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  1. Hi guys . I have a 1990 Hiace diesel van.. with ignition trouble. I did tests with everything connected. A voltage drop test. Whilst running i didnt get a charge from the alternator, but only the voltage from the jump pack. This voltage slowly dropped, as resistance occured somewhere. I have no lights on the dash when i switch to ignition ON. (Brand new batteries) The only 2 ways i can get power, is a jump pack which is connected to the alternator LIVE . And earthed anywhere. This allows it to run fine. The second way, is using wire to bridge the LIVE terminal on the battery, to the maxi fuse box (with 40a main, 100a alternator, 50a somethibg) located next to the battery terminal on the LIVE cable. I have to join this wire to the nut and thread, which is linked to the starter and alternator. HOWEVER, doing it this way causes the oil light, radiator coolant light to illuminate on the dash board. With the oil buzzer noise also. All lights illuminate when ignition ON. It cranks over and runs fine. Just with oil light, coolant level light and buzzer Any help appreciated
  2. hi guys, im wondering if anyone has a r154 gearbox hanging about... im in desperate need for one :o ... pm me if you do cheers
  3. Hi AE-92 , clear your inbox! lol ... i bought, a Corolla AE86 Trueno yesterday, and on the way home, it got written off.. somebody spun on the M5 and i hit him.. i need a list of things, mainly, i need the pop up lights, (the complete assembly, frames etc) Drivers door, front wings, bonnet, bumper, slam panel etc.. the list of things are in the wanted section.. just thought id ask as you may know somebody that can help me... Thanks
  4. hi, i need these things for A Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno; Bonnet, Lights & Frames Wings - Fenders Slam Panel, Bumper, Drivers Door, Please can you let me know, if anybody has these things?
  5. yeah ive noticed there arent many haha... Right, ive looked into the carbs, and the ignition needs some sort of advance, either MSD ignition module, or a retro fitted vac advance... For the moment, i am going to just get a stainless tubular manifold, cams (what profile?) , vernier pulleys, lightened flywheel, new clutch ( mine has gone) and lightened pulleys all round... 264 cams barely run on the standard ECU right? but they "do still work" .. dont they? i dont mind if the idle is abit funny, untill i can get proper mapping... 256's just seem, a waste of £350 .. the duration isnt that much really....
  6. its not the fact i dont want your opinion, its that ive listened, and now id like an opinion off someone who has driven a number of these cars, who can give me their views, as apposed to views / projections from what you have learned on the internet... cheers anyway tho mate, id just like more than 1 persons views :)
  7. Decided, i might just get cams, tubular manifold, vernier pulleys, lightened flywheel :)
  8. carbs arent a downgrade.. ITB's are too expensive, whereas carbs, with a lairy cam & some sort of ignition advance chip would easily see 160.. Anyway, im looking for other peoples experienced opinions too
  9. ive just been reading up on an old thread, The toyota 4age ECU needs 7 inputs, to change the timing & fuelling, but as im getting rid of the injection system, i wont need one...
  10. on the 4age, what does the ECU control? as you just stated, with carbs, ill still need a mappable ecu...??
  11. surely not if you have a real high lift cam, like 9mm... you would need the springs to be harder.
  12. Right, the ideal setup im looking for, Is Cams & Springs, Twin 40 Carbs, Tubular manifold, Adjustable pulleys. Problem im having is, how easy is it to ditch the ECU for the carb... I.E , Does it control the injection only, or does it control the ignition timing aswell? Is it as simple as ditchin the map sensor & ECU, and just running the coil & dizzy, with carbs? cheers
  13. yeah port matching is always good, just looking for peoples different views on the cams & spring setups reslly,, and flywheels, pulleys etc....
  14. Hi mate, your like 15 or something arent you? i recall reading through that thread..... TBH i just want it to be quicker, and more fun... i dont really care about having high BHP for bragging rights! . just want realistic power thats fun. cheers
  15. Hi all, Ive got a AE92 Corolla.. And im Looking At Going Far With It. Ive had turbo cars before, and N/A ... But with this, i want to keep NA, due to the fact it revs so high & Linear power..! Ive thought of turbo'ing it (3sGTE) (4age Turbo), but ive thought to myself... as the 4age revs to 8000, and i put a T3 on, the turbo will run out of puff way before the redline! Id have to put something like a t4, or a t35... which could then get really pricey due to mapping, and internals! So N/A ... Lets think, a set of cams and springs, with a decent map, what sort of power gains would you get? Also, whats the best setups to run, something like a 272 INLET, and a 264 exhaust? etc etc .. **Also any specific brand?????** Any ideas would be good, im looking at eventually getting mapping, manifold and TB's .. Would it be worth getting refurbed injectors too?
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