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  1. hi just bought an avensis 2012. daylight was working perfect. but now i notice day light not turning on at all. it light when i switch on parking light but its dim. heard it works when you release the electronic parking brake but in vain. does anyone know if there is a procedure to enable it coz there is not switch for it. thanks, ali
  2. Thanks everyone for your reply. But i will be exporting the car to mauritius and i dont think warranty will be of any use. Right i have the 2007 avensis saloon t3x with nearly 250000 miles and havent had any big problem with it. As some of my friend had lots of problem with their 2.0 and 2.2 diesel engine like head gasket issues, egr issues and so on. If the problem still exist i'll better go with the new 1.8 petrol engine. But you dont get the excel version in the 1.8 petrol. Its only available in the 2.0 or 2.2 diesel engine. Too bad. :(
  3. Hi i would like to know if the new avensis has issues with the new d4d 2.2 engine like the previous model had with head gasket, hand brake failure. I ve heard that the new shape had a problem with the panoramic roof that i can crack. Have they already fix this issues
  4. thats normal as locking it with remote will activate the alarm system. and with the key no alarm
  5. hi, its impossible to feed the cable from the glove compartment box. you ll have to feed it from the engine bay. you ll see that there is some rubber plug where all the wires pass to go inside. you ll have around 2 on it . just cut it and feed the cable through it. then you ll see the wire coming down behind the glove box. if you want i ll post some pic for later ok. ive have already installed 3 amplifiers in my car and a 5.1 surround system.
  6. SEE ON EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR TRIM ON PAGE 3. AVENSIS REPAIR MANUAL 2002-2007 http://www.mediafire.com/?j7sviuhdg8g1rjs EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR TRIM.pdf
  7. LOL. No but would love to, so can test all new products :D
  8. all my car care products. sorry for bad quality taken with my mobile phone.
  9. try to remove the stabilizer link and test it
  10. 4Q9 Irving bronze metallic . see attach file for brochure. Avensis December 2004.pdf
  11. this is a common known problem in the avensis. stop wasting time on buying halogen bulb as it wont make a big difference. just upgrade it to hid kit 5000k. ebay is the best choice to get it from and maybe the cheapest.
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