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  1. kevin h

    Service plan

    Cheers all. Effectively they lied to me. That will teach me for trying to hard to get a good deal. Next time, I should stick to the local dealer, but be more willing to pull the plug.
  2. kevin h

    Service plan

    Hi, I haggled a service plan into my purchase with a not so local dealer, and specifically asked that it be usable at any dealership Now I find that the plan is specific to that dealer and I can't use the one just around the corner from work. Spoke to EMAC to administer Service plans, who sat its a Toyota issue, yet Toyota say talk to EMAC. Anybody else had similar problems, or could provide advice.
  3. Hi, How do we check the current version installed on the car? I've discovered that me brand new car, was actually built some time ago, so want to see if its got the latest software.
  4. from my dealer. "Only the Excel has Auto Wipers", so supporting what I have, but not supported by the brochure which states that they should be. I've raised an issue with Mr T. In terms of the settings changes on the right side of the steering wheel, thing I sorted it with a bit of dealer intervention. Seems that I may have pushed a button once to many times, causing an apparent loss of the menu.
  5. Picked mine up on Friday. dealers leave a bit to be desired: They still said "No CD player", but hey presto, there is one I asked them to turn of the reverse beeper, they turned off the sensors, they offered to fix the problem on Tue, but I managed to sort it myself Two issues, that they can't answer straight away: 1 Rain sensor wipers are coming on even if no rain, dealer is confused because there is no "Auto" setting on the stick, but there is what I believe to be the "sensor setting" (Little window-screen picture with jet of water). is there a way that we, the owner, can possible change the sensitivity. Dealer want the car on Tue, but some of us have to work and they will only provide a courtesy car at a cost. 2 Trying to get to the setting part to switch such things a RSA on and off. How do you get to that point. I have achieved it on two occasions, but when I try to follow the same steps, i sometimes find that the menu is not there. Other than that, all is good. Tomorrow will be my first commute to work, so lets see how the MPG compares to the Auris.
  6. Roll on tomorrow. back to a Prius after trying out an Auris for a couple of years. The Gen 3 was so much better, so hears hoping the Gen 4 is even better. My dealer is still suggesting that there is no CD player, that could be interesting.
  7. tom, thanks. just asked you the same question on you other post. thats good to know.
  8. hi, do you have a cd player? Im getting conflicting info and am due to pick my car up next week.
  9. Single beep is what I'm after, so thanks everybody. CD is really interesting. It appears that all models except the BE Plus, have a CD player. Anybody got one that actually has one. my car is in the showroom, and definitely does not have one.
  10. Interesting, Went to order the Business Edition Plus, and no CD player. new Gen 4 Also, from experience, some dealers could switch of the Gen 3 reverse beeper, but others were adamant you cold not. I've asked mine to do so, but have to wait to find out if they know how to do it.
  11. Probably a daft question, but whats the default setting on the reverse beeper on the Gen 4. if it sounds continuously, as was the case with the gen 3, can it be turned off? also, one dealer tells me that the Business Edition Plus has a CD player, the other says it does not. Its unclear on the brochure. Any ideas? Cheers
  12. Had been driving in the hills of the peak district in my 65 plate Auris hybrid. Battery was the equivalent of two bars bellow a full charge, but was stuck in traffic with the ICE still running. Tried to override into EV, but no joy for the best part of 10 minutes, with no strain being put on the drive train as it was all a steady downward stop start drive through some traffic lights. Now, I know that at the end of a steep hill, with a very full battery, the ICE will run for a short period of time, but it soon cuts out once moving. So, what causes this little issue to happen, is it normal? Windows open, air con off, so nothing requiring energy.
  13. I've also got a 65 plated Excel and the same thing has happened to me on many occasions. Yes, its very annoying, and I have not been able to identify a pattern.