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  1. Wonder if this was the case for the OP here. Do they do short trips? You have to know there is a problem in the first place to go looking for it.
  2. No. It's petrol. funny enough all the sales people seem to know about this problem.
  3. g7jtk


    After the trouble withe the oil level increasing by its self we are trading in. It's funny all the sales people seem to no that the diesel cars are no good for short journeys yet our local dealer still sold us one even though he knew that is how we were to use it. There is a new car on order with a petrol engine but not a Toyota that should take around 12 weeks to arrive so off to join a new forum.
  4. Suppose so. Still the will have lost a sale every 3 years or so.
  5. One complaint I have is that we told the salesman what kind of driving the car would be doing. He should have advised us that this car was not suitable. If this had been mentioned we wouldn't have bought the car.
  6. Just back from the local dealer. Yellow spanner comes on intermittently. They say there is too much oil in the engine. They are the only ones that put any in there. They say this is because extra fuel is pumped into the cylinders as and when the DPF system needs it to clean the filter. On short journeys the cycle gets interrupted and the fuel that is left in the cylinders and gets past the piston rings then into the oil. Their solution is going to be to make the glow plug light come on when the cycle starts then we have to drive the car on a dual carriageway for up to twenty five minutes so that the engine gets to maximum temperature. I don't think this is an acceptable solution. We told the salesman the kind of use the car was going to get at the time of purchase Sounds like a misselling case to me. No wonder Toyota are dropping Diesel engines.
  7. So why does the spanner light light then not light the next time you use the car?
  8. check the oil for fuel in it. It could be fuel leaking in through the injection system via crack in cylinder head
  9. g7jtk


    Well another year gone and still no snow to drive on. I hope we get some before the car gets sold to see if it was worth buying.
  10. You could try freewheeling down to level ground, let it sit a minute then start the engine to see if it is the oil laying at one end of the sump
  11. I hope things get sorted in your favour. The cars seem fairly reliable going by the lack of postings on here
  12. g7jtk


    Was going to say that there is a button next to the awed button