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  1. Happy Birthday nattyboy!

  2. Deposit taken - thanks for the interest/enquiries folks !
  3. Sorry £4895! Yes did see that thanks but it's the later euro 6 car that's affected - I deliberatley bought a 2010 euro 5 car. The car actually felt similar in performance to the IQ a which is very surprising considering its 30hp down ! Guess it's just the top end that suffers...
  4. Wife has decided she wants another convertible so after 3 years of faultless IQ ownership its leaving for a new home (details on for sale section or PM me if interested). Its been such a fun car to own and I oly hope the new Fiat 500C which replaces it is half as good ! Will still keep looking on the forum as I fancy another RAV 4 at some point !
  5. Toyota IQ3 1.3 with full options packs including full leather, touch scren sat nav, bluetooth/phone preparation, auto wipers/lights/mirror, keyless entry, styling pack (rear spoiler and rear diffuser, chrome mirrors, front driving lights, chrome sports exhaust), rear boat load cover. Fantastic condition and regularly valeted. Full Toyota service history with all receipts and details of recall work. One previous family owner. An amazing little fun and economical car (60mpg, £30 tax!) which will be sad to see go...rare to find with full options like this - cost £13,000 new ! £4895 Ono
  6. Thanks guys. Yes - never really understood what all the fuss was about in showing your plate on a forum/ad.
  7. A strange topic I know. I just thought I would share a thought with you. We have owned our IQ3 for 5 months now and every time I drive it it make me smile. Very happy, and probably one of the best cars we've owned (and we've had many across a range of categories!) A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to buy a Porsche 911 which I collected on my birhday. And as you'd expect packing 370hp it's awesome and sounds/looks amazing. I love it. But do you know what - the little IQ runs it very close in terms of fun factor which is amazing really considering one cost £12k and the other £88k !! I also posted up the pic below of the cars I own on a porsche 911 forum and all they wanted to know about was the little IQ and how it drove :>) ! Just goes to show you you dont need power to have a good time !
  8. nattyboy

    Hello !

    Hi Folks Been looking for an IQ for a while for the wife and I'm glad to report we bagged ours yesterday. Its an IQ3, just serviced/MOT'd, lovely condition, nicely loaded - leather, nav, urban and sports pack etc and owned by an elderley gent who passed away so its been sitting idle for the best part of 12 months while his estate was sorted out. Silver wasnt our preferred colour (we wanted grey or white) but it looks great in the flesh ! Really looking forward to getting back to Toyota reliability (we had 7 years in faultless RAV 4's/celica's before buying a VW beetle convertible which was horrifically bad/unreliable in every way you can imagine!). Anyway - most importantly I'd like to publicly thank David23 for all his help. We were due to go and see Davids car with a view to buyng it, but when he changed his mind in parting with it he has bent over backwards to help us find another and give me advice - thanks mate ! David found this car for us. Looking forward to getting involved ! Cheers Nat
  9. Cheers guys - I'll leave it and just take it out of her pocket money lol !!
  10. Just sold our RAv and the missus fuelled it RIGHT up just before ! Whats the easiest way to drain some fuel. The guy beat me down on the price big style so I dont feel too guilty - lol!! Many Thanks Nat
  11. Update 2; Changed the fuel filter (remember she mis fuelled it last year), and would you believe it - it hasnt missed a beat (wifes done about 200 miles and it hasnt missed once). I'm 99% that wasnt the problem though as the symptoms pointed towards the SCV's (plus the Engine Management light came on) - Im just thinking that maybe because its milder thats made a difference - the weather is the only other change ! Will drive it a while then if it plays up again order some parts from kingo. There may be a cheap 4.3 D4D T180 coming up via a mate too. Finally I still need to replace these two drive belts - can anyone point me to the fitting instuctions anchorman mentions as I cant find them !
  12. Hi Folks Ive bought the two drive belts for the alternator etc on our 4.2 D4D and was just wondering if this is a relativley straightforward job - or perhaps if anyone had any instructions etc ? Thanks in advnace Nat
  13. Well..just back from the garage and feeling quite pleased with myself - lol ! I must admit I do lack a bit in confidence when doing stuff to my cars and bikes and usually end up breaking more than I'm trying to fix. But the instructiions/pics for changing the filter were great and it was all completed with minimum fuss in just over an hour and fired up at second attempt ! Thanks again Anchorman !
  14. Toyota have just quoted us £650 for a new clutch - but mentioned it may need a new flywheel too at additional cost. Didnt know the two deffo needed doing together - whats the damage on that from a dealer ?
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