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  1. I shall be there with a bell on
  2. Hi all I have my SR180 in tomorrow for some Warranty work, So was wondering if the car mat clips are part of warranty, I still have the clips but they dont clip into the carpet, Sorry if i am not explaining it very well. Regards Paul
  3. Like most things on TOC think this has fallen through mate!
  4. Find out if its a happening or no and how many people are going so we can book it
  5. Yea agree Get defo numbers for next week 15th? So Defo is Paul (Me) Matt
  6. 23rd of July or June? July if thats ok
  7. Ah sorry man july is gonna be an expensive one as it is, with Titp and the camping cruise.
  8. Any chance we can make it the weekend starting on fri the 23rd? just have T and a family thing the weekend after that. Regards Paul
  9. Id be up for anytime after 2nd week in june:)
  10. Yea enough notice and id be up for it although as im young and cheap instead of BB what about a camping trip? Regards Paul
  11. id be up for the getting there at 10 rather than 9 tbh but ill go with the flow So meet up ate the bridge at 9am? Im running to motherwell to pick someone up before we go. ubik it y no
  12. id be up for the getting there at 10 rather than 9 tbh but ill go with the flow
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