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  1. Guys... Went to fill up today, and I couldnt get my key out of the gas cap, it was completely stuck! I know how to use the system...key in and turn anti clockwise...use my other hand to turn gas cap itself anti clockwise...done! But this is the key stuck inside no matter how much you wriggle it! I only noticed the issue after I'd filled up so the gas cap with key stuck was in my hand. Luckily one of the attendants offered to help, he simply poured hot kettle water, wiggled key, and out it came. Currently I've left the gas cap in but not fully tightened. Toyota are quoting 28.27 for just the gas cap Or The lock to replace on my existing gas cap at 48.13 coded to my key! I've no idea how one would get the lock off in the 1st place! Does anybody have A. A solution to fix my old lock B. An aftermarket alternative that theyve purchased with a seperate key? I'd be most grateful with this one guys...I'm so stressed out
  2. Hi Same on our 2008 3dr...and I’ve noticed it on many strange, I’ve also noticed on many Aygos...with the bonnet opened...that the rubber seal on your left that sits on the edge of the top of the bumper is usually always missing...the right one is in place but not the common...strange again! I purchased one on eBay and fixed it in place on mine.
  3. Hey guys... Managed to source a genuine but used 3dr roof bar system...yay...still awaiting delivery! However it doesnt come with the key used to remove the security covers if that's what they're called... My question is are those keys generic or unique to each roof rack? I have 2 keys for the avensis t27 roof rails...wonder if they'd work though??? Anybody?
  4. Hi I am sorry to read about your issue, those engines look so complex just to look at. I am sorry that I can’t help. However we have a 2010 t27 2.0 diesel, and if we drive it at least once in the daytime It fires up the next day perfectly fine, but if we don’t drive or start her up for a day or two, it can take a few chugs to fire up, if left standing for 3, 4, or more days it’s out with the jump starter to make it alive again!!! It never used to be this way, could leave it weeks and she’d still fire up! Admittedly my partner hardly uses this car, but when he does take her for a thrashing, the amount of smoke after the first few minutes...embarrassing to say the least!!!!! He reckons it’s just regenerating due to lack of use!
  5. Hi Anybody selling a reasonably priced 3dr roof rack by any chance in good condition? Part number as far as I'm aware is PZ403-91610-GA Cheers
  6. Hi All, I'd like to ask you guys this, I've come across a cheap rear strut brace for my 08 auto, I have no idea what the purpose of a rear lower strut does? Will I notice ant difference bu installing one? Soft Steel fahrwerkstrebe Rear for TOYOTA AYGO Strut Strut Bar I recon a front top strut brace is more worthwhile installing..I recall our previous COROLLA e12 handled much better with a strut.
  7. Hi there. I toyed with the same idea...until I realised the dimple holes and stuck them straight back on! I have however removed the centre toyota oval logo...I prefer the cleaner look now A bit lazy to spray my front oval centre grill badge in black...maybe this summer
  8. Cheers guys for all the above, Cant wait to source the single sided foam tape and get them fitted
  9. Hi Guys, I purchased a beautiful set of genuine Toyota roof bars as a gift for my hubby on ebay, he's always wanted some to use as a bike carrier at some point, anyway, my issue is as they have been used! We didnt get the 4 sticky pads (see item G in pic below) that go inside each door well. Does anybody know what size they are AND if I could maybe make some but using what though??? Look forward to some responses guys, Cheers. Sammy item "D"...does anybody know what these do strange !!! Something to do with aerodynamics maybe?? But why on the one bar though?
  10. Parts king is indeed very helpful bless him, I wonder if he would still have access to the database considering most if not all centres are closed sadly
  11. Sincere apologies, on second thoughts, I don’t think that we did use an adaptor, once we removed the old stock radio including the wiring plugged in, we were left with the existing wiring rooms coming from the car which were female, and the wiring from our new Sony were male ends and plugged straight in...i Remember it now, it was so easy.
  12. Sincere apologies, I wasn’t aware that they’re pop out window panes, in-which case I doubt they make them, so sorry.
  13. Lol, worth a try, no we’ve known our dealership for many many years from our very first Toyota being the Carina through various different Toyotas to our current Avensis and Aygo
  14. Hi there, I am sure others will come along to help you out here, there are some very knowledgeable people on this forum We replaced our stock radio for a new Sony last year, definitely used a harness which was a perfect fit, and the job was straight forward, I'm sure there are loads of videos on YouTube to help you at every step
  15. Hi We drive a much older 2008 model to your newer 2016 version, but always use genuine Toyota dealership parts, which we get at trade prices luckily, we prefer genuine, otherwise there are equally as good brands out there Orem...e.g Pagid, blue print etc