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  1. We get those same marks on our silver t27, they do look annoying I agree
  2. Hi All, I was advised at my last mot a month ago that my pads are low, purchased a new set at my local dealers, still in the boot, hoping to get them fitted this weekend, weather permitting. However, I’ve always used genuine parts, and find that they do give off a lot of brake dust, and I do my own diy, ensuring I grease sliders etc. My alloys are always covered in black dust, not reddish!
  3. Hi All, I have x 3 genuine toyota Corolla front strut bars for the last generation Corolla, t sport editions if I remember correctly but fit all Corolla of that shape if I'm not mistaken! All in amazing condition. Are they worth anything? Hows best to sell them on? Any advice much appreciated Cheers guys
  4. Congrats Wiz201, just made me realise...our old Mark Aygo’s are beginning to look pretty dated now!!! But still cute 😂
  5. Hi guys, Anybody know where I can obtain some genuine toyota roof bars for my 2008 3 door aygo? I prefer genuine over say Thule or worse..streetwise at eurocarparts lol. Dealers are pretty expensive. Used sell fairly reasonable but rarely come up sadly! Cheers Sammy P.s the genuine Peugeot 107 bars are half the price of the aygo...but I dont like the look of them AND I dont think they're lockable!
  6. Here we go again guys...what could it be? These odd switch pics are killing me! This is a strange one..hmmm
  7. Interesting read, cheers mate, feel a bit better now, I do wonder why they target the jazz though and whats so special about that tiny vehicle? Prius I can understand as well as the ct200s.
  8. I am so sorry to have wasted your time and by beginning a new topic already did I miss that one!!! I panicked in the moment. Any links to these threads discussing the issue anybody?
  9. Hi Everybody, Re.the Avensis T27 models, as my other half owns, are the catalytic converters easy to steal? I'm worried for my toyota aygo and him his avensis for their has been a rise in thefts here in leicester. Other than security mark them which I feel is pointless..theres not much else in terms of protection...oh yes I hear Toyota are the 1st to invent a CAT LOCK...but at 200 to 250 they're pretty expensive imo...and I'm unsure what models they cover! From what I recall the t27 models have the cat situated right at the back under the bulk head so he might be ok...worrying stuff guys!
  10. Hi All Apparently there has been a massive rise here in Leicestershire in Regards to theft of catalytic converters...I assume nation wide too...its so worrying...and got me it easy to steal the cat off my aygo...2008...gen 2 is it? Saying that I put in a brand new toyota cat on my vehicle just last year...its positioned more or less at the top...and connected to the manifold...surely a thief wouldnt remove a front bumper and attack my cat would they? I'm scared because they're targeting Toyotas...unsure which ones...and Hondas...mainly jazz models strangely
  11. I recon the same...has to be! It’s either that or an ejector seat release pull, it can’t be a fog switch as others have mentioned, it looks more like a pull and push switch, we know it’s not a choke,..doesn’t look like a cigarette lighter either... I wonder if we’ll ever get an answer ! This one keeps me up at night LOL !
  12. Hi That looks pretty strange to me, I'm interested in this one, what could it be??? Ejector seat release pull????
  13. Hi there, I would recommend a reset too, we do this every now and again when it stays at one reading, simply hold down that same button that you press that takes you to this reading till it resets, easy one!
  14. Dear Rajiv, please do not apologise, you’ve been a great wealth of knowledge to me, I love to learn as I take on new projects. Thank you for everything. p.s I’m happy with my drl’s on all the time, make my car look cool, whilst serving a purpose!
  15. You put it perfect, more like butter than cheese! Cant wait for the warmer months, plan to machine buff my baby Aygo.