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  1. saying I trawl around random forums?? B) Nope, Never, but intrigued why you are asking :) Apologies for the incinerations, didn't think Hoovie would be that common a name. Sure I've seen it couple times on Paj Forums. Probably just a coincidink
  2. Thanks very much for the birthday greetings. Has been an eventful week This emote from Stew (Local Hero) seems the most appropriate....lol
  3. @ Hoovie Did you used to be on the Pajero forum???
  4. Thanks for the explanation. Un-scientific 'suits me sir'
  5. Thanks Bothy Just that it sounded really thrashy at 4500 through the gearbox to 5th. Can you explain about the ecu flooding the engine to minimise damage, please.
  6. I gather that the VVTi is a high revving engine as today on a motorway run was revving up to 4500 rpm then changing gear. In 5th was doing 70mph @ 3200rpm. Question is at 4500 rpm (nowhere near redline) engine sounded like it was starting to scream. At what point does the VVTi max out rev-wise. How safe to take revs higher. The acceleration was very quick, for me, anyway. Normally only do around town runs, lots of stop/start and taking it steady. Will occasionally 'Thrashing' the engine give it a clear out or potentially cause problems. Hope this all makes sense
  7. XTR 55

    Denso Ik20

    Hi Anchs The IK20 is a Denso Iridium spark plug it's just the power version in the Denso range for the Rav4. They are cheaper than the SK20R11, supposed better performance only not as long lasting. Application list for Rav4
  8. XTR 55

    Denso Ik20

    I am replacing my spark plugs very soon and am considering Denso IK20 instead of the SK20R11 (long life). I intend to replace the IK20 plugs every 2nd full service. I believe leaving the plugs for the full length of time could cause potential problems of the plugs seizing in the ports and/or the plug leads fusing too tight to remove without damaging them. Anybody have any experiences with the IK20, good or bad.
  9. wants to ride the Barclaycard Rollercoaster to work

  10. Thanx for reply Ian. At least now tho whatever is supposed to live there it will be clean when it moves in.....lol
  11. Guessing by the replies to posts you aren't keen on the 5 door variants.......lol haha - not keen??? Of course not! They are a compromise on what was a great design, before some person thought of adding doors as a way of increasing the price. Ok....lol. Don't understand why they stopped making the 3 door tho, as an option. Still don't know what lives in the recess tho......
  12. Guessing by the replies to posts you aren't keen on the 5 door variants.......lol
  13. Ok! Now confused! Smilies display in some threads but not in others.
  14. Hmmmmm! Only had Rav 10 months......lol! Today decided to hoover out the boot but for once actually lifted the carpet. Underneath there is a trough with a piece of board, with3 clips on it, fixed to carpet. What does or should live there?
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