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  1. Not at all, everyone's different, I like that you brought it up, and it proves to me...that im not the ONLY CRAZY ONE lol! These Aygo's are too cute but have their issues, bit like mwah! All the best!
  2. I like that...old doesn't necessarily mean broken! I just thought 12 years plus...and its still on the road! I think its the oldest car we've ever had. As another saying goes...old is gold!
  3. Hi All, Considering that my 2008 Aygo is almost 13 years old! I was wondering while I still have her, and i know the motto is if its not broke dont fix, but are there any parts that may need attention by now, e.g, suspension bushes, springs, drop links, cv's, tie rod ends, brake hoses etc etc. Just a thought really
  4. Sorry to hear of your troubles. It might help if you could upload a video or sound clip maybe?
  5. I agree with all the above. Admittedly the only thing that gets on my nerves is how dusty it gets. I often brush mine out weekly! I know
  6. Cheers How much did you pay for the full set? BTW mines is a 3 door? Does it matter?
  7. Beautiful. Love that look. Are these really a straight forward swap? No modifications required at all? Wow.
  8. Hi. We had, have, the same issue in the same area only ours is a saloon. It began at a car wash. Water just started pouring in. The marks didn't stain as we soaped those pillar trims and dried them with a hair dryer upon returning home. It happened a couple times after that incident when it rained really heavy. We just assumed the initial cause was the guy pressure washed a little to hard and damaged a seal maybe. After that it was home hand washes for awhile. However we've been back to those car wash places a few times since and not a drop inside. Strange. I have no idea what
  9. Hi, we had a very similar issue recently bar the squeak sound...a new cam and crank sensor fixed her. In your case its a strange one with that squeal. I know how it feels to be in this frustrating situation. I pray it fixes itself soon. Sammy
  10. Definitely not like that stuff. Who would even allow terminals to get to that state!
  11. Hmm cracked battery. Bought it from euro car parts. Interesting how I happen to be outside them!!!
  12. Cheers guys. So its corrosion. I cant see corrosion anywhere under my bonnet to that white deposit effect. My terminals have been cleaned and greased fairly recent. No idea where its come from. I'll try wiping it off anyway. No biggy then !
  13. Hi Guys, Noticed this white residue on my battery mat over the weekend, any ideas what it could be? Its a brand new battery fitted just a few months ago. Could it be frost bite maybe?
  14. Hi Any recommendations on BRAND when it comes to rear springs guys? Local motor factors carry kyb or suplex!
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