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  1. Cheers Frosty...I am a bit weary re.fitting a bike rack to the rear window...hmmm...worries me. Maybe i should go...roof bars...and then those what do you call them whereby the bikes sit on top of them...look a bit like ski’s ?
  2. Morning all. Quick one carriers. Has anybody on this wonderful forum currently have a bike carrier attached to their particular the 2005 to 2012 model is it before they changed shape? Pics would be great please. And how many bikes could an aygo manage? I have a 3 door 2008 aygo platinum and we would love to go out cycling more often. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Sammy
  3. This is interesting...whats causing them to slip though? Its an important part in my opinion if its cushioning the spring. I will attempt the repositioning regardless as such things niggle me sadly. I love my car be it its getting pretty dated but still so cute though im sure youll all agree!
  4. Cheers johnan and mrfixer...everybody that chips in even the smallest of advice are true assets to this forum...much appreciated guys. Funny you guys mentioned spring compressor...reserved some online this morning at halfords...clicked in my brain as soon as i woke up...worth having the right tools in your garage! I will report back once fixed. Cheers again
  5. Hi guys, Whilst inspecting the underside of my 2008 Aygo today, i noticed on the rear drivers side coil spring, what looks like a big rubber thingy that sits underneath the coil spring, has moved to one side and lifted! I tried tucking it back under the spring but it is impossible. The opposite side is fine. The rubber is undamaged. Does anybody know how i may fix this issue and is it a safety issue in anyway or an mot failure? Pic attached however i tucked it in best i could.
  6. Quick update, following advice on how to measure rear coil springs in relation to fitting spring assistors, we jacked up the rear today, and measured 3.7cm, possibly 4cm gaps in between each coil in the spring.
  7. Thank you for all the input fellow members, much appreciated. We performed the oil & filter change this morning & all went well, other than we had to run out to buy a filter wrench cup to remove the oil filter, if it helps anybody for reference purposes it is a 64.5mm that you will need! The air filter was super clean hence no need for a replacement, and so was the pollen filter but we gave both a bit of a vacumn anyway. One issue we did have was the amount of oil required. The dealers advised 5.7L. The handbook mentioned various amounts dependant on the engine model, from what i understood i think it stated 6.3L. We rang motors factors that were open today, halfords and parkers stated 6.3L. We settled for what Toyota advised us at 5.7L, the dipstick reads bang on. Fingers crossed we got this right!
  8. Id be happy to use a different brand in my Aygo however my partner is of a different breed lol...everything has to be genuine toyota. 5.7L to be precise...which means paying for a 5L plus an additional 1L at just under £10.00
  9. I you get 5w 30 semi synthetic and 5w 30 fully synthetic However the diesel avensis we have can only take fully synthetic...correct? They def said you get two types of fully synthetic 5w dazed me to say the least
  10. Other current offers if anybody is interested! Was nice of them to app me their brochure pics! The epb for the avensis range is an interesting offer lol...
  11. I agree. Been buying parts from our local toyota dealer for years...didnt know you get 5w 30 in different grades !!!! We always do diy services...never an issue...but still follow advice from our trusted dealer...known them for centuries...e.g if the break fluid renewal is due...we order the fluid in line with the service parts and get it done.
  12. Quick one guys The annual service is due shortly. Rang my dealers to explain that my partner has only covered 1000 miles approx since the last service last year (as explained in my previous thread) and they recommended that we change the oil & filter only. We get trade prices which really helps. However we have 2 options this time. We either buy the oil and filter at a cost of just under 60.00 i think Or They have an offer whereby you get the sir filter...pollen filter...sump washer AND A FREE 5L OIL...for nearly the same price as our 1st option but they recon the free oil is a much lower grade! Is this true? I didnt know Toyota sild different grades oil for 1 type of car. You get the proper oil for the t27 which is what they recommend...this is the expensive one and then a lower grade at 15.00 for 5l which they say can cause issues. Im confused! Any help guys?
  13. Cheers eygo I think ill have to jack up the rear And actually measure the springs to be safe