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  1. We've had our Aygo for about a month and a half now (I still need to post the pictures . . . .) and we are really happy with it. Everyone says nice things about it, but my favorite comment came from my friend who drives a (giant) range rover: she said, "I can't believe it's so small! When you're sitting in it, you have absolutely no idea it's a little car." She even told her husband how impressed she was with the roomy feeling you get from the inside (though I doubt he'll be able to talk her into trading the behemoth for an Aygo anytime soon). I like driving it: it is zippy in 1st, 2d and 3d gear and very efficient at higher speeds in 4th and 5th. The interior doesn't feel too dinky to me, though the carpet is definitely on the cheapy side. I haven't driven the Astra so I don't really know what you'll be giving up, but I can say that we don't feel deprived at all with our Aygo.
  2. Aaaaarrrrgghhhhh ----- it's STILL red. Is there no chance of things going back to blue and easy to navigate?
  3. Oh, dear. Would someone please list for me the improvements the changes are intended to bring about? I find it much harder to find the new threads/new posts, and I just don't see how this layout is an improvement on the old one. And all that RED is just disconcerting and unpleasant to look at. Please at least consider going back to the cooler, less obtrusive blue . . . . .
  4. Brilliant! That means we'll be ok, too, (once the car gets here . . . ). Now I can go back to worrying about water leaks ;). Jan, thanks for being on top of this and sharing what you know.
  5. When I started this thread, I was worried about water leaks, and now I'm worried about sticky accelerator pedals. I've spent almost 10 years doing the shopping, errands, school run, and the rest of daily life on a bicycle. Maybe I should have waited another 10 years before getting back into a car . . . On a more practical note, since we have not yet taken delivery of the car, what should I do about the recall? Ask the dealer to fix it before delivery? Refuse to accept delivery without the fix? I have no idea how to handle this. Your comments and advice are most welcome.
  6. And while you are sorting this out for Aygo's under recall can you sort out the ones that chronically leak water as well that nobody at Toyota seems to care a flying %$( about? That would be great, because it affects 10x the number of Aygo owners as the sticking throttle pedals. Or is this once again falling on deaf ears at Toyota. You guys really need to get your house in order before people start buying other brands. Your getting to be like British Leyland ;) Andy I agree with Andy; we are awaiting delivery of our Aygo (due in the next few days). Instead of feeling happy and excited that we are getting a new car, I am worried about leaks and sticking accelerator pedals. NOT the way I expected to feel when we finally decided to buy a new car. Come on, Toyota. Get busy and fix the leaks, fix the acceleration problem, and do it in a way that restores our confidence in these cars. Most of us drive our families around, you know, and it's lousy to wonder whether you're endangering your kids when you strap them in the back seat to go somewhere.
  7. Looks great indeed! I wish they had green color option available when getting mine a year ago, went for the red as the Aygo Blue was not available than. It seems there are quite big differences in colours and equipment in different countries. Dutch seems to have white model also, looks nice also. I am noticing a rather irritating pattern with Toyota at the moment. They seem to be cutting down on the models available in the UK, but bring out new ones/keep old ones going in other parts of the Globe. Its rather irritating. Oh, yeah? That's interesting. I am completely unfamiliar with what models are available elsewhere. (honestly, I know next to nothing about cars in general, and this one in particular; we chose the toyota version of this car because the warranty is a year longer than the one that peugeot gives and we could get the olive green color from toyota, but not from peugeot.) Was the green model earlier available in the UK? They also do blue one here that has really all the bells and whistles, but I liked the green color better than the blue. Don't know if the blue one is available in the UK.
  8. You are hilarious, Jimmy! Very nice work on the boot net. So glad you are having fun with your new car. Ours is arriving in a week or so; I can hardly wait for it to get here!
  9. :D lol - had the same thought! Best of luck with your new car. Like some other posters in this thread reminded me, they don't ALL leak . . . .. Our car arrives in a week or so. I'll post back here once we know whether it's a dry-go or a wet one.
  10. @ aygo59: We live in the Netherlands and so the models are different than in the UK, I think. We chose something called "aspiration green." (Sort of a fancy name for such a little car, but ok). Here's a link to the toyota.nl site that describes it. Toyota.nl - "aspiration green" aygo(the site's in dutch, but there are enough pictures to give you an idea of what we're getting). We chose the 5-door in order to make it easier with the kids. I'll be the main driver of the little car, and I really liked the olive green color, which is only available in this model, so this is the model we're getting . . . . I am very happy :)
  11. Thank you all so much! It's great to hear from so many people with dry Aygos. When ours arrives, I'll keep an eye on things and share our experience here. In the meantime, I'll keep my fingers crossed and count the days 'til our little car arrives.
  12. @ devil-ish - thanks for the encouragement. The IQ is so nice! (but too small in back for the kids). @ Jimmy G. - good luck and have fun with your new car! I can hardly wait for ours to arrive. I hope you and we are leak-free.
  13. Hello, everyone, Our Aygo is set to arrive in the first week of February and I am really happy and excited about it. We've been a one-car family for almost 10 years and I am really pleased. I'm looking forward to expanding my horizons beyond the limits I can reach on my bike (with the kids on their bikes, as well!). BUT, I tend to worry a bit anyway, and all those stories about leaky, leaky, water-logged Aygos have really gotten to me. Is it going to be ok? What can I do now (before the car is delivered) to minimize our leak potential? What should I look for when we pick the car up? What should I ask the dealer to do, if anything, before we take delivery? Please help me feel better! I am so looking forward to my darling little car and I really want it all to ok. Thank you --
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