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  1. Can I be cheeky and ask you how much that lot cost all in?
  2. Just in case anyone else wants to do the same thing, I sourced replacement bolts from this site: https://citybugstore.co.uk/citroen-c1-2005-2013/clutch/wheel-nut-/-bolt-alloy-wheel.html Had emailed them before purchase and got a really quick reply, stating that these were the correct fitment. Nice price too 😁
  3. Was writing the same time as you replied. Ok, probably not coolant sensor related 😔
  4. I'm not a car mechanic by profession, so am only guessing on what I think is happening. I thought, and hope to be corrected, that modern cars adjust their cold start fuel enrichment by monitoring the coolant temperature. If the coolant sensor is not reading properly, then the ECU may think the engine is still cold and overfuel constantly. Please don't take this as gospel, it is only an uneducated guess.
  5. Possibly coolant temperature sensor faulty or connection loose/corroded.
  6. Thank you very much, awesome info 👍
  7. I want to replace all my locking wheel bolts with standard ones, after a battle today trying to remove the locking wheel bolts. Could someone please guide me to where I can buy 4 x standard bolts for OEM Aygo 14" alloy wheels, 155/65R 14, 2013 model FIRE. Even if the dimensions of a bolt can be posted and I'll do the donkey work! I have posted a picture of my wheel for reference, as I'm not sure if there were different wheel options at time of manufacture.
  8. Just double check that the headlight aim adjustment switch isn't on the wrong setting.
  9. As Frosty says, it's there to demist the windscreen. IMHO, these cars suffer from particulrly bad fogging of the windscreen, so I wouldn't advise blocking that vent.
  10. May I ask, how many miles were on the clock when you part ex'd it?
  11. That's good to know. I'm wondering if during the production cycle of each model, whether branding of parts change. Maybe PSA cheaped out a bit on later models 🤨 I mean, mine weren't just leaking slightly, like you'd usually find, they were p***ing out oil. It's not like my journeys are particularly harsh on the suspension either. Before Covid, literally a daily 15 mile round trip 5 days a week, on mostly dual carriageway.
  12. This isn't a thread to whinge about why did both the rear shocks decide to fail at around 8years and 45k miles. It's to warn forum members that this might be an area to check, before you take your car in for an MOT. The car flew through its MOT last year at the 7 year point with no advisories. This year, after only another 2500 miles (thanks Covid), both the rear shocks decided to die on me by leaking very badly. I had looked over the car personally last year pre MOT, and the rears showed zero signs of any leakage. After getting my highly trusted local garage to supply and fit new re
  13. Could be the battery is on its way out if it's still the original (6 years old?) Sitting there listening to the radio for 45 minutes could have drained the battery below the voltage that the starter motor solenoid would operate at. Batteries tend to self recover slightly, if left for a period of time. So potentially it will happen again, if the battery is past its best.
  14. Frozen nozzles or rubber washer solution supply tube popped off where it connects to nozzles.
  15. My car is a 2013 plate and I've always gone to the Toyota dealer for the servicing. The only downside is the cost, but the perks for me are: They always put in premium Mobil 1 ESP oil with the correct viscosity Put in the correct amount of oil, never over or under the max mark on dipstick Service the rear drums on a major service. Something other garages don't usually do The first two points are the most important, but the rear drum service means that my handbrake functions perfectly for when it comes to the MOT handbrake test. Another benefit is, that if yo
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