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  1. just press the trip/navi button to cycle through the trip/navi options. then press fm/am button to see the radio display etc. or disc to switch to disc and display the menu. :-) p.s nice ride.
  2. no, r32's arent all that there cracked up to be in the wrong hands. same goes for the comp and even the tsport. you could easily have a compressor in a standard t sport. but you really need to know how to dive the 2zzge in n/a form to do so the compressor is much easier to drive fast.
  3. your other wheels suit it alot better man. sorry. p.s you need coilovers lol.
  4. well you better be quick, good old mr bridges is thinking of selling up for a leon. lol. the traitor. just trimmed the gasket a little at the alternator end as the studs a bit short. but ive heard of some people just whacking them straight on. ill be removing my inlet manifold soon to see if i can gasket match it to the hondata, so ill take pics for you mate.
  5. orrrr, import a greddy from monkey wrench for around 2600 including an apexi pfc. makes better gains than the ogura used in the tte kit aswell.
  6. yeah i get that, i have a few stickers on mine aswell. and cov-fest is to far for me, jap-fest is just over the road lol.
  7. linkeys, alternator http://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/product_info.php?cPath=182_241&products_id=1103 water pump http://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/product_info.php?cPath=182_241&products_id=1104 as you can see using both pulleys can basically free up to 4bhp. plus they look wicked cool under the bonnet.
  8. there both lighter and are also underdrive pulleys, so the parasitic loss is vastly reduced and the engine will rev slightly faster. also by having the water pump underdriven it reduces the chance of cavitation at high rpms's.
  9. any chance i could nab the scuttle panel, drivers side window switch, maybe the armrest center console set up as mines fubared.
  10. its really simple if im honest. i think im doing another soon so if i do ill take pictures. i can write up a walkthrough if anybody needs it. its alot easier on a lift but it can be done on axel stands. the only real obstacle is the belt tensioner which catches on the air pump pipework, the rear engine mount and rusty bolts/nuts lol.
  11. i would lol. i have no problem with having stickers on my car, and the only reason people call them JDM stickers is because people in japan rave for them on there cars and everyone else has followed lol. i just dont agree with ones the say things like made in japan, when it wasnt lol. or when people have fwd cars and display 'drift' stickers. makes me lol.
  12. This might help mate, http://2zzge.com/library/Corolla%202ZZGE/TTE%20Compressor/
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