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    Happy Birthday team!

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    My Toyotas

    Thank you Toyota for giving us such nice cars
  3. Hi Tonio and welcome. It will be interesting to hear how your Prius gets on in Malta's high temperatures. We haven't been to Malta for some time, but the last time we were there the temperature was 42C as we got off the 'plane. This morning here it is -4C so quite a difference. My main recollection of Malta motoring is of lots of "enthusiastic" drivers in very old bangers with bald tyres and severe body damage - have things changed? Enjoy your Prius . . . . . :) Thanks for your welcome. Yes temperatures are always on the high side. In fact we are having them right now as well!! The model
  4. Definitely, but due to my back problem I had to give it up! Its acceleration and overall performance was a real dream. The RAV4 has the same engine but its anothe story altogether!
  5. Hi. I`m Tonio from the sunny island of Malta - it`s like summer right now!! I have had many Toyotas so far all, in metallic silver : an MRS, a 3 door RAV 4, a 5 door Yaris. This year I have opted for a 2010 Prius which will be delivered in February. I look forward to hear from you about it.
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