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  1. Finally got a test driver yesterday, sadly only the Design version.. but was impressed by the build quality. For me, it is between the Camry Excel and Lexus ES .... to be honest, not a lot in it. Interesting the dealer advised their target market is VW & Skoda, but they're taking customers from Lexus, which wasn't the plan ! There are some obviously differences... Price ... about 20% when discounts taken into account... also only 4.9% on the Camry, but 5.9% on ES Camry is quiet, but Lexus more so.. harder to notice the engine and road noise in the Lexus, but not sure
  2. Are there any 2019 owners out there yet? I'm trying to decide between the new Lexus ES and new Camry ... anyone had a play with the new Camry yet?
  3. sad to say, I will be leaving soon.... time for the old 2004 D-4D to go I wanted to upgrade to a newer Avensis, but I tried a 2011 model but was disappointed by the noisy engine and plastic feel of the interior, instead decided to upgrade to a 2012 Lexus IS ... a bit smaller, but surprisingly about the same money (age/mileage) as the Avensis. Pity... I love my 2004 D-4D ... well build, strong engine ... seem to me a build quality match (or better) on the german cars ... the newer model seems to be trying to match Vauxhall .... why do they did they do that? .... shame. Thanks for all the h
  4. I thought there was a special tool to take the cap off? (I'm sure blueprint made a lot of noise a while ago about selling one).... did he not have the tool and wreck the cap trying to bodge it ? As for car breakers... lots of good ones online.... I got a new wing mirror the other month, quick delivery, very happy. Just have a search for Toyota spares ... and send out a few requests
  5. Firstly... if it's working .... enjoy it! (now's the time to stop getting too worried about it!) do you think it is the new battery, or a power cycle on the ECU? As I understand it, it 'learns' driving style when you power cycle it... perhaps it just had it totally messed up and you're effectively reset it? I'm trying this think of what a low supply rail would cause... perhaps fuel pump issues .. however, I'd expect you'd have seen bigger issues (lights, window heater, cooling fan etc...) long before key components started t under-perform.
  6. this is probably the best tip I've seen on here..... superb discovery .... many thanks for sharing.... 4 years of wiper hell could be fixed!!
  7. Can you select the gears when all stopped? ... if not, then perhaps linkage problems? Just a thought.... have you tried an oil change??.... I know it won't have any effect on serious mechanical damage, but some new juice made mine so much smoother... and I could select reverse from start-up without having to go into 1st..... for the sake of £20.... ??
  8. Pic added .... hopefully you can make it out..... I think they are 8m bolts..... screwed into the pulley, then the nuts used to push the bar inwards .... pushing against the centre bolt (with an old hub nut as a spacer .... ) if you want any measurements, please let me know
  9. tried cleaning the EGR valve? ..... it had an amazing impact on performance... and fuel economy. 30min job... can of carb cleaner .... lots of mess!!!
  10. 100% agree with other, don't use a conventional puller, you'll wreck it. I made my own... piece of angle iron ... couple of bolts to secure into the threaded holes and one in the middle to push on the 'loose' center bolt... cost me £3 for the parts, and 30mins fettling at my vice.. If it is any use,I can try to get a pic.....
  11. obviously your choice and your piece of mind. I have the same engine... I did mine at about 100,000 (wasn't done by previous owner) ... but the water pump was dry and the bearing solid.. no side-way movement and smooth rotation. I used blueprint belt and tensioner .... the old tensioner was still in spec, but I fitted the new one as I had it... all the rollers were smooth. One thing that struck me (after many years working on Euro cars), was the quality of the engineering.. superb design ... just watch out getting the alignment on the fuel pump ...need some tension on the belt to get it right.
  12. out of interest, is your water pump leaking?... if not, why change it?.... there seems to be a myth in the industry now that you always have to change the pump with belt... but that's based on GM and French cars, who use poor components. the official Toyota kit only includes belt and an optional tensioner. On the avensis, the job is straightforward, but 1st time around, took me a day (PITA to get the bottom pulley off, as I had to make a puller)
  13. I only changed it a little while ago... it seems to be pretty clean, all LHS vents are ok, but all RHS are not tracking the temp setting... I assume some lever or thermostat isn't working
  14. My 2004 Avensis has a full working air-con on the passenger side, but on the driver side, doesn't seems to work, or perhaps to a much lesser extent. I assume it's a problem with environmental controls... but no idea where to start ... any ideas??
  15. if you have 'auto', then there is no intermittent ... really annoys me, as it only ever works properly with perfectly clean window and brand new wipers... most of tyhe time is just goes crazy just for a few spots of rain :-( I'd love to know if there was anyway to reto-fit the intermittent controls...
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