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  1. Ah but you can bathe in the warm glow of knowing that you have contributed to the Kingo Christmas Pile of Pies fund. How good is that? Tee hee Mike D
  2. Hi David, Try copying the text into http://www.babelfish.com/ The translation will be pretty odd but you will get the general idea. Cheers, Mike D
  3. http://www.toyota.fr/cars/new_cars/rav4/promos.tmex?promo=/cars/new_cars/rav4/promo/promotion.tmex Interesting... I wonder if if Toyota UK have anything similar in mind Mike D
  4. Hi Chap, I live on Dartmoor It rains a lot on Dartmoor We have lecky roller shutter doors on the garage doors I press a button on the fob carried in the car :hokus-pokus: The doors go up I drive in and get out dry :D Luxury Worth every penny I then get soaked to the skin legging it the 50 foot from the garage to the house .Wouldn't go back to manual up and over. If the ones you are eyeing up are insulated that is a big plus. Beware of watertight Scotsmen peddling highly inflammable placky solutions.
  5. Welcome back,chap Mike D from a grey but frustratingly dry Devon
  6. Quite right. It does require a certain discipline but that does not make it impossible. A separate account for that purpose alone helps. On the assumption that the Toyota scheme is not budgeted to make a loss then it is in the same realm as the bookmaker. In the latter case if you are lucky or very skilled you can get more out than you put in otherwise the odds are that you will not. That, in the warranty scheme case, does not make it a bad idea. It is something of a gamble but the main prize is peace of mind for the faint hearted. That alone gives it a validity that may justify the cost. I ca
  7. Charlie I am with you on this but mebbee have a different way of looking at it. Self insure: ie: look at those figures and put them away in a separate account. If yer motah goes bang you have a few quid put by to fix it. If it doesn't you have a fair bump start towards chopping in for a newer one - or invite Big Kev and I to your party to celebrate the reliable Toyota. We will help you with the painful task of spending that cash
  8. Probably sound advice Kev, but if I suggested meddling with my wife's gearbox she would probably slap me or give me one of THOSE looks. After 40 years together I am not sure I could handle her with new performance or noise. I like her the way she is. She is already utterly stunning running on Ricard or white wine! I am looking forward to trying EP90 though. Extra Pleasure at 90 sound quite a good idea.
  9. Mike JD


    Well, well, well. Nothing changes at Ford, then. Back in the eighties I used to have to do that in cold weather to get the boot open on the company MkIV/V Cortina. In the middle of the back number plate worked best IIRC. I expect things have changed but I attribute a good proportion of the pain from 2 prolapsed discs over the last thirty years to their ****** awful driving seats and the posture one was forced into with the lack of lumber support. Do I harbour grudges? Nah but have I ever walked into a Ford showroom with my own money jingling in my pocket? Er nah. So that is about 9 new car sal
  10. Yesterday I happened to be in the town of B****************** that the Met Office insist is in the East Midlands. There was a minor traffic jam on a hill leading out of the town. By its head was a police Freelander with blue lights flashing and two smartly dressed police constables directing traffic. Up rolls a recovery truck which with much arm waving from the constabulary is signalled to the roadside where it and its driver go to work............... recovering the police Freelander. Brightened my day nicely, that did. Much funnier than that new head to head Landie poster. Is that Series One
  11.   Round yur folks throw themselves of their horses just to get a free ride in that red heckilopter
  12. Happy Birthday, chap! I can just remember back to my 50th which says it was either a long time ago or a heckuva party Mike D from a draughty Dartmoor
  13. Well blow me! Seen that badge before somewhere: http://mjdd.zenfolio...6546c#h4906546c Cheers all Mike D
  14. Ok chap. Happy to oblige. Here is a holiday snap of Snuggles when we took him swimming off Widmouth Bay
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