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  1. I may be wrong here, but I think the reason why the compressor and system doesn't run full time, is so the internals don't freeze up and collect ice. Hence the cycling of the compressor.
  2. I use the Wynn's stuff twice a year and it appears to be good stuff. Preventative maintenance is high on my list when it comes to running a car. Also, I never jumped on the E10 train with my Aygo. I'd rather not chance that the E10 causes problems further down the line, when it's too late. BP or Shell premium E5 fuel for me every time. The Aygo is pretty economical anyway, so doesn't really save much cash by switching to the E10.
  3. Mine makes ticking noises at certain points of the rev range and load on engine. It also sounds like a diesel at idle, but I haven't experienced gurgling noises. Nothing out of the ordinary, after listening to other Aygos. Firstly, have you checked if it's losing any coolant? Secondly, when you say 'a lot of oil', can you be more specific. These engines do use oil and I would say mine uses around half a litre over 5k miles.
  4. I can only report on my personal experience with the Aygo, owned since 22k miles. Still on original clutch (bigger version) at 50k miles. Replaced the brake discs and pads a few times along the way. Lack of use tends to corrode them. Not to the point of MOT failure (usually advisory), but I change them for peace of mind anyway. Replaced both rear shocks at last MOT, due to leakage on both. Suspect they were part of a faulty batch at the factory. Gearbox has a slight whine in 3rd gear, around the 30mph mark. Been doing this since I've owned it. Never got any worse. Never had a problem with the infamous water leaks through the rear brake light, tailgate etc... The dealer I bought it off, had just sorted out the seals though! Overall, it feels flimsier and tinnier than other cars I've owned, but it's what I expect for a budget car. First time a bit of road debris flicked up and hit the underside, I thought something had broken. Believe me, you hear all sorts through the thin bodywork. Hasn't let me down yet and I think the majority of Aygo owners would agree that they are a reliable A to B car.
  5. Never understood why they made the gearing between 2nd and 3rd so long. It really can leave you in a dangerous situation, when joining dual carriageways and motorways from slip roads with inclines 👀
  6. Anyone know the exact amount of oil between the min and max on dipstick please?
  7. Same figures as Dave. The engine does need to worked hard on occasions to make meaningful progress, so that can affect overall economy. In particular, I sometimes have to rev the nuts off it in 2nd, as 3rd gear is just too long and stunts acceleration 😬
  8. Crikey, and I thought ACF50 was expensive. Although I've got the spray version, I find there's too much overshoot, so I spray loads in the cap and use a paint brush to apply it to as much of the rusty metal I can access. I only have the luxury of jacking the car up and not a vehicle lift, so it can be a little awkward to reach every rusty spot.
  9. I've got my original FIAMM in the shed. It powers my little ornamental water fountain during the summer 😁
  10. Kevin, in your professional opinion, do you think that level of rot is caused by a salty environment? I do hose down the underside of mine every now and again in winter (maybe not as often as I should 😬). What frequency of underside hose downs would you recommend when the gritters are about? I do ACF50 all the exposed brake union joints and any reachable metal parts too (twice a year). Obviously avoiding brake discs etc.
  11. Lead acid batteries deteriorate with use, age and storage conditions, so 12 years would be pushing it. I change mine every 4-5 years. Not because I have problems with them at that age, but as a preventative measure. Internal resistance increases as the battery wears and can put extra strain on the alternator. Changing the battery earlier than you might think, keeps everything happy.
  12. I don't see the issue to be honest. The original factory fitted battery has enough cold cranking amps for starting. The thin engine oil used, means there's little resistance on the starter motor, even during very cold weather. If you wanted a slightly higher capacity battery, then you can't go wrong with a Bosch S4, which has 44Ah. At the end of the day, whatever car and battery combo you drive, it's good habit not to run auxiliary equipment without the engine on.
  13. Bosch Aero Twin. Never squeaked in four years since fitting.
  14. Giving the windows inside a thorough clean, does help with the condensation/icing problem. But I've found it's a car that has condensation issues more than any car I've ever owned before. To demist as quickly as possible, I close my front two circular vents completely, move the air flow selector to windscreen only and have fan on max with A/C on.
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