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  1. so head gasket blew striped down head skimmed new gasket fitted all back together again. No start timing is on the marks fuel getting to spark plugs and its got a good spark but no fire checked all wires and vacuum pipes all good no faults on dianostics good compression now i'm at a stand still any help please 7m-gte turbo 1990 :ffs:
  2. thanks for advice turbo now sorted now the money pit begins barney was right should have looked at head gasket as its blown all i wanted was my supra now i have another project still at the end i will have a good supra striping it down tomorrow and doing the head
  3. [ cfc1 - Central Scotland gav-ipswich suffolk
  4. hi i've just bought a 1990 3.0 turbo supra and im over the moon ........ now for the bad news the turbo is shot i was hoping for a easy fix ie just putting some new seals in it but no the turbine blades have bits broken off. Is it going to be cheaper to get a second hand turbo if i can find 1 or get it replaced. A new char (i belive its called ) would be great, i know that they have to be balanced any advice or contacts would be very helpful i have waited a long time to get my supra and i still haven't driven it longing for the day i can ps new to site