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  1. Just bear in mind that the Aygo clutch doesn't self adjust as it's cable operated. It's worth checking the free play once a year to prolong the life of the clutch.
  2. Aygos have a naturally high clutch bite point, so it may not need replacing. My 2013 Aygo really only fully engages at the last inch of travel. I have my seat slightly further back than previous other non Aygo cars I've owned to compensate.
  3. Could someone tell me when all the new improvements were implemented on the latest models please.
  4. fordulike

    Winter tyres

    I'm running four of those Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2's that Agent Orange mentions. They are very good. Not tried in snow yet, but wet and dry, they provide good grip on both. The Continental ECOs I had on before were nasty in the wet 😯
  5. Same here, turn key, return to centre, remove key, unscrew cap. Screw cap until click(s) to lock.
  6. Every time I've replaced a wiper blade, it lifts only a little way, as you say. I don't think it's been designed to angle 90 degrees, so I never risk forcing it. Makes it slightly tricky to replace the blade, but not impossible.
  7. That's interesting, how much less would you say with AC on?
  8. PlusGas is good stuff:
  9. Just my two pennies worth. The OEM discs don't seem to last very long on the Aygo. I only drive around 5k miles per year, so I think the lack of use has caused a build up of rust, which kills them off. FYI, I had pads and discs replaced at 20k miles and recently at 41k miles. Both done at main dealer, as I like to keep the 'goodwill' option open.
  10. I was under the assumption, that as long as the tyre speed rating was higher than the max speed of the vehicle, then that was fine.
  11. Just to add my two pennies. I've been using Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G2 on my 2013 model Aygo for a couple of years. They really do shine when it comes to wet and flooded surfaces, and although I haven't had a chance to use in snow yet, the tread pattern suggests that they will be fine in snowy conditions. They're reassuring in dry conditions too. I believe with the UK's variable weather conditions, that all season tyres are the way to go! Double check they do them in your size though, as I think my Aygo might have a different tyre size to the later models.
  12. The car is resisting Brexit 😁
  13. I personally wouldn't bother 😉
  14. fordulike


    I agree, because the air con cycles on and off, you can certainly detect when the compressor has kicked in.
  15. fordulike


    Shouldn't run rough and/or surge. Even though I've a slightly older model, I doubt if they changed the air con system over the years. I know when the air con kicks in, coz I hear the click of the electromagnetic clutch engaging. The engine ECU raises the idle speed at exactly the same time, to compensate for the increased load on the engine. The engine neither runs rough, surges or increases in revs though!