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  1. Hi We had this exact problem only recent, however we replaced the cat with a brand new genuine toyota part, reason for this we got very lucky on ebay, winning bid £35.00, you read correct, and we replaced both pre n post sensor with genuine bosch parts, we havent seen the eml light on since. Do you know any mechanics who’d be willing to order the parts on their account saving you some money maybe?
  2. Hi I replaced the front discs n pads on my 2008 simple...purchased the parts from our dealer though...7000 miles later...hmmm....the pads have worn quite a bit and the discs look a but shoddy but all works fine...i’d recommend a good brand over dealer parts...check Halfords and Euro Car Parts for their options. Best of luck Glad you avoided that 195.00 dealer quote...if you diy the job youll get it done far say more than half!
  3. I fitted a new c.converter this year along with new mid pipe and silencer gaskets and bolts etc...and i can glues or pastes or anything of the sort are required. Sammy
  4. Hi Toebeans...encountered that issue myself...rather than trying to unscrew it...get a thin blade flat screwdriver...pref those micro blade ones n pry the srew up first...sometimes they just pop out matey
  5. Sorry to read the sad news, but thats def a body shop job since the wing looks pretty much pushed in sadly, the smart guys are smart but not that smart, it’ll involve a full wing respray, the thing with red is colour match and then that shiny look due to the laquer process which makes it stand out more, which then involves blowing it into the front door and possibly the corner of the bumper too. Im talking from my own experience but i wish you the best of luck, im yet to see a body repair that doesnt stand out. Do you think a replacement wing might be the better option and cheaper one too?
  6. I didnt realise it was so bright, feel so bad now, glad i changed the bulb on mot day and then fixed the issue in less than 24hrs, id hate to annoy more drivers, lesson learnt. However, i cant say that ive ever been blinded or annoyed by rear fogs on vehicles infront of me, havent really noticed if im honest, from now i will probably notice things more lol
  7. Interesting reading. Im up to date with my bulbs now lol
  8. Makes perfect sense. Thank you I think i was so pleased that my baby passed its rather visit the dentist lol...followed by my very 1st Advisory ever...i panicked...bort the bulb n off i went. Had that gentleman have never stopped me the other night i probably would never have known any better!! Bless him. I do wonder how bright it could have been for him because he seemed upset and dazzled rubbing his eyes in gesture n all sorts!
  9. I have absolutely no idea about these bulbs. I def put it in correctly as in it turned like a bulb does. Im sure these arent off set so as to speak...i.e the 2 prong things are inline. Well now i then test...lesson learnt
  10. Spot on! Thank you so so so much...i didnt know that it even made a difference which way around you insert the bulb! All working fine now. Love you guys n this club
  11. Guys i need help...please. A vehicle stopped me tonight complaining that my rear left light was blinding him! He assumed that i had my fog light on! I replied no that i did not have it on. He best get it sorted matey. My car passed its mot on Thursday this week. Only advisory was my reverse bulb light was out! Changed that over as soon as i got home. All seemed fine. I admit upgrading my rear light clusters not so long ago to the newer more clear n black Aygo version...09+ i think. What could be causing this issue guys...with the left side being brighter...n this is regardless whether i have my side lights on or full beam. I anxiously await replies guys. Thank you. Sammy
  12. Hi there For the hell of me i cant almost certain it was Ebay... Ill have a look at my account later...see if i can find them... They look much smarter than the originals in my opinion. Had an mot yesterday and he didnt almost certain theyre road legal passed tho...hooray...1 advisory...reverse light inoperative...damn...cant believe i missed that...came home...changed bulb over...job done!
  13. I replaced mine with some aftermarket ones...road legal but tinted black...look much better and led... Replaced them like you since i broke both sides trying to remove them...hard work. Sadly the bulbs on the original arent changeable...the whole unit has to be replaced...i was shocked to discover that at the time!
  14. Okayyy then...job done...woo hoo! Had the screen replaced, looks similar to the original with the black boarders etc, can tell its not as thick as an original, but hey it looks good, shiney clean and new, im happy. And the gentleman agreed to attempt to refit my dab aerial, not bad, it didnt break, so a win win. Fingers crossed i dont crack this one!
  15. Cheers guys, ill ask him, the aerial is one of these... Not sure if double sided would work, more important if it would actuallypeel away even once heated with a hair dryer as the element if i call it that looks pretty fragile. Hey ho ill just buy a new one, the windscreen comes first i guess. wonder how he’ll be sticking my centre view mirror on...or do i do that myself too?