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  1. Sound Upgrade

    Thanks Puglet...this fancy connector you speak of...what does it look like? Any links? I def dont want a sub of any sort. But when i look at the components ive ordered, the speakers dont look like my door speakers, theyre all concealed, being 16cm i thought id mount them on my rear board, i mainly wanted the tweets from the set if im honest. My main concern is how to add the rear speakers via the existing a bit i join them to my front door wiring for example? Or which wires should i tap in to?
  2. Sound Upgrade

    Hi All I have purchased a new mechless headunit for my vehicle, being the platinum model i have already upgraded the front door speakers and front dash speakers, all thats left is the tweeter on the pillars. What i am thinking of doing is purchasing a component set of speakers, of which the tweeters from the new set i will replace the stock pillar ones, and the pair of speakers, which look more like subs i thought id mount on to my rear parcel shelf. My question is with the wiring, im thinking if there is already wiring there for the front door speakers, and front dash speakers, aswell as the pillar or what would i wire up the rear parcel shelf speakers to? Id like to avoid an amp with this install if i can. Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you
  3. Fuel Consumption

    Guys...guess what...dropped a notch from full but managed 135 miles before i dropped another...compared to my previous 44miles per ecstatic...interesting hey. I admit i have changed my driving style recent...smoother on the throttle.
  4. Fuel Consumption

    Hi Planemo, Thanks for the vid, i think i need to clarify something that i failed to mentioned, re.the white smoke, it only happens when i rev my car hard, its no where as the vid shows off thats idling, infact at idle its normal, its due to the slight struggle i feel when driving that i tend to floor it hence i see more smoke. My hubby recons i stress to much and its going to take getting used to with a 3 cylinder. Today i had no smoke at all. I think i also struggle to differentiate between condensation and smoke if im honest. Whats more interesting is that all my notches are full to the top after recently filling a full tank...i havent dropped a notch yet...but today ive hit 62 miles so far...normally i drop a notch guaranteed at actually in maybe the weather does play a part with it being so warm today!!!
  5. Fuel Consumption

    Ok guys update time... Took my baby into my sons work garage again today ...diagnostic still showing no codes...mechanic recons i should consider replacing both sensors top & bottom of manifold...rang toyota and at 100.00 + vat i option he recommended replacing cat...cheapest find so far Klarius at 85.00 + vat...not bad but im hesitant still...but he agreed the vehicle is smoking and still uncertain as to what my issue is thats causing the white smoke and high fuel consumption. Anyhoo...thought id stop at another garage on my way home...interesting because this guy took 1 look at my oil level...coolant...oil filler cap...asked me to rev it a few times while he inspected the white smoke...and advised...he was 100% certain that my cat nor sensors require any investigation...he said the smoke is clear white and appears to be vapour build up due to excess water in the back box...he recommended a good hours drive up the motorways followed by a small 2-3mm drill hole dead centre at the bottom of my back box to prevent future water build up...he said all new exhausts no longer have a form of drainage designed on purpose to rust from the inner and require regular replacement benefitting them. If this is my be ecstatic! Input please my dear fellow forumsters.
  6. Fuel Consumption

    Pics of my inspection earlier today...
  7. Fuel Consumption

    Guys...much appreciated re.your inputs. Just realised my posting has hit over Anyway...just been out....Oil level is perfect and dead on. There is a sign of mayo under filler cap but very light And there is no shiny/rainbow film on coolant and level is full to the top and pink in colour i.e longlife So there we have it. And oh overheating someone mentioned...we dont have a temp guage so who knows but i doubt it. A few have mentioned i should get rid but i love her so much...she has a full history and only 54000 miles on her. If i can get more miles and no smoke from her with a smooth never ever get rid of her...if im pushed id rather park her in the garage to rot but i wouldnt wsnt to get rid!
  8. Fuel Consumption

    Hi planemo... thanx...i need to check the coolant...i dont think it is...but tell me are headgaskets expensive to buy and difficult to fix? And how do they do a sniff test?
  9. Fuel Consumption

    Update guys... my vehicle is driving a little rough and idling a bit rough...having to put my foot a lityle more to make her move...AND im definitely getting excessive thick white smoke... Any ideas lads?
  10. Fuel Consumption

    Thanks guys... Interesting points raised from all parties... Do you guys know if such sensors can be CLEANED in someway...just asking out of curiousity???
  11. Fuel Consumption

    Where is the Air Fuel Sensor??? Anybody???
  12. Fuel Consumption

    Sell it and get another 1...hell no...i like her too rather keep filling her up. Any techs re.the Air Fuel Sensor???
  13. Fuel Consumption

    Hi ALL Okay, so after this recent full tank of petrol, i hit 215 miles in all, did another diagnostic today and no codes what so ever, all clear, and i have just filled another full tank today. Anyway, rang Toyota to ask a price on a new cat...350.00 all in...HOWEVER it wasnt a wasted they might be my AIR FUEL SENSOR ??? I didnt think of that...infact what is it? Its not the MAF sensor is it ?
  14. Clean car!

    Hi Bike Loon... I can see my face in it through my ipad if i really try...amazing job there matey. Did you machine polish/buff it?
  15. Blemished Stereo

    Hi All Admittedly i have much more important issues to deal with likkle Aygo...but i thouht i’d put this out there anyway. Okay, so ive installed over the months a new hazard switch...glovebox gear knob...and arm rest to update my interior... However my stereo...the factory fit one...has like blemishes on its lcd annoying to look first i thought they were on the outside so attempted a lcd scratch paste...until i realised its on the inside... i have 2 or 3 of them...look like little clouds. Is there a remedy to this without having to open it up and clean them up from the inside...knowing me i’d end up damaging it attempting to disassemble it. Cheers Guys n Girls