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  1. PlusGas is good stuff:
  2. Just my two pennies worth. The OEM discs don't seem to last very long on the Aygo. I only drive around 5k miles per year, so I think the lack of use has caused a build up of rust, which kills them off. FYI, I had pads and discs replaced at 20k miles and recently at 41k miles. Both done at main dealer, as I like to keep the 'goodwill' option open.
  3. I was under the assumption, that as long as the tyre speed rating was higher than the max speed of the vehicle, then that was fine.
  4. Just to add my two pennies. I've been using Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G2 on my 2013 model Aygo for a couple of years. They really do shine when it comes to wet and flooded surfaces, and although I haven't had a chance to use in snow yet, the tread pattern suggests that they will be fine in snowy conditions. They're reassuring in dry conditions too. I believe with the UK's variable weather conditions, that all season tyres are the way to go! Double check they do them in your size though, as I think my Aygo might have a different tyre size to the later models.
  5. The car is resisting Brexit 😁
  6. I personally wouldn't bother 😉
  7. fordulike


    I agree, because the air con cycles on and off, you can certainly detect when the compressor has kicked in.
  8. fordulike


    Shouldn't run rough and/or surge. Even though I've a slightly older model, I doubt if they changed the air con system over the years. I know when the air con kicks in, coz I hear the click of the electromagnetic clutch engaging. The engine ECU raises the idle speed at exactly the same time, to compensate for the increased load on the engine. The engine neither runs rough, surges or increases in revs though!
  9. fordulike

    Engine rattle

    Rule out the engine by starting the engine when cold, make sure the shift stick is in neutral and gently rev the engine a few times. The engines are a bit noisy when cold, but it should rev cleanly and smoothly. Any major problems with the engine should become apparent.
  10. You may be sceptical, but switching to BP Ultimate, actually improved my Aygo's road handling and braking efficiency 🙄
  11. Mine does the same, slight clunk in gears 1 to 3 if accelerating briskly. Doesn't do it when lifting clutch slowly. Has done it for the past 20k miles, so not worried that the drivetrain is gonna explode or anything. Have heard other Aygos make the same clunk, so assume it's an Aygo thing, although some louder than others. I usually shift around the 3k rpm mark.
  12. What your Dad told you is a load of tosh. Yes, you may have to drop it into 4th, on steeper inclines, to maintain 70+, but that's due to its relatively high gearing in 5th and low torque. I would take out some sort of european breakdown cover though, just in case. I consider the Aygo 1.0 litre engine to be fairly bulletproof, so don't be afraid to rev it.
  13. When I bought my 2013 Aygo (22,000 miles), the discs weren't in the best state, so I had the Toyota dealer replace them with "air quotes" Toyota parts. Now on 37,000 miles and the discs are getting shoddy again, which leads me to believe they don't fit the best quality parts. In the summer, I've decided to fit Brembo discs and pads, which at a local independent garage, actually costs less than Toyota dealership originals.
  14. If it's anything like my old Micra keyfob, it will have a tiny passive transponder in the body of the fob. It was a little green thing IIRC. You might be able to fish the transponder out of the old fob and put it in the new one, but don't quote me.
  15. Glad you got it sorted. Rear drum brakes do tend to get neglected, because all the mechanism is hidden within the drum. Also, the brake dust builds and clogs the mechanism, as it's difficult for this build up to escape the drum enclosure. Just some info for anyone who owns an Aygo. If you get it serviced at the Toyota dealer, the 'Full', 'Full Plus' and 'Gold Essential Care' servicing does include a clean up and adjust of the rear drum brakes.