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  1. EVs are the destination. Hybrids are just a stepping stone, but they’re still the best compromise right now.
  2. Couldn’t agree more about that road sign business. Absolutely hopeless. What I can’t figure out is why it thinks whole stretches of A road in south west Scotland are 40mph limited when there is absolutely no signage to that effect.
  3. The scourge of A&E the length and breadth of Britain in the seventies.
  4. Check out Renapur. I’ve tried loads of different leather cleaners/conditioners/restorers over the years and nothing’s as good as this. Magic stuff. And a pot will last you a lifetime as so little goes so far. It’s also all natural and made in the UK. I recently used it to restore a forty year old chesterfield suite which now looks like new.
  5. Well, there we are then. Thank you.
  6. Seamaster73


    When I go into the e-Store, both via a web browser and in-car, there appear to be no apps available other than the e-Store app itself. What’s up there?
  7. Not my experience. I’ve found smaller wheels make a huge difference to ride quality, not least because most car makers these days choose stiffer spring settings in the mistaken belief that buyers prefer a “sportier” (read harder) ride over a more compliant/comfortable one. As a result I always spec the smallest possible wheels on any new car I order, which is simplest antidote to it. The massive wheel/skinny tyre combinations standard on most modern cars make no sense whatsoever. Drive a mid-range family car of twenty years ago with small wheels and fat tyres and you’ll be astonished at the degree to which we’ve become acclimated to rotten ride quality.
  8. Remember this is the Toyota that is still selling brand new cars in 2019 without CarPlay. They have no shame.
  9. There's a thread over on the Corolla subform suggesting that CarPlay is imminent, although it's unclear what (if any) existing media systems will be upgradable to it.
  10. Yes, obviously, but the Gen 2 was supposed to be particularly lucrative, which sparked the whole business.
  11. I thought only the cat fitted to the second gen had any value, due to the precious metal content?
  12. I wouldn't entertain a car without a spare wheel. A space saver is a sensible compromise. A can of shaving foam, no way. It's why the Prius on 15" wheels is win/win/win/win — spare wheel = less inconvenience, plus better ride, better economy, lower BIK. I struggle to understand why anyone would spec the 17s.
  13. I recommend PriusChat:
  14. Tried it for a while, couldn't come to terms with the rather infantile user interface/graphics.
  15. I’ve tried a whole load of navigation systems, from factory-fitted to various PNDs to all the popular apps, and I find there’s still nothing better than TomTom Go for iPhone. If I could CarPlay that to the head unit in my Prius, I’d be over the moon.
  16. I assumed it would be like the service indicator on my old Merc, where the car advises you when it’s due based not just on time, mileage etc but also factoring in the kind of driving that the car has been subjected to. The Toyota version requires you to just manually enter a reminder. You could put that in your diary!
  17. I always thought this was a daft feature on my old third gen Prius. Not surprised they ditched it.
  18. I just want to make sure I understand this? Are you saying that new Priuses are fitted with a version of T2WG that will in due course support CarPlay?
  19. I notice there's now a half-functional new Corolla configurator on the Toyota UK website, but still no full details of specs nor a pukka brochure.
  20. Sorry GC you've lost me, what is the PiP then?Discontinued. PiP production will resume for Europe and Japan, I heard of. Nah.
  21. Sorry GC you've lost me, what is the PiP then?Discontinued.
  22. The irresistible conclusion is that the game is up for the Avensis and this is the last one we'll see. The Prius is Toyota's D segment car now. I'd like to believe you but with Toyota bunging the price up so much, the Prius is just no longer competitive. Might be why they sold less than 3,000 of them last year (including the PIP), the lowest since the gen2 came out in 2004. There are many other cars out there that offer low running costs and/or great fuel economy for much less than a Prius. I was a fan, I sang the praises, but I also no it's time has come and gone. The gen4 (if it ever gets released in the UK) had better be a game changer. Aye, the CT200h Luxury I just ordered is going to cost me less than my Prius, which is just crackers.
  23. The irresistible conclusion is that the game is up for the Avensis and this is the last one we'll see. The Prius is Toyota's D segment car now.