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  1. Hi I was just thinking that, it does state clearly in the handbook use 0w 20 and if that isn't available use 5w 30, as I buy my parts at my toyota dealership they just hand me 5w 30 and away I go.
  2. Thank you everyone, much appreciated. Mooly: I must admit I did not measure it, I should have but I didn't due to the weather, and I poured the old oil from my oil pan into a 3litre plastic vimto bottle which filled less than a quarter from the bottom. Steveo3002: I agree that I need to keep a closer eye on my dipstick from now on. At ever fill I check my tyre pressure, I'll add dipstick checks to it. Interesting how you use 10w 40, what year and mileage is your Aygo? Do you find it affects fuel economy re your car too? Haelewyn: I have 1.5l of fresh oil left hence I'll use that for top ups, to confirm I only buy my service parts at my toyota dealership, hence genuine 5w 30 toyota oil. You mention 2.8L of oil at service yet the handbook states 3.3L so I'm little confused there.
  3. Cheers guys, much appreciated are your inputs, jiin and catlover provide 2 avenues to pursue, I think applying a learher glue and holding it down and using a hairdryer to reduce drying time may be the way. The vehicles getting on 12 years now, as with anything in life age will always finally catch up.
  4. Hello Everyone, My others half was devastated to find what seems like a tear on the side of his drivers seat, possibly a crack maybe in the leather, its his pride and joy and regularly cleans his seats with a damp cloth. Can anybody suggest a fix? It's a 2010 t27 2.0 diesel now touching 72k on the clock and very well look after. We've no idea what caused this tear.
  5. Hi Everybody, Gosh time flies, just realised we've had our Aygo for 6 years now! My question today is in regards to oil consumption. Did my service yesterday evening, genuine parts from toyota as usual, oil, oil filter, 3 sparks, air filter and pollen filter. Anyway, upon draining my oil I noticed that it didn't drain much, I'd say 1.5L at the most. I couldn't see any obvious leaks from underneath. She drives much better post the service. My question is where does most of my 3.3L service oil go in a year? And should I consider an oil and oil filter change every 6 months maybe? She's a 2008 3 door manual petrol, with 75,286 miles on her now, purchased 6 years ago with 43k on her, I currently drive approx 600 miles a month local runs..crazy I know. Cheers guys
  6. Cheers Konrad Weathers chucking it down today, a bit too hard for me to do an inspection underneath, it may result in nothing and that's just how the car sits as you say! Will post back shortly.
  7. Hi, so there weren't any obvious signs you had a broken spring? I'm anxious to check however have to wait till the weekend before I get time to jack it up. Wonder how much new springs will cost us?
  8. Interesting, I'm on the lookout for other t27s on the road now, not many around if i'm honest! I might just check for a broken spring. I have no sounds coming from the rear though I don't think
  9. Hello Everybody I hope all of you are well & safe. We noticed recently, that our 2.0 diesel 2010 saloon seems to be leaning to one side at the rear, so the passenger rear corner looks higher than the drivers side rear corner if that makes sense. I meant to take a photo this morning but forgot. Can anybody think as to why this maybe? The boot is empty so no load in there. We used to use it to carry fairly heavy loads a year or two back in regards to the business etc but that isn't the case anymore. And she's passed her mot spot on everytime for the last 5 years with no advisories etc. And always serviced yearly on time. It's not that noticeable but it kinda is, looks annoying to us anyway. Any advice guys as to what to check? I'm thinking a spring issue or suspension related. Before anyone comments, it's constant so it's not only on our drive thinking the road dips etc, it's when the cars moving too and the other half is driving behind me. I look forward to some comments, cheers in advance!
  10. Cheers, I'll call the dealers to get a price next week. Appreciate your help
  11. Hi All Does anybody know the name of the switch under the clutch pedal? Or a part number maybe? And let me know if its a DIY job? Cheers Really appreciate it
  12. Hi If it were me, I'd replace the handle, it'll be worth the hassle, loads of breakers on fleabay! I've never heard of this issue before either, what's the mileage on the vehicle? I assume that handle has had its fair share of use!
  13. Hi Interesting, I like it! Well done, unsure if it would be road legal here in the U.K though!
  14. Hi 2009joe, Sounds good to me, what year is your avensis? Do you have a start button on your key fob remote? I didn't know the Avensis had that feature?
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