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  1. Hi I totally agree re the insecure comment. I now wonder how I lived without a camera. Its an amazing feature or bit of kit to have. I agree also that it does make one lazy.
  2. All sorted guys and thank you all for your inputs. It was a simple process. Purchased the unit on Amazon. Didn't want to spend too much. Yes its a small car but I always wanted one for added reassurance really. Will add a pic later today
  3. Anybody? I'm useless at wiring diagrams, my Haynes manual means nothing to me, apologies
  4. Hi, purchased a reverse camera via Amazon, just a basic one with a camera that sits on the rear number plate and a small screen thats placed on my dash. A. Can anybody tell the colour of wires ill need to tap in to, unsure which ones I'll need as yet, assume positive and the reverse wire B. The actual screen plugs into the cigarette lighter, dont really like the look of that, is there another way of wiring it up so there aren't any trailing wires etc?
  5. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/full-clutch-replacement-kit-for-toyota-aygo-citroen-c1-peugeot-107-3713583 Never thought I'd find something of this nature on hot UK deals Coincidental that I purchased the exact same kit locally at 55.00 to resolve my gearbox issue in my recent thread last week!
  6. Super deal. Yes I did actually. Looked as good as new and once fitted drives like new. Purchased from a car breakers in Birmingham. Very helpful people. Via Ebay delivered cost 175.00.
  7. Awaiting delivery of my new housing, thermostat, and coolant to get my leaky issue fixed, fingers crossed! I hope there aren't any future issues for some time, lol, been through alot with her recent!
  8. Hi I paid 55.00 for the clutch kit for my 2008 model, and assisted a friend mechanic to help fit it at home kerb side. 180 all in 280 if you count I bought a replacement gear box
  9. Hi Those twin motorsport tail pipes were an optional accessory to go with the lower bumper skirt at the time. We have the single pipe version. I've never really liked the twin option in my opinion for they never seem to align up...for some reason the right pipe always sits away and lower than the left side...strange one!!!
  10. Hi It was on axles at the time but seemingly level I'm wondering if I should add more oil now? I've never come across a gearbox taking more oil than required...I.e 1.75L but still no dribble after 2.5L
  11. Morning All Does anybody know what this part is called for when I call toyota today to get a price on it. It appears to be the source of my leaky coolant which now stresses me out. Apart from this issue the cars driving as new, touch wood ot stays like that! Much appreciated. I must say that side of the engine looks a bit of a mess for now
  12. Forgot to add, the job went smoothly, working kerb side wasn't easy. The only thing I'd like to mention is it drank 2L of fresh fully synthetic oil clean I was waiting fir the over spill but nothing. Is that normal?
  13. Guys, Good news, we replaced the gearbox today and with a new clutch kit, and wow, the sound has gone and its like driving a new car. I'm glad. Very glad. I further discovered that an oil leak that I complained about recently, turns out upon investigation, it was coming from a leaky drive shaft seal and being sprayed up the back of the engine. It wasn't engine oil but gear oil. So that's been cleaned up. My final gripe is that I discovered a coolant leak. Right side looking at the engine. Been told its coming from the thermostat housing gasket. My coolants dropped just below the
  14. Hi Does any body know where the power steering fuse is located on these aygos? Much appreciated if someone could pin point it out for me. Cheers
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