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  1. Yes!! Sorry, probably should've added that information before! It's normally when I've got music playing through the phone via the 3.5mm jack on the stereo. I'll take a look at that. Cheers.
  2. I don't think it's the phone because it's only recently started to make this noise... it sounds like what you're saying about the alternator, but why would that only happen when something is plugged into the 12V socket? Very peculiar. I'll do some more experimenting and see if it becomes any clearer! Thanks for replies so far!
  3. Toyota have posted this video on YouTube, quite good fun! Though I personally think they could've got a few more bananas in there, definitely before the fella closes the boot! Enjoy!
  4. I don't think it's the charger; I've got two and they both make the same noise. Will double check though, hadn't thought about that.
  5. Hi all, Has anybody else experienced a strange noise when using the 12V socket located above the cup holders in the Aygo? I'm noticing this particularly under acceleration - it's almost as if the sound of the car accelerating is sped up to a high pitch, like in a cartoon. Noticed it especially today as my iPhone was charging via the 12v socket. It's actually quite an amusing sound, but I just thought I'd check in case it's a sign of something dodgy. Anyone else experienced this? Hope your Aygos are all well
  6. Yes but they need to strip the carpets and take the seats out in order to find the leak. I wouldn't have the time or the expertise to attempt that. But I did think £250 seemed expensive. Guess that's main dealers and ridiculous labour costs for you!
  7. I booked mine in yesterday to a well-respected Toyota dealer (the one I bought the car from) and they told me there would be a charge of £250 for them to simply carry out the test, which will apparently take 5 days and possibly more. Does this sound about right to people? Unfortunately they were unable to offer my a courtesy car for this period, which was disappointing, so I'll have to drive a relative's car instead. It's unusual that a few of us are finding that after 5/6 years, our Aygos are only now starting to leak. Perhaps a sign of how bad the recent weather really has been!
  8. Thanks for replies so far! Massively helpful. Thanks acetip, I'll give the Nissan club a look. Wanted to post on other forums to remove any bias that may be evident in the Nissan club, seeing as it's Nissan I'm doing the project on. But I shall definitely go and have a look :) Cheers.
  9. Hi guys, I'm currently doing a university project that consists of designing a sub-brand for Nissan's sustainable range of products. Ideally I'd like to get some discussion going based around the following questions, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a few minutes to get involved. As a Toyota owner I know that Toyota are pretty hot on this area of the automotive world, but here the focus is on Nissan and how they can make sustainable motoring cool and appealing. My target audience is 18-34 year olds, so if you're in that age range like myself, please do chip in! What is your current perception of Nissan as a brand? Do you see them as being sustainable? Are you aware of Nissan's current range of sustainable products? If so, which ones? (Thinking particularly along the Leaf/PureDrive lines here). Which brand do you first think of when you hear 'green motoring' or 'sustainable motoring'? Is sustainability important to you when purchasing a car? If so, why? And if not, what else takes priority? Connectivity? Styling? Something else? How do you think green motoring and sustainable automotive products should be portrayed? Should they be shouty, 'look at me I'm green', should they be more subtle, or should it be turned completely on its head into something very cool and trendy? Nissan build some of their range in Britain. Is buying British important to you, and do you view that as being a more sustainable option when buying a car? If you have any other ideas as to how Nissan could change the way people think about sustainable motoring, do feel free to chip in! I'm just wanting to get some proper discussion for my research so that I can form some different ideas as to what Nissan could do. My initial thoughts are that they currently only really have the Leaf which seems to be faced with a lot of barriers, mostly to do with range and availability of charging points, not to mention price. Nissan's other 'sustainable' range would mainly be their PureDrive models, which of course are similar to VW's Bluemotion offerings, Seat's Ecomotive, Ford's Econetic etc. Opinions/thoughts much appreciated!!! Thank you.
  10. After 3 years of ownership not experiencing any leaks, today I have discovered exactly the same as you - a very wet boot floor with moisture appearing to come from the bumper/wheel arch area. The base of the rear bench is also soaking. Unable to tell where the water is coming from and whether Toyota will do much to sort the problem. Any ideas/similar experiences? I'm thinking it could soon be the end of my Aygo journey what with this and a few other things starting to go wrong. If your leak is one of the knowns issues: Rear panel vents - water into boot & rear footwells 3rd brake light - water into boot Antenna base - water in interior light causes rust stains Tailgate stoppers - water into boot & rear footwells Door membranes - water into footwells Door seals - water into footwells Speaker membranes - water into footwells Door gutters - - water into footwells All of the above are known issues & there is a 5yr/100k warranty in place to deal with them. Devon Not on my 6 year old Aygo, though?!
  11. After 3 years of ownership not experiencing any leaks, today I have discovered exactly the same as you - a very wet boot floor with moisture appearing to come from the bumper/wheel arch area. The base of the rear bench is also soaking. Unable to tell where the water is coming from and whether Toyota will do much to sort the problem. Any ideas/similar experiences? I'm thinking it could soon be the end of my Aygo journey what with this and a few other things starting to go wrong.
  12. The thing that annoys me, is that Euro NCAP claim the downgrading comes in light of the deletion of ESP as an option... but even though they've said they'll bring it back, they say that doesn't change anything. Make your mind up, NCAP!
