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  1. Hello, I've Dunlop engergy savers on mine, wouldn't recommend as there are not cheap, they are loud, and save like 80 litre ore their life. Doesn,t pay off. Tire rack do great reviews of tires, also be care full with the more aggressive off road tires as they can be much louder
  2. hello, Just back from holiday , rental vw had cruise control, loved it I've a manual 2006 rav 2 litre petorl , and some eBay seller have stalks u can just add into the car Anyone done this?
  3. Decided to see if I can get the lights to turn on with the "Switch" on the indicator stalk. Will go probing with the meter, any one have any idea how I do it? A link perhaps?
  4. I've a 2006 Rav 2.0L VVti? Used to get 9.9L/100Km but with relaxed driving I get 7.8 :)
  5. Taking to a Garage Will update C
  6. conorbuzz


    Will give u an idea C
  7. OK, sooo, Orange rear fog light symbol lit on display. When I turn the rear fogs on/off there is a clicking from the relay. Used a brush to clean -Not working Reseated all fuses - Not working Check voltage across the 2 pins on the rear connector and nothing. If the relay was bust would: 1 It still click? 2 Would the dash symbol still light? 3 It's the top relay that seems to make the noise, is this the correct relay? The 10A RR fog fuse is fine Anything else? Thanks all C
  8. Thanks all, kinda silly that it's soooo exposed isn't it, Dave When u say cleaned it up, u using anything special ? C
  9. No!!!!, if I did my mum would have me towing horses around the country!!!! LOL Anything else? C
  10. Hello All, Rav just failed NCT(National car test) as the rear fog light switch puts a rear fog light symbol on the dash yet nothing happens. Bulbs (lowest ones on the bumper either side) seem fine, there are cables going to them, but nothing !!!! is there a relay I'm missing , all fuses seems fine, don't know which one it is so check ALL of them! Any help would be great! I've installed aftermarket front fogs if that makes a difference! Thanks all Conor
  11. Hello All, Just got a Kennsington Delux Audio which uses a 3.5mm to connect to the stereo. (I've tried the Wifi ones and they are terrible) Is there anyway I can connect this to my stock Stereo, it's no 3.5mm female on it? C
  12. LOL Sorry! :( So on the left stalk, the one that is the indicator and the lights. I have a second rotating dial that has off and a fog light symbol that "Shines" left. When I turn this I get an orange fog light symbol on my dash. Now from my recent wiring fun I have front fog lights( thanks to all who helped:)) But I've no idea what this Orange for light does! I'm assuming it's rear fogs but when I turn the stalk and get the organe fog light nothing happens at the rear of the rav! Green = Front= Working Orange =????(Back) = Nothing Does that help? C
  13. Done! Bit the bullet, Ripped the switch apart, wire pin4 to ground, even have a illumated switch delighted. Now ....The green symbol that the front light , and when I turn the innner ring on the headlights stalk I get an orange foglight symbol but......does not :( Any ideas?
  14. Ok, so followed the OEM Fog light install instruction for a Rav4 4.3(Most will of seen them) and changed it around a bit coz I;m in Ireland and some parts on on the "Wrong" side ;) Here is my Question Do I have to install the switch for it to work, I know ZERO about car wiring diagrams. I'm happy with the little symbol on the dash, From reading and re reading the instructions it seem if the Rav has the Grey wire already in point 4 , then I just to connect the lights to the OEM connectors under the bumper , put in the relay and the fuse and i should be good to go? But I'm not:(Any ideas, do I really have to take a file to my dash and put in the swithes? Also, as a bonus silly question, what do the other 3 large blue relays behind the glove box do. So say it's Auto lights, some say it's Auto door lock, most say no idea. lol
  15. Hello, First is there any way to contribute to this site? Barr brown envelopes :P I've learnt so much here I feel guilt Now, Dumb question number 5 How do I know if my Rav4 2006 is 2WD or 4WD? Sorry C