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  1. crofter

    Mystery plug.

    Any chance of a photo of the connector? Do you have a test meter? A bulb with 2 wires soldered to it will do to check if there is a circuit there. place one end of one wire on the positive (X) terminal on the battery and the other on the connector.If it lights it will show that this is a earth wire (-) If it remains unlit that shows that it could be a redundant wire. Any chance of following that wire to it's other end Is it a single connector you could try a little pull to see if it is connected. Del
  2. crofter

    Toyota auris 2.0d4d 2007 injectors

    When I was a mechanic in a garage the suspect injector(s) were sent to a company that tested and did a recon on any found to be defective,they were always sent as a set to be sure they were all OK. a check for diesel engineers on line throws up a few in your area Del
  3. crofter

    moon roof

    I would think the motor would be alongside the sun roof so could be under the head lining. Might be if you have a firm that fits sunroof units near you they could enlighten you on this or would a windscreen fitter know about this. Anyone on here to help with this
  4. crofter

    moon roof

    One other thing might be worth checking is the route to earth clean on all joints as the voltage needs, shall we say, an easy way back to the battery Del
  5. crofter


    Often seen people looking at the mags in the supermarket which has used car prices in them then replacing them,not that I would dream of suggesting a similar course of course. (who am I trying to kid) 😉 Del
  6. crofter

    moon roof

    After all this time you may have built up a fair amount of debris between the glass and the rubber seal. As it tries to move it shows that the power is there so might be worth trying to push it open when tilting which may give you enough clearance to push something like a flat wooden lolly stick in the groove to check that Del
  7. crofter

    New member

    Good to have you aboard Reg. Why not put the data you have about your new wheels on your post into your profile then members can help without having to repeat it every time😉 Del
  8. crofter

    Rav4.2 Trim Clips.

    Big hello Peter and welcome to the club. I think any car parts shop worth it's salt will carry a box of assorted clips so should be able to help Del
  9. crofter

    Giant springs

    Hi Mark and welcome to the club.If you enter road springs in your search engine you will find companies that supply/repair them Del
  10. crofter

    oil quantity

    Very tactful reply there matie. May be wrong on this but do not the gearbox and transfer box share the oil and do you not fill them till the oil creeps out the filler/level hole ?
  11. crofter

    oil quantity

    Are you changing the lubs on both motors Martin as you have two different ones on your profile ? Just wondering if that would help anyone who can help to do so with correct data Del
  12. crofter

    Reverse sensors

    Might be worth looking to see if the gear stick itself touches a switch when you more it into the reverse position.that will mean detaching the rubber covering the gear stick. Think this can be done by pulling the back of rubber to the front of the car at the end by the handbrake lever first. There is a good chance that is the problem as it is an operating part and switches can get dirty on the contacts inside it stopping the voltage flow. The reverse sounder is a separate unit. As for the switch in the boot that could be anything!! I would remove it and see if any wires are connected to it and if so try and trace the wires.One thing,the cigar lighter fitting there I seem to remember only works with the ignition on, could that be wired differently by a previous owner? Del
  13. As there is enough metal protruding for the stud to be firmly gripped and removed. The thing is what do you have in your toolbox that could be used to attain this grip? Locking pliers, small pipe wrench or there is a tool called a stud extractor that can be bought,this is a tool I would hate not to have as when you need it is there Can you apply a flame to it safely as this can relieve some of the tension in the threads making it easier to remove Del
  14. crofter

    Hi from Yorkshire!

    Hi Rob and welcome, good to hear from you. You may have the name but don't try and claim that your fabled name and Yorkshire go together. We Notts folk won't stand for it. !!!😀 Del
  15. crofter

    2005 brake pads question

    Do you mean the ones that seem to be made of tin sheet ?