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  1. I have a 2014 rav4 which got an advisory on the MOT recently stating that the bonding of the bushes on both rear trailing arms was degrading requiring the replacement of both rear trailing arms. The bushes cannot be replaced separately, only the complete trailing arms. Got an estimate circa £750. Any one else experienced this problem.
  2. One of the middle segaments of the high level brake light does not work on my 2014 Yaris. Does any one know if the brake light comprises of several replaceable bulbs or does the complete light unit have to replaced? Thanks powerman.
  3. Finally got a few spare moments to look at things. The jets on this 2014 MY RAV don't have a ball bearing like adjustment , it is a plastic assembly with just a small slit in the end. However I did find that when closing the bonnet that washer pipe was kinking and thereby restricting the flow. Opening the bonnet and the pipe would unkink itself and there was quite difference in the flow from the washer jets with the bonnet open as compared to when it was closed. Solved problem by adjusting the pipe routing.
  4. Thanks for reply. Will have a close look at the jets tomorrow in the day light and see if I can make an adjustment. Thanks again, powerman.
  5. I have a 2014 RAV 4.4 . the jet of screenwash from the washer jets strikes the window some 6 - 8 inches from the bottom of the screen when the vehicle stationary and just about clears the wiper blades when driving. Is this normal or do i have a problem?
  6. powerman


    Can anyone tell me what Toyota's technical specifications are for the output voltage of the alternator on a 2004 yaris 1.3 litre ?
  7. You will need a 5W/30 oil to ACEA A1/B1 specification. Cheapest oil i have found is Havoline Energy from Morrissons 15.99 for 5 litres if i recall.