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  1. You put it perfect, more like butter than cheese! Cant wait for the warmer months, plan to machine buff my baby Aygo.
  2. That’s a much better plan, I’ll have a crack at it come the weekend, I’m just thinking, if I remove the arch liner completely, it it’ll expose that inner corner of the bumper? When you say slam panel? I don’t recall any screws To remove front bumper it’s a few bolts on the top once bonnet is open, a tiny plastic screw under wheel arch at top, and I think a few bolts under bumper secured to the under tray, but I don’t recall slam panel
  3. Ahh I see. Makes sense. Okay then...if I ever need to remove my front bumper in future for another reason I'll take care of that corner issue at the same time! Recently changed my tensioner for a new one with new drive belt, and installed front fog lamps and thought hell no am I removing the bumper, find it a hassle, getting lazy in old age!
  4. I agree with you, I've always believed the same but dont know the mech science behind it, besides als68 stated...if the car does straight away...does that mean if it continues to run it means the alternator is question is how long will it continue to run before it stops and would this damage a good alternator ?
  5. Cheers for the input, hmmm, that would involve removing the bumper, would like to avoid that, I could try heating it from the front with a hair dryer at a safe distance! It simply refuses to click in on a new bracket! Wonder if there is a piece missing off the bumper itself in that corner.
  6. Hi guys Is there any other way of replacing a fog light bulb without having to take off the under tray? Just curious guys Alot of work just to change a bulb !!!
  7. Hi Simon, I could try that, piggy back is an option OR is it safe to test it by wrapping the orange lead wire once stripped around the fuse and placing it back in? If so Does it need to be wrapped around one tip of the fuse or both?
  8. Hi julie, I felt the same, I have this thing about fog lamps, apart from being a practical useful feature to have, I feel that they complete the front face of any vehicle in my opinion that is! I recall my partner having purchased an Avensis gosh over 15 years ago, basic GS model, he paid our dealer hundreds to have some fitted along with a boot spoiler and front skirt. I thought he was mental. Anyway, I only just completed my front fog lamp project install at the weekend, purchased the lamps on ebay, had the bezels sprayed to my colour at a body shop, and purchased wiring and template at my dealer. All in all I think it cost me just under £100.00. Not bad. If you are considering the install, I hope you have the guts to drill saw holes 102mm plus 4 x 16mm holes around it, gut wrenching but has to be spot on for a perfect fit! It's not that hard though like anything requires alot of patience.
  9. Morning All Re.that Autool x60 I ordered, im having to return it to the seller today, tried connecting it several times yesterday only to receive a Connection Failed error. Cute device though but looks cheap.
  10. In English please! Gosh that’s a lot to take in. With trade I only paid £20.00 o4 less for my drl’s, had I have paid 50.00+ for some drl’s I would have paid somebody to complete the wiring bit, too much hassle for what they are. Apologies for troubling you guys!
  11. Hi Rajiv, Thank you again for all your input, much appreciated. I tried tapping in to the common anyway, too see if it would work. Basically if I tap into the white low beam on the headlight holder...I get no drl light up on start up but do upon switching on sidelights etc. And if I tap into the common I get drl light up on start up and remain on upon switching sidelights on Etc. Sadly my hands were too cold to attempt tapping into sidelight positive..minus 1 working in very tight spaces is no joke! I then read your updated threads re.installing a Seperate relay...I hate relays...and opted for your previous bit of advice...left the orange wire disconnected! I cable tired all my wiring nice and neat including the dreaded orange and shut my bonnet. Enough for one day lol. Least I tried. I’m glad I opted for this module rather than a relay, just a shame it didn’t work out. Will I get into trouble if my drl’s are on constant whilst on the road or come mot time in March? They’re hardly bright if I’m honest, cheap and cheerful though.
  12. Thought I'd see what input I get on this one, small issue but annoys me at times. I purchased my aygo with the front bumper sticking out a little on the passenger side where it meets the fender. I assume it took a knock at some point. Anyway, I swapped the bumper bracket out for a new genuine part last year, but it made no difference, maybe the bumpers been distorted in some way. Any ideas on a fix? I thought about finding a way to wedge it in with something, maybe screw it from some where? Or are there any racing stick on latch type things that might push it in place?
  13. Looking at my Haynes manual...woosh...right over my head!
  14. Ignore the wiring mess...temporary until I get them working as they should before I cable tie them and tuck away.
  15. Hi Rajiv, Good news, the weather today was perfect for it, hence i attempted the drl box install, following all your instructions to the T! Ok, so the wires going to each drl lamp werent marked R or L hence I assumed this wouldnt make a difference, they consisted of 1 plain red wire and 1 black wire with a white line on it. I gathered the plain red was negative and the black white lined positive! The bullet connectors on the ends of these matched perfect with the connections on the drl lamps, simply slotted in. I then removed the fuse from the fuse holder and set up my positive connection to the battery. Did the same with the negative direct to the battery minus the fuse! And then came the infamous orange wire. Okay this is where I may have a problem...looking at the headlamp plug on the passenger side, I opted for the top pin like you said which is white in colour wire, the two side wires are red and green. I used one those connector things whereby you slide it over the white wire and the orange one sits next to it and you close the cap and slightly crumple...cant think what it's called now! My problem, although everything works fine! When I start the car...the drl's dont switch on, neither when I select side lights on the 1st turn on my light stalk...but do when I select the 2nd turn for full beam on my stalk. Not sure what to do now for the drl's are supposed to switch off when I select side lights or full beams? Am I right? I'm thinking whether I should connect the orange wire to the drivers side plug but it would look untidy and unsure if the wire is long enough. I'll be out tomorrow again to scratch my head looking at it! Cheers Rajiv