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  1. http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=66024 The full guide is here along with how to tape up etc!
  2. As also put on ROC Ian & Michelle - Thank you so much for letting us have use of your amazing home. It was very generous and trusting of you, I hope that everything was left as it should have been. Les & Anne - As always with everything you arrange you have the midas touch, everything ran to plan, everyone got on and I have to say this is up there with JAE06 as being my favourite ever meet! MR2ROC - Thank you for making a small group of non-mr2r owners feel very welcome (I was driving the black celica). All clubs should be as welcoming and fun as you guys...................where is the party next month TOC Lot - You are all super sexy and I would love to lick your face :P Just kidding, cracking bunch of people. Just a few personal thank yous: Dawsey, thanks for bringing back my whiplash with your 2, that thing is brutal!!! Mo, thanks for being my drinking partner bro, sorry about the underhand tactics :P Fizz, wiff waff/pool/90s cheese we had it all Gaz, for letting me be big spoon And the rest of you, for just being there
  3. So excited I let out a little bit of wee :P Just sorted a list of stuff I need, prob will forget something: Fuel oil water screenwash tyres to be checked sleeping bag tent airbed pump chair drink clothing inc towel and swimming stuff Gaz Fizz Me music for drive painkillers
  4. Very true....................Still hurts!
  5. You saying I am fat? :( and Fizz, I was meaning the Sat morning :P
  6. Current plan is to hit Blyth for 12, quick brew and set off about 12.20pm to get to the venue for 2pm. If anone is on route and wants to meet let me know
  7. I know, I get drunk from so little.................oh wait, that's Mel! I already have some super strong cider brewing and going to get a raspberryade brewing tonigh to hopefully be ready in time!
  8. How early on sat???? I won't be sober by then, Gaz can drive to the pub :P Cannot wait for this, it is full of win! Might head down earlier and tak advantage of lunch, get set up and get partying :)
  9. Who is coming from the North so we can organise a convoy? I will be coming across the M62 to the A1 then down there, so will prob stop off for a brew at Blyth Services just below the M18 junction We have the day off so can aim to get there at any time :)
  10. Peterborough at a secluded secret place :P
  11. It is part of the treasure hunt phil. Your first clue is that it is in the borough of the guy who was a piper and picked a peck of pickled peppers........
  12. JDM stickers look ace...........on JDM cars! Those stickers look ace, but IMO if your car isn't JDM (ie an import mode fot the Jap Market) or covered in real JDM parts then your car is UKDM and shouldn't be covered in lovely sexy JDMness, but that is just my opinion!
  13. Right will PP £22.15 for our 2 meals, also I want mine Medium please Cannot wait for this now :)
  14. We all convoying down together then peeps? As far as I can see it is best for me to cut across to the A1 and shoot down there!
  15. Lamb Tikka Bhoona - £6.50 Pilau Rice - £2.10 Keema Naan - £2.10 Total £10.70 Will just wait for Gaz to make his mind up and cash will be yours!
  16. You are right about Jap paint being soft and thin, which is why I am confused you used a medium cut? Surley you should have gone for a light cut or even a masking polish/glaze rather than a cut! Sam, Bridges knows his stuff and has given some great advice, I would go down the wax route myself, there are several on the market which are all down to personal preference and price. From my experience Harly wax is fantastic, as are the dodo juice waxes, heard great things about collinite which is very similar to the Harly, and as for sealents the chemical guys v7 gets awesome reviews
  17. Yeah, we will make our choice tonight dude and send your the monies :) Think me and gaz will come down in mine so can share fuel and he can navigate Problem I have is that you have given me too much choice, maybe I should get sweet and sour, with pilau rice and garlic bread :P
  18. I check my nuts for lumps on a regular basis...........wrong nuts! Lets hope it hasn't caused any wheel bearing issues from the wobble as it did on an old car of mine after trusting a friend to have done them up Keep an eye on them though incase they try it again due to knackered threads
  19. It is ok, looks like Mel isn't coming so we can head down during the day after a quick clean of the car and load it full of camping gear
  20. What time will you be placing the takeaway for dude? Just wondering if I am going to just be better off with a Macd's on the way down
  21. Well I apologise that you took offence to what we would class as a well known jokey phrase!
  22. Eh, are you smoking crack? The guy made a joking comment, complimented the guy on his wiring but said in his OPINION that he did not see the point in them. I do not see the point in owning a corolla when you could afford a supra........(aimed at gaz before the handbags come out to play and tears are shed) There was nothing to be right or wrong about. As for this thread, having SEEN the orig post there are arguments for and against why it was binned. Yes he didn't say he RACED the lexus but he did say he had a play with said Lexus (280bhp turbo) on various roads which, having been in a corolla and driven one, they are a bit gutless until lift so unless the Lexus weighed 3t then you would have had to be high RPM. Also at no point did he stress they were in mid RPM, only that a comp would give him more torque in the mid range! I don't agree with binning threads because it mentions racing, if that is what you want to do that is fine and if the police have a problem it is your issue not TOCs, but, talking from experience as it is a favoured pastime of mine, mod bashing generally gets you in bother! NO I am not smoking crack and never have done... I find that offensive that you should suggest that I have done. The spat between them has been going on for some time and that is what I was refering too. As for the rest of your comments I presume these are aimed at someone else as I haven't been involved in the other conversations???? You are seriously taking offence to that? My word............I am amazed! It is a saying asking are you being serious. Referring to them being right or wrong when there isn't a right or wrong The rest was aimed at the OP, maybe I should have been a little clearer, although i did say "As for this thread"
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