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  1. "one of the fins should have an L-shaped end that slots into a catch" This is what Im expecting. But there isnt anything like this and no sign that its broken off. I tried to look at the other side, but the screen washer filler tube is in the way and I didnt want to go and force something off when I wasnt even sure how it came off. I'll have another look at the weekend. Many thanks.
  2. Its a 1999 V plate 1.8. I owned a corolla previously and this had a support that screwed on to the top of the headlamp unit. There is no such fitting on this model.
  3. ok, how does the front indicator lens cover fit on to the car? Mine has "popped" out and there must be something missing. I have 3 long "fins" on the lens that I can see will fit in the hole mounting. But there is no way for the lens to hold there. I expected to see a J shaped piece of plastic that snaps in place, but there is no evidence of anything broken on the lens cover. how does the lens cover stay in place? many thanks.
  4. In workshop submission there is a thread on Avensis Rear Wiper Unit, however the links to the pictures dont work - can anybody supply me the pictures? Many thanks
  5. yes, I used a flat screw driver on the right side of the connector and got the connector off. Its like claw shaped, so I used the screwdriver to open up one side of the claw and pulled it off. Now can anybody explain why I cant see the pics in the first post?
  6. I had firestone tz200 fitted on 3 wheels. fronts got an advisory in the mot (2.5 mm) after 20,000 miles. rear likewise with an advisory after 40,000 miles. I have replaced all 3 with Uniroyal RainExpert. What i have noticed is that the road noise is less. As for time they will last - well i will have to come back in 2 years or more.... i too looked at the http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk before making my decision. For £69/each from Half**ds thought they were a good purchase
  7. ok, sorry to bring this up again, but the temp gauge doesnt show that the engine is ever getting up to the right temperature. Ie the needle is never halfway, it moves to the 4 or 5 o'clock position. I cannot believe it is the thermostat again, as this one would have been in the engine for only 14 months. parts are from Half**ds. I have purchased another thermostat from them today, a QTH210K. searching the net a QTH580k should be the correct part. Can anybody confirm this? Car is an avensis 1999 7a-fe 1.8 engine. Also as was said on here - would flushing the system help? I have added water and
  8. Thanks, The part was only 9 months old. No it was not the original part. A new Gasket is supplied and I replaced it last time and this time. It appears to be working fine, temp at right temp within about 5 minutes of driving, where as beforehand it took ages and then could fall during the journey to work. As I do the same journey to work its a very good measure of sucess. Gonna take it back to Halfords on Saturday. It might only be a tenner, but a tenner is a tenner in this day and age.
  9. Replaced the thermostat this afternoon. and the temp gauge works as expected. The old thermostat doesnt close fully I have noticed. Guess its faulty as I would have expected it to last longer than 9months. I fitted the other one on 17th Jan 2010.
  10. no, when unlocked, you have to press the button in, (where the key could go) on the boot lock, to get the boot open. I have removed some of the trim in the boot. Or do you mean the trim on the boot door? I think you can only remove this with the boot open.
  11. thanks, Found a plastic flap that exposes the holder for the number plate. There are two of these. The one on the left (as you sit in the car facing the boot door), you can see the metal rod that goes from the outside lock (where the key goes in). When the central locking is locked and unlocked does moves. But the boot still refuses to open.
  12. Ok, the misses went to shut the boot door of our 1999 1.8 Avensis 5dr car. However she has got a handle of a cotton bag stuck in the lock so now the boot will not open. I can hear the central locking working fine. From inside the car, the cotton handle is firmly caught in the lock. Depressing the lock outside with or without the key in in the lock does nothing. How can I open the lock from the inside. If the bag is ruined it doesnt matter. Many thanks
  13. Ok, Sorry to bring this up again, but the temp gauge in the car does reach the midway point like it should and driving along the temp gauge falls to the 4 or 5 o'clock position again. I've taken the old (less than 10 month) thermostat out and replaced it. The old one when put in cold water looks closed. Upon putting it in hot water it opens and then leaving it it looks clased again. I guess it maybe faulty, and driving around this week I shall be able to tell.
  14. Car is a 1.8 Avensis 1999 V reg. 96,000 miles on clock. I have owned it from 65,000 miles as 3rd owner. Covered 30,000miles in last 2 years. Problem I have is that in gears 2/3/4, if you accelarate anything more than gently, then the engine revs go up but the engine speed doesnt. It is as if your foot in resting slightly on the clutch. Which it isnt. Does this from cold or hot engine restart. However doesnt do this all the time. But more often that not. The car is due an annual service and I will mention it then, but any clues?
  15. Many thanks to all. At the weekend I replaced the thermostat in my engine. Drained the raditor, removed the 2 bolts, and saw the thermostat there. Placed this in a pan of boling water and it clearly opened. Then placed this under a running cold water tap and it didnt shut completely. This I thought is the problem. (as the car takes years to warm up). Fitted the new thermostat did the bolts up and filled the raditor. Started the car and with the raditor cap off and filled as required. temperature on guage started to raise. Got "normal". Left car running til fan clicked on. Checked for leaks -
  16. Thanks, I previousily owned a corolla 1.8GXi (same 7afe engine) and have the Haynes book for the corolla. Would the thermostat be in the same place as the corolla (IE the haynes manual will be able to help me fit it?).
  17. Car is Avensis 1.8 Petrol. V 1999 reg. 7A-FE engine. Forget that is cold outside now. But since I have purchased the car in August 2008, the engine appears to take forever to warm up. If the car is started and left standing, the temperature will move slowing to the 9'o'clock angle and stay. Keeping the car on longer and the fan kicks in. If the car is now driven the temperature falls. Sometimes to the 8'o clock position, usually to the 7 O'clock. (As its been cold now even to the "starting" position on the guage). While the car is being driven temperature will raise and fall. (to 7/8 o'clock p
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