  13. My 56 reg Aygo does it. Think it's common with quite a few cars to be honest. After all the light is just behind the headlining, which itself isn't the thickest stuff in the world.
  14. I've been waiting for images like this! Even under that psychedelic disguise, from the front, it is still very obviously an Aygo, which is great. I'll reserve judgement until it is fully revealed of course, but I'm not so convinced on the rear end; looks as though the three manufacturers will keep this all but identical this time around, opting for the higher-mounted tail lights. Glass tailgate also looks set to remain - though I personally would prefer something with a bit of metal in, like the Citigo/Up/Mii. We'll see, anyway. But it's true that they've got their work cut out, in terms of keeping up with the Up and its siblings, which really have set the bar in terms of equipment and refinement, if not necessarily in terms of performance and economy. Perhaps that's where PSA and Toyota will have focused some of their attention.
  15. Good luck with the 500! We've got one of those on the drive too. Seems to be fairly similar to the Aygo on fuel (with the 1.2 engine) if not quite as economical. Good fun to drive though not as go-kart like as the Aygo, but it does feel refined and quiet in comparison. Both really fun cars - sorry to hear about the Aygo and the problems but enjoy the 500!
  16. It's completely normal with the Aux-in and is generally the same across all makes and models with this system. Cars with a more dedicated iPod docking system don't tend to have the same issue, and the sound quality also tends to be a little better. I find I tend to have the volume at around 30+ to hear the music on my iPhone, and possibly higher if you're driving on the motorway. Just remember to turn it down after you use it - because you'll get a nasty deafening surprise when you turn the normal radio or CD back on!
  17. Welcome to Aygo Club!Not sure if there's any avoiding the muck on the rear screen to be honest. Tends to get especially bad if you're doing a lot of motorway driving; it slides down the Aygo's sloped roof onto the window. I don't think mudflaps would be a massive help but you could try. Maybe see if anyone who has fitted a rear spoiler has found any improvement, too. I'm not sure about the Bluetooth & iPod connectivity I'm afraid... I think Alpine do some fairly good systems, but someone else on here will be able to answer that question better than me! I wish I had Bluetooth in mine (have test-driven a few cars lately that have it all singing, all dancing) but I just use the Aux-in for my iPod, which is a fiddle at the best of times! Hope you get some more answers! :)
  18. Yeah, I have to say, after almost 3 years of ownership, my Aygo has done all that's been asked of it. Never put a foot wrong apart from a slightly electrical glitch after I bought it, which Toyota promptly put right. Hardly goes through tyres (currently on its 2nd set!), and at 40,000 miles it still feels pretty fresh, not bad for a car approaching its 6th birthday. I keep thinking I'd like to change, perhaps a Skoda Citigo, but the thing is, I don't really need to. And whilst I'm a student it isn't viable to buy a new car. The Aygo has been perfect, and I'm more than happy to keep hold of it for a while longer. Could really do with a bit more space sometimes (i.e an extra seat) but that's only an occasional gripe and I can access a larger car if I need to. A good polish and detail, and it looks like new! Nice to hear some good Aygo stories for a change!
  19. I'd probably personally stick with using your iPhone - best bet when it comes to security etc. If you're bothered about wires/general mess, I'm not sure whether there's a way around the wires issue, but you can buy dashboard mats for the iPhone, rather than having it suctioned to the windscreen. Firebox, eBay and the like stock them, they're heavy so don't fall off the dash and you can just clip your iPhone out and pop the matt on the glovebox shelf. Aftermarket is of course an option but then there's the hassle of changing it back to original kit when you come to sell - standard parts tend to be more appealing to used car buyers! Hope you find a solution.
  20. I would try your local Toyota dealer as your first port of call! Failing that, eBay! Hope that helps a bit, let us know how you get on!
  21. Not sure what's causing yours but I've always had an annoying rattle somewhere in the headlining, slightly to the passenger side of the car. Some days it's there, some days it isn't. Some of these things probably require a bit of dealer investigation, but they often say "we can't hear anything". Rattles are the most annoying thing going! Hope you manage to work out what it is, or that someone on here might know!
  22. Sounds excellent to me, especially considering it's a new engine! I tend to get between 55 - 65 mpg mixed driving, although bear in mind that mine is a 2006 model with the older engine. Be happy with the 57, but as it breaks in it'll probably improve even further!
  23. I think they are. On my 56 reg black, there are two speakers in the back doors, and the two in the dashboard - therefore the sound distribution is actually pretty good. I've always been fairly impressed with the sound quality considering it's a basic car. But I can understand that the sound distribution may not be so good, if it just has the front speakers + dashboard speakers.
  24. Do you mean "support" rather than "subscribe"? Because I'm none the wiser either, I'm afraid.
  25. Yep, echoing the other guys, it's only the Fire that has DRLs.They are only required to be standard on newly launched cars (i.e new tooling - which the Aygo isn't, as it's just a facelift). Sorry for your disappointment. However if it's any help, an aftermarket pair of DRLs will look more natural on the 2012 Aygo, so you can always recreate the look.
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