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  1. thanks cmia! any help would be gratefully appreciated The last pic, ***9, in the list has the top of the egr valve actuator visible. It's the pot with the black dot on it just above the green plastic trap in the picture. sorted it today. took the airbox off with the base to it and the tubing to the turbo. took the pipes off connected to the egr. took out the one nut at the bottom, the 2 nuts at the top and the electrical connector. gave it a real good clean as it was pretty coked up. once it was all back together again took it for a spin and its as smooth as a new motor now. real smooth aceleration, no smoke, no lag, nothing. just what i was hoping for so many thanks to all who have contributed, not only to this thread but the other threads that i have read regarding this problem. without this forum i would cetainly be a few hundred quid out of pocket going to a dealer. des
  2. I have posted some photos in the general members' gallery under 1CD-FTV egr valve. If you have a 1CD-FTV engine, they should help. On this model there are three fixing points and the lower one is the hardest to get at. It's useful to have some small bolts or similar to hand to plug the coolant pipes when you disconnect them. Work on a cold engine. Can I ask what the problem is that you are experiencing? hi toyotavensis, i think you've found my other post in which i outline my problem. i'm hoping to have it sorted today.
  3. thanks cmia! any help would be gratefully appreciated i had a lot more free time tonight so ive been looking through more of these threads on the forums and im hopeful that i can get it sorted tomorrow. i should have access to a decent tool kit too which will help!!
  4. this thread and a couple of other threads relating to the egr valve have given me a bit of confidence to tackle mine tomorrow. its actually 1155pm but im itching to get out there now. my local toyota dealer quoted £400 to remove and fit a new one so hopefully this will not be required. thanks all for the info. des
  5. thanks cmia! any help would be gratefully appreciated
  6. I think I've come to the bottom of a problem with my Avensis. Trouble is it's the EGR valve. How on earth do you take it out????
  7. I've just read through a couple of similar posts in this forum and the EGR valve seems to be mentioned quite a lot. I've phoned my local Toyota garage and they quoted £400 parts and labour. Any DIY ideas? I've looked at it but it looks like a really awkward part to remove. Des
  8. I have a 2003 T3S D4D Avensis. The problem I'm having is that when the engine is up to operating temp the car is very very sluggish when pulling off and starts to develope "kangaroo syndrome" at times. When the power does eventually come back there is a puff of dirty (not black or white, just dirty grey/brown) smoke out of the exhaust, only for the power to drop next time I change gear. It's just come out of the garage after being told it was the air flow metre. £200 and 2 days later the car is still doing the same thing as before!! I must reiterate that when the car is cold it runs perfect. This problem only arises when the car is up to temp. Any advice would be grately appreciated as I'm at the end of my tether and ready to get rid of the car altogether. Many thanks in advance. Des
  9. I have recently aquired a 2003 Avensis. The only problem I'm having is that the heater will not work. I've tried the fuzes and they are in order. After a long run (40 minutes +) I start to get wisps of heat that continue for a short period before dying off altogether again. My fiancee's dad seems to think it may be the thermostat. The engine temperature gauge seems to take a while to start moving (20 minutes) but once it starts moving it goes up quite quickly. This problem is really starting to annoy me especially with this cold weather we are having, and it's starting to put me off the car altogether. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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