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  1. Maybe the oil in the engine is the the wrong grade for the oil control solenoid (sorry, probably not the correct name) to function properly. My Toyota dealer uses Mobil ESP 5W-30.
  2. Nice one 👍 I get my services done at the Toyota dealer, so every 2 years the brake fluid gets changed. Maybe overkill, but it solves any problems with seized bleed nipples further down the line. Also, I got them to replace the spark plugs at around 40,000 miles. The old ones were in rude health, but same as bleed nipples, saves any seizure problems later on. Yearly, I ACF-50 all the brake hose union joints. They are prone to surface rust, so a coating of the magic stuff keeps the rust at bay. Various rubber parts underneath are given a treat with silicone spray too. Apart from that, good reliable cars and super cheap to run.
  3. If yer gonna tackle it yourself, soak with PlusGas at regular intervals, a few hours before attempting the job. But as flash22 suggestions, if that's the original exhaust on there, then it may be better to take it to a garage. My rear box bolts were a pig after only four years on the car.
  4. Thanks Mike, I did know about the reminder feature on 'My Toyota', but it's was more of an issue of continuing cover conveniently. I did some digging around, and it looks like I will have to carry on the cover as a new customer, as they never sent me a renewal letter with my customer reference. Not the end of the world, but does detract from the customer experience somewhat.
  5. I might be wrong, but I'm sure when I used to renew the Toyota roadside assistance, I used to go on to the My Toyota website and do it from there. Now, when I log in to the website and select my car, I can't seem to find any way of getting to the roadside assistance page to renew. Also, it doesn't have any reference to my current subscription and run-out date details. Luckily I still have the credit card thingy in my wallet with the details, but I would have thought it should show me everything on the website. Can anyone help please 😔
  6. Hi, was it corrosion, grease or both that was on the contacts?
  7. Check first if doing it yourself will invalidate the remainder of your warranty, unless you're not fussed of course.
  8. I've experienced corrosion at the 22k mile mark, where there was a pronounced lip on the discs. Also at the 40k mile mark, one or both discs were corroded to the point that it caused brake pulsing. Both times discs and pads were replaced at my local Toyota dealer. Mine doesn't do many miles, so it's just the nature of the beast that they succumb to corrosion so quickly.
  9. Just my experience from using an EGR cleaner on a previous Nissan Almera 2.2 DCi. About once a year I would have trouble with a flatspot on the rev curve at around 2k rpm. I assumed it was a sticky EGR valve or a sticky variable vane turbo actuator. Even a good high rev blast along the motorway wouldn't help, but a can of CRC EGR cleaner through the air intake, plus a good high rev run would solve the problem. At least temporarily for another year. Not a long term solution, but worth a try IMHO. A proper strip down and deep clean is probably the best way.
  10. Last MOT threw up an advisory of left hand side of brake pipes slightly corroded. I jacked up the car for a peek myself, and there was definitely plenty of surface rust there, but not to the extent that I should get anything replaced. Apparently, the left hand side of a car rusts slightly faster than the right, due to the camber of the road and salty spray being more abundant on that side. Who knows 😏 Did a bit of research and bought some ACF-50. Bit expensive, but judging by the positive reviews, was willing to give it a try. Applied the stuff to all visible corrosion, using a paint brush. Spraying it on would probably leave overspray on parts that I didn't want to get covered, brake discs for example. Fast forward a week or so and I looked back under to see if it had done anything. Wow, and this is no exaggeration, all the rusty exposed parts were now free of rust. Fast forward 4 months and all the treated parts are still looking good. Now gonna try to schedule using this stuff twice a year, to keep rust at bay.
  11. That's a shame, one of the reasons I went for Toyota, coz they were transparent with their servicing and repair prices.
  12. I remember being able to go on Toyota's website and get a list of fixed prices for certain work, clutch, shocks, exhaust etc. Can't seem to find it anymore. Has anyone got a link please?
  13. Wonder why the dealer price has shot up? I looked into dealer clutch replacements a few years ago, just in case, and the cost was something like £600 IIRC. Maybe the OP's quote included flywheel replacement too 😲
  14. There's half a dozen black Aygos on eBay! Black Aygos on eBay
  15. Have you been running the car's engine static on your driveway? This could give a false reading, as range calculation requires the car to be moving for an accurate reading. Also, if you've filled up with a jerry can, then you may have introduced extra air into the fuel tank, giving the fuel sensor a false reading. Take the fuel cap off and run the engine (statically) for a few minutes. Put the cap back on and take car out on your shopping run. Hopefully the fuel gauge/range will correct itself.