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  1. Thanks a LOT for the info guys! That was very useful for a newbie at modern petrol cars like me! (I was going crazy searching for the distributor!) :D
  2. Actually the things on top have wires too, and look awfully like spark plugs..... ;) I have still to do a 'search' for the distributor though :D silly as this may sound! Btw - Fun Cargo is the Japanese version of Yaris Verso.... mine's 1.3 lt petrol..... Thanks for your reply!
  3. Vmail: thanks for the info! B) Viper: the car's mainly driven short distances... Malta's only 40 km long! :D The temperature here may go as low as +2 celcius winter nights, but in August it goes as high as 42 centigrade! It's a difficult environment for a car really, this island is extremely hilly, I mean one is either going uphill or downhill all the time, very few roads are level, and some of the roads have that sign warning 10% gradient which means the hill is quite steepish...
  4. Probably being driven for 5 meters only the petrol didn't arrive to the engine since the fuel pipes would have still been full of diesel. So I don't think there was any damage. Once my wife's 9 year old brother put water in my diesel can which I use to fill the fuel engine of my boat (engine Perkins 6354 6 cylinder). :ffs: The thing worked properly for some 15 minutes, then there was a strong squeaking sound which I thought was the belt, which I had just changed... then the engine stopped... :censor: It resulted that the squeaking (or more, screeching!) had been coming from the fuel pump due to lack of lubrication! :o I gave her diesel once more, and everything worked well with no apparent damage... :)
  5. Kicked out? Why? What did I say wrong? Btw... I had checked with www.spam.com, they don't have it.
  6. What is the recommended oil for Toyota Yaris Fun Cargo 1.3 lt petrol automatic transmission? I'm not asking for a brand name really, more like should it be 5W/30 or 25W/50... etc... and SJ, CG or whatever... Is it better to give her synthetic oil or is a mineral oil better? Thanks!
  7. I know this may sound stupid, but I've always had diesel cars before and my Fun Cargo is my first petrol car... I just removed the plastic cover of the engine to have a look at it, and found there are 4 spark plugs on the side and also 4 other things which look like spark plugs on the top. Does anyone have an idea which are the real plugs, and what are the others?
  8. Jimma: Thank you very much for the info you gave me! B) I managed to find Paul Ranson's web site. He has a manual for the Vitz, but the Fun Cargo (Verso) isn't mentioned. However I sent him an email enquiring. I also asked him if maybe he has a manual for the GPS Navigator, since mine is also in Japanese. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed I get good news from him.......
  9. Pstones: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...T&f=49&t=10253& View that post I made... That is my problem! :(
  10. I have the gps navigator! It appears to be excellent! I've only got one small problem: It's f***ing manual is also in Japanese!!!! :ffs:
  11. Is it possible that nobody over here knows anything or can help me?
  12. Hey?!? Is it really possible that nobody over here knows???
  13. I bought a Funcargo imported to Malta from Japan. Here the local new Toyota importer imports the Yaris Verso. He is saying (obviously) that the Verso parts do not match the Funcargo. Is this true? Btw I am also trying to find a manual (the one that comes with the car) for my Funcargo because the one I have is in Japanese.....
  14. Thank you for your welcome, jaxx and eminef! Eminef: you bought one from where? Who ships them everywhere? Could you kindly give me an address or something? Well, actually today I went to the local Toyota importer... I asked him for a rubber grommet for my other car, a Toyota Hiace, and guess what? He asked me whether I had bought it from him or it had been imported from Japan! :ffs: You see, the new car importers here are very angry that there are people who are importing nearly brand new cars from Japan, and are trying everything to ruin their market, including making life difficult for people who want parts for their Toyotas.... When I asked him if he had a manual for Toyota Yaris Verso, he also asked me if it was from Japan. I told him no... (actually it is yes, my Yaris is a Japanese Funcargo the equivalent of the Verso). It was obvious that he didn't believe me because he went all red in the face and told me that the Funcargo is very different and that the parts do not match.... and that he does not have any manuals... :censor: I wonder if this is true... Please help me. I live in Malta, here there's only one Toyota car importer and as you have seen he's not helpful. The guy who sold me the car told me that since he buys them from a japanese guy he can send him only japanese manuals... so that's not very helpful either. But I need information urgently. Heck I want to change the oil but don't know what grade or API I should give! I want to get to know my car!
  15. I have bought a toyota yaris verso (fun cargo) imported from Japan, but unfortunately the manual is in Japanese... Is there any way I can obtain one in English (maybe online?), without going to my local Toyota dealer since probably he won't be very pleased I didn't buy the car from him! My car also came equipped with a complete system navigator i.e. GPS, cd player, radio, cassette player, tv all in one. But it's manual is also in Japanese. The ones imported locally don't come with the navigator, so I can't find help in my country for sure. I would appreciate any replies... Thanks, Tony.
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