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  1. For any member that could answer part of your question it would be necessary to know if it is manual transmission or automatic. Why run the risk of letting your fuel get that low anyway. The less fuel in the tank raises the risk of disturbing any sediment in the bottom of the tank as the fuel in there has room to agitate more, surely ? Del
  2. Hi Daniel, big welcome to a great club, may all your journeys be pothole free Del
  3. You have joined a great club Taz, there are many knowledgeable members on here who can supply most answers to peoples car problems Del
  4. Hi Harry and welcome to the club. As the saying goes a picture paints thousand words. Any chance of a photo to give the more learned members a hint Del
  5. Could sea air be affecting the clips as they are often made using mild steel which draws moisture from the air. You could treat it with wire wool to clean them and then apply a coat of lacquer on them from swmbo's make up bag (but don't say I said that)
  6. crofter

    Tire Advice

    Hi Ryan As I understand it if fitting 2 new tyres it is better to have them both on either the front or back axle
  7. Have you got a code reader that could maybe plug in under the dashboard in a white socket. If not i would suggest that you try to obtain one as they can point to most of the problems that occur
  8. Hi Endri, think it would help those that may have an answer to this if you say which parts have been changed so that they can maybe work out the parts that could be left to cause your problem
  9. First thing I would do was to disconnect the battery, then remove the two or three cables on the starter,then it is a matter of removing the bolts holding the starter. Is there any chance that these are not fully tight ? Not sure if it is two or three on your motor. Make sure than the shaft is clean and dry which would rule out a faulty rear crankshaft oilseal. An auto electrician or savvy mechanic would have the means to bench test the starter and also if there is anything wrong with the bendix (the sliding gear)
  10. Soot can indeed build up in a cat that does not get hot enough to burn it off, I know peeps who had the same problem on a MOT test and was told to have a good run in a in a middle gear on the local M1, that did the trick
  11. How gratifying it must be for the learned members on here who answer the many questions posted on these forums to see a post like this. Nice one Keith
  12. Welcome David and here's to trouble free motoring in your new motor Del
  13. Good to meet you Jason, may your stay here be useful Del
  14. Hi Robert, great to hear from you,may there be many postings to come from you in the future and that you find lots of useful info on here Del
  15. Glad you found your way back from the wilderness John Drag a chair up to the fire and settle in Del