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  1. Hi Yes used the correct gear oil. I'm uncertain which route to take re the gearbox, recon or try another used one. Definitely can't afford a supply and fit at 900 to 1200
  2. Valid point. Considering how much I've spent and intemd to spend again I could have gone to a pro with warranty
  3. I agree, bearings should last alot longer than a few months. Re the oil I understand that it shouldn't be black. Somethings burning it! Re recon gearboxes. Made some enquiries today. 2 options. Both in Leicestershire. 1. Apparently a reputable recon specialist. 250 to recon. Or 25 to just to check it first and quote. 2. A scrap yard who has 1 aygo 2008 gearbox but is honest enough to admit he does not know the mileage on it. Asking for 200. Told him my story. Reduced to 150. No warranty.
  4. Cheers Stecha, Small update, we used an inspection camera fed into the the gearbox yesterday from two points, one by removing the inspection cover underneath to the side of the gearbox and two via the rubber breather at the top of the gearbox, turning the clutch and viewing the pressure plate and any debris around and inside the casing we couldn't see anything untoward! Everything appears perfectly fine. No broken bolt studs or bits. We then proceeded to drain gearbox oil completely, no fragments found whatsoever other than the oil appears pretty dark yet its on a few weeks old, an
  5. Stecha Not a peep in neutral. Only in gear...even then mostly in 3rd and 4th and 5th. Coming from right hand lower end!
  6. The thought of removing all those bolts all over again, I feel lazy as we speak just to drain the oil!
  7. I'd actually like that, atleast I'd have a group of experienced people watching over us and helping me identify the culprit parts, the more opinions the merrier!
  8. In the meantime I've orderd an exedy 3pc clutch just as a standby to be returned if not the issue. According to the vid you guys posted it sounds highly likely a bust clutch. Otherwise its car off road and bearings to be orderd to rebuild gearbox
  9. Cheers guys I will get to the bottom of it...this Saturday. Surgery starts at 10am. Wish me luck please.
  10. Guys If it is a faulty clutch kit, Can anyone recommend a good brand please? I'm looking at exedy first Then luk Never buying blueprint again!
  11. On a sweet note, other half treated us...myself n my car...to some diamonds! Lol. Cheered me up some what
  12. Driving the car now to work it changes gear so smoothly and the power so clean, I think its definitely drivable hopefully without causing any further damage its just that sound coming from the bottom of dry and slight knocking. I could probably trade it in and the salesman wouldn't pick up on it! Not that I want to!
  13. You're right too. Diy or garage...both have their advantages and disadvantages! It cost me 100 for the gearbox, 130 labour paying my neighbour mechanic and my help, and say 36.00 worth of gear oil, so in a way, its half a garage bill so I could go it again! Only no warranty
  14. Not yet catlover, I must admit, but most people seem to think its that, ill be dropping it 1st and inspecting then complaining. All just so stressful for now
  15. Hi Blueprint, supposed to be o.e quality, will be ringing the motor factor today to complain and inform ill be returning the part if they agree to refund, unsure of my chances there! Thinking of ordering an exidy clutch next and trying one more time. Assuming it is the clutch that's an issue
  16. Cheers for the input guys. If it is a suspect clutch, and I continue my daily commutes in it, until I can drop the box, would it cause further damage to the rest of the gearbox?
  17. Catlover, I've been advised that if the clutch was misaligned in some way, the gearbox wouldn't fit straight back on, maybe they mean it won't line up when refitting it all togeather???
  18. I think that this is the best course of action for now, drain oil, look for debris, if clean, then remove gearbox and check clutch kit, I doubt the mechanic will be covering cost of replacement parts if it is due to misalignment!
  19. Sincere apologies Just found the video, it does sort of sound similar, are we thinking it is a misaligned clutch?
  20. Hi Catlover, But confused re Bob, flash 22, and a video, where do I find this video? I'd like to listen to that definitely!
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