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  1. Head Unit not powering up on Aygo Standard Head Unit All of a sudden not lighting up with headlights and won’t power on. The whole Head Unit seems dead on power, nothing is powering I’ve checked the fuse and its not the fuse. Bluetooth (CK3100) still works with the speakers so there isn’t problem with the speakers. I think the Bluetooth is powered by the Head Unit Please advise, Jan van de Wouw I think your the most experienced in this area Thanks
  2. My Aygo rattles from the window / boot I thinks its coming from the stick that holds up the boot because I grabbed it while someone was driving my car and it stopped the squeaky noise straight away I tried putting some gaffe tape but it didn't help.. What do I do??
  3. I'm looking to put rear speakers onto the parcel shelf. I have no idea what to do. How does the speaker cable connect into the back of the head unit? Do I need an adapter or anything for the connection at the back of the head? How long do the speaker wires need to be? Is it only one wire per speaker?
  4. I have an Aygo and a CK3100 bluetooth kit by Parrot I'd like to put in. The installation diagram seems pretty straight forward, But. Can someone give me a quick guide on how to install it? Is there enough space for the blue box? Where should I put the LCD and Mic and where should I run the cable thru? oh and how do I get to the ISO connections on the rear of the head unit?
  5. On my Aygo I have two problems. 1) front indicator light has a bad connection. When it first stopped working I changed the bulb but it made no difference. I then moved the wire about under the bonnet and it started working again 2) power steering is intermittent, it works for a while then stops working (I'm 100% sure it isn't working and its not the tyres) Right now both the front indicator and power is steering is working, but wasn't earlier today. Please advise. Any solutions?
  6. The fan is 100% on and the air con button is pressed when the green light doesn't turn on I always have the air con on. I should really keep it off unless I need it on I think I may have over run the air con and wrecked it?
  7. The air con light in my Aygo has stopped working (the green light that lights up when air con is pressed) is this just a blown bulb or is it an indicator that there is a problem with the air con I'm still in warranty, will it be covered in either case
  8. I checked the dipstick for the oil level today and the dipstick is bent at the top near the yellow holder. The actual metal looks very bent indeed. When I push it back in and it reaches the bent point it requies an extra push to get it in. I'm concerned it may snap off. Please advise. Thank you all in advance
  9. The dealership looked at it and they're replacing the speedo-cluster bit (under warranty). Jan van de Wouw, you were spot on.
  10. could it be a faulty light switch??
  11. Hi, I have a problem with my Aygo The left indicator light in the speedo is intermittant Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. But the right indicator light always works every time without fail When the left indicator stops working there is no flashing left indictator in the speedo but outside its still working Whats wrong with it?
  12. Help. I have developed a strange mist on the windscreen directly on the drivers side. Its on the outside. I wipe it and it reappears. I wipe it again and it reappears exactly as it was. I poured hot water over it, I scrubbed it and tried everything. It temporarily disappears for a second then its back. Like condensation or something. What should I do? Anyone experience this?