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  1. Yes mine defiantly has an alarm, I have and iQ3 and it is standard on them, not sure about 1 & 2 though? Had to read the manual to realise how it worked automatically though! Personally I think the worst thing on the iQ is the "Small car syndrome" as I call it that other drivers have towards me. Just because I drive a small car doesn't mean I drive slowly! I hate it when cars overtake me to pull in right in front of me.......just because I drive a small car! I just think to myself...."At least my car only cost £35 a year to tax and it uses waaaaayyyy less petrol than yours!!"
  2. I'd have to add fun as well, lower petrol costs, and lots of looks from other motorists! You'll love it!
  3. Hi Everyone, I too have noticed this problem, going form 3rd to 2nd when slowing down it tends to crunch like I haven't go the clutch down. Is this roughly what everyone meant by the "notchy" change? Mine is supposed to be going in on Thursday this week for the MPG display fix (that's if they now have the part, which they didn't the last time I was booked in and went to the dealer ) So I'll talk to them abput this when I go in.
  4. So excited that I saw my first iQ today while driving mine, it was a white one driving down east lancs road towards Manchester with a male driver. I ended up pulling in front of it (not on purpose but I had to). As I pulled past it I smiled at the driver, don't think he understood though and probably just thought I was a nutter! Anyway if it was you "Hi!" Is it me or does anyone else get excited at seeing another iQ owner?
  5. Hi, in my search for more storage space in the iQ, I created an armrest, with a storagebox between the seats and a small box in the armrest. Wow I love it!!! I wish I was that creative! I just use the space for my handbag it's perfect, keeping it not on view when I'm driving.
  6. Yes i called my dealer and they are fixing it next Monday. He didn't seem to think it would take very long though??
  7. You might find that TC doesn't work at very low speeds. If it cut the fuel flow at zero mph the engine would stall. Paul. Thanks, that's proberbly why it wasn't kicking in on the first snow day as I was going very slowly and carefully, wasn't sure how the iQ would handle after only owning it a couple of days!
  8. I've been out in it again today and the roads were much worse than yesterday, but the traction control was kicking in and it coped really well. Much better than a big bmw thing that was spinning all over the place!!
  9. I was looking for a way to tell them, so thank you!
  10. I'm more peeved that our beautiful car's are being misrepresented as "Aygo's" . Not that there is anything wrong with an Aygo but they could at least name the the iQ properly!!
  11. Just reading the BBC news pages and came across this story http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/devon/8421506.stm The iQ is such a great spy car that its telling everyone it's an Aygo!!
  12. This was mine today at the local country park, we went for a walk, not that much snow. i love the car though, only had it since Wednesday.
  13. I don't understand how the traction control works, I was spinning like mad trying to get off the drive today, do I have to turn it on, on the iq? I have an iQ3. It's proberbly my driving though isn't it...?
  14. I used a teasppon to install my cover, well not to install it but to get the little popper covers off. Just the trick so as not to hurt my fingers! I found it really easy once the poppers were off just to pop the cover on.
  15. Thanks!! It arrived at my dealer early this morning and i've just picked it up! I love it already! As soon as I get some pictures in day light I'll post them, it's an iQ3 in deep amythyst. Sad to say goodbye to my faithful old corsa but lovin my new car!
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