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  1. fordulike

    help - burning smell!

    Rule out any issues of binding brakes. After a few miles driving, stop the car and carefully touch each wheel in turn with your bare hand. You will feel if any of the brakes are binding, they will be mad hot.
  2. fordulike

    Interior Light only comes on at driver's side

    John, you've got to remember that the Aygo is built to a low cost, tight budget, and the earlier models have little in the way of creature comforts. The biggest one for me is the lack of passenger window control from the driver's side (although I believe later models have this feature). I'm not fussed if the cabin doesn't light up when the passenger door is opened, but I can fully understand that some driver's like or need this feature. I guess you have a base model, without remote locking/unlocking, because all my doors unlock with the fob. As for the poor deicing, I share your pain, although aircon certainly helps to demist the windscreen. So if yours doesn't have aircon, then that would certainly be a feature to look for in your next car. Think of the positives; no road tax, low insurance, great fuel economy, easy to park, cheap on tyres, only one windscreen wiper to replace, reliability 😀
  3. fordulike

    Engine Cuts Out - Electrics at Fault Maybe?

    No, if you suspect that the battery isn't performing as it should, then just buy a new one.
  4. fordulike

    Engine Cuts Out - Electrics at Fault Maybe?

    Get the battery and alternator checked. Either a bad battery, defective diode in the alternator, or even both could be causing this issue.
  5. fordulike

    1998 Supra Insurance

    At the end of the day it's a 300+ BHP, rear wheel drive monster, that requires experience to tame all that power, especially in the wet. Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm kinda glad insurance companies discourage young drivers from driving cars like these. I used to drive a Toyota MR2 Mk1 with a fraction of the power and that was friggin lethal in the wet. On a positive note, if you're only intending on driving 250 miles in the first year, why drive it at all? Just garage it up without insurance and save a boat load of cash. By the end of the first year, you'll have accrued another year of NCB on your current car, and potentially the Supra will then be cheaper to insure.
  6. fordulike

    Starting issues!

    This used to happen on my wife's 2006 Aygo, now sold, and also on my 2013 Aygo. Not frequent enough to worry about, as it starts fine.
  7. fordulike

    Dangerous Aygo Windows pt2

    Thanks for bringing the recall to the forum Aygo owner's attention. Hopefully will get it sorted at next months service 🙂
  8. fordulike

    Clutch replacement cost

    The flywheel usually only needs replacing if the clutch has worn down to the rivets and scored the face of the flywheel. As yours isn't slipping, I doubt if it's worn that far.
  9. fordulike

    Clutch replacement cost

    My clutch clanks on release and has done so for the the last 15,000 miles. I've got AA cover, so I'm not fussed if it does fail. Only then will I be replacing it. I think you should get a second or third opinion from non Toyota dealers, before splashing out on a new clutch. How many miles on the clock?
  10. fordulike

    Clutch replacement cost

    Go with Mr. Clutch, Toyota dealership are talking out of their **** and should be ashamed 🤬
  11. fordulike

    Sat-nat needs updating

    Dunno if this on eBay would be suitable. Best to check with seller first. 2018-2019 TOYOTA TNS510 NAVIGATION SD CARD SAT NAV MAP UPDATE EUROPE
  12. fordulike

    Smoke coming out of scuttle panel

    I would be checking for leaks of gases around the exhaust manifold and also for any engine oil leaks dripping onto the manifold or exhaust system.
  13. fordulike

    2005 Rav4 D4D - low on power / Wynns EGR cleaner??

    I've used the Wynns stuff on my previous car, a Nissan Almera 2.2DCi. After miles of driving, the engine would develop a flat spot around the 3000rpm mark. I would use the Wynns, then take the car out for a spirited drive. i.e. revs constantly above 4000rpm for about 10 miles. This would clear the problem for a long time. The crap that would blow out of the exhaust was unbelievable. I'm not saying that the Wynns is amazing or anything, but it worked for me. I used to take the air filter out and spray it into the air intake that way!
  14. fordulike

    Aygo 08 fan/heater

    What symptoms have you got? Total heat loss, fan only working on certain speeds etc.?
  15. fordulike

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    Do you really need to be sitting up high or the space? If it were me and I were living in London, I would take the insurance money and buy a Yaris or Aygo.