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  1. http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=66024 The full guide is here along with how to tape up etc!
  2. Have a good one sweetness!
  3. As also put on ROC Ian & Michelle - Thank you so much for letting us have use of your amazing home. It was very generous and trusting of you, I hope that everything was left as it should have been. Les & Anne - As always with everything you arrange you have the midas touch, everything ran to plan, everyone got on and I have to say this is up there with JAE06 as being my favourite ever meet! MR2ROC - Thank you for making a small group of non-mr2r owners feel very welcome (I was driving the black celica). All clubs should be as welcoming and fun as you guys...................where is the
  4. So excited I let out a little bit of wee :P Just sorted a list of stuff I need, prob will forget something: Fuel oil water screenwash tyres to be checked sleeping bag tent airbed pump chair drink clothing inc towel and swimming stuff Gaz Fizz Me music for drive painkillers
  5. Just got a bargain: 19 Glass Demijohns 11 Plastic Airlocks 15 Demijohn seal corks 50 plastic corks 2 x 10 litre seal lid plastic buckets 1 x 2 litre seal lid plastic bucket 1 x 15 litre stainless steal bucket 1 x 5 litre stainless steal bucket 1 Bitter homebrew starter kit (instructions, bottles , tops, plastic bucket, yeast) Various - Spoons, brushes, filters. Cheap as chips.............might sell a few djs on as I think that might be a few too many!
  6. Very true....................Still hurts!
  7. You saying I am fat? :( and Fizz, I was meaning the Sat morning :P
  8. Current plan is to hit Blyth for 12, quick brew and set off about 12.20pm to get to the venue for 2pm. If anone is on route and wants to meet let me know
  9. I know, I get drunk from so little.................oh wait, that's Mel! I already have some super strong cider brewing and going to get a raspberryade brewing tonigh to hopefully be ready in time!
  10. How early on sat???? I won't be sober by then, Gaz can drive to the pub :P Cannot wait for this, it is full of win! Might head down earlier and tak advantage of lunch, get set up and get partying :)
  11. You should have smelt/tasted the stuff I was drinking at JAE09, evil stuff but boy did it get you wrecked!
  12. Going to try and get some cheap lethal turbo cider sorted before CAE and then get a beer going for JAE this weekend
  13. Going to have a crack at home brewing, anyone else tried it?
  14. Who is coming from the North so we can organise a convoy? I will be coming across the M62 to the A1 then down there, so will prob stop off for a brew at Blyth Services just below the M18 junction We have the day off so can aim to get there at any time :)
  15. Peterborough at a secluded secret place :P
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