine, i get about 100miles on the first bar, 30 miles on the next 4 and 100 miles on the last flashing bar, the flashing doesnt stop if you run out of fuel!!
  2. ^^^^ Thats cool then, nice wheels to pal.
  3. Ok boys and girls, after trying to sell the dam thing for the past 6months, ive decided to keep her and do a light bit of modifying. Ive been looking at slamming her and giving her some new shoes. How low can i go with 18's and 17's (do 18's fit)? and do they rub when going round corners etc. If they do, what can i do? take the plastic bits out of the arch? Many thanks Nathan
  4. Zulley

    Boot Buddy

    I cant see how sticking it in a box is going to keep it any safer, lol. In my opinion, i think the boot buddy is just a waste of money. The designer must be laughing all the way to the bank. The dog on the other hand is lovely. I have a giant Schnauzer and she manages to fit in and sit comfortably in the back, whats needed is a big bit of mesh to stop her leaning over and licking my face!!
  5. Zulley

    Iq Wing Mirror

    haha, its one of those annoying ones right next to the road, i have to park dead close to the side so no idiots smash the wing mirror on the other side. Thats on street parking for you.
  6. Has anyone put subs in the back? How do i take the rear panels off to get to the speakers? Thanks in advance.
  7. Zulley

    Iq Wing Mirror

    Yes they are really big. They dont get much smaller when you fold them in eother. Caught mine today on a telegraph pole, split the housing and cracked the indicator. Just nearly had a heart attack when i saw those prices, think i'll be driving round with it broken for a few years.
  8. I really like the interior ive got, looks pretty smart. If i wanted to improve it, id want to make it look a bit more like the am cygnet.
  9. Same here, i have noticed that if i fill up the tank (i was told it was 35 litres) i get about 57mpg untill i get to under half and then it just plumets to 48mpg. I think the display lies anyway.
  10. This is ****** me off, (not the post, the mpg of this !Removed! small engined 65mpg piece of japanese crap thats sitting on my drive) Ive been getting between 37 and 43mpg, which is rubbish, but i had been racing it around, to 6000 revs etc. So i said to myself i would drive very sensibly when i filled my car up next. Which i have done. Here are my results: Spent £40 Got 33ish litres, 7.4ish gallons? (only just made it to the petrol station) Thought at 50mpg it would get me 370miles (plz stop me if im wrong) Started driving very well the mpg trip reset itself, and i was getting 57.6mpg average for the whole time up until the last bar, the flashing one to which it went down to 51.3mpg and no matter how much i tried i cant make it go back up. So i was thinking, average those 2 and get about 55mpg, so i should have got 407 miles, i got 360 For some reason that just seems really bad, I WANT MORE, im thinking its because fuel is costing a fortune at the moment. But i dont want to have to drive slow and boring every where, i want a small nippy car that i can enjoy driving and still have fun in. Oh, and the bars are so annoying, 1st - 100miles, 2nd - 26.5 miles, 3rd - 40miles the rest, i didnt see any point.
  11. Zulley

    40Mm Springs

    Are you the same manton from derby? you swaped the civic for an iq?
  12. oooo, that blue looks nice.
  13. You can have mine if you cant wait till july, i hate it (all because of the fuel/mpg), its the most fuel hungry car ive ever owned and its a 1ltr? Seat height adjusters? Tell me more. White and proud!! oops, are we allowed to say that these days??
  14. Oh.... my.... God.... Ive figured it out, was rather annoyed that a friend was getting 15mpg more then me and they put it down to my heavy right foot, but i said that couldnt be it. Took the dog out last weekend and was driving steady, as everyone who has a dog knows they never sit down, just stand and wobble about. The mpg started at 42 and went all the way up to 57. 57 !Removed! mpg for just having the dog in the back. Shes coming out with me this weekend as well.
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