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    Thanks I'll give WD40 a try next, got some time off work in November so gonna leave it until then for now. Will report back with my findings!
  2. chris1712


    Been trying this today, can't for the life of me get the original hoses OFF! They're well an truly stuck on there, yes I've removed the clips :P. I guess I need to get it nice and toasty to make the rubber a bit more malleable, but then don't I run the risk of hot coolant coming out all over me?
  3. If you look on the underside of the plastic lid for the fuse box there's a little mapping of all the fuses. It's ECU or similar, can't remember exactly but the 15A its next to is DOME (cabin dome light).
  4. OK so as in this thread, http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=131624 I still need to fix this. With the changes to MOT's from jan 2012 my car will fail because of this (!) so I need a solution! The existing connector is not fixable, the remaining wire inside is too small to bodge, it's snapped very deep into the connector. I went to Mr T today with the part numbers in the sticky and no luck, similarly found nothing just searching through diagrams either. The bloke insisted you could not purchase individual connectors. Where can I get one? Anyone have a spare from a typho
  5. That would be great if the parts desk was ever open at a time I could get there :/.
  6. Intredasting. So you can open up the plug? How did you get into it?
  7. Hi guys, I've fallen victim to the fairly common problem caused by the typhoons positioning. It's just the wire from the connector, but the connector itself doesn't look very 'openable' in order to fix it myself? Can I get just the connector from toyota or am I looking at a whole new MAF :/. Also, what gauge wire should I repair with? Thanks guys!
  8. I once got 320 miles, my best ever. 80% Motorway that tank, usually 260-280 mixed. It doesn't get much better on the motorway because of the stupid gearbox.
  9. no mate not that i can hear, do have a knock but i know its a slider pin, had to heat it up was seized solid and the rubber is no more, need to get round to doing that . nothing from the suspension though, will have a look but i dont think so, just have to ask you did get them the right way up? they are progressive rate springs so the tighter coils should be at the top It seems ok now, think it was just my mind playing tricks on me :). The spring only goes in one way round I'm pretty sure, as the diameter at each end is different and so are the shocks plates? Wider end at the bottom fo
  10. Finally, all sorted :D. Garage had to file down and re-thread the bolt, what a pain. Oh well it's done now :/. Mr-P, did you notice any change in sound with the FK springs? I notice on acceleration it kind of sounds like somethings rubbing against something? Do the bottom coils of your front spring touch? Mine do :/.
  11. Well. ****. Went at the rears today, did one side fine. Other side the eyelet of the shock was pretty seized on, after a lot of hammering and persuading we gave up and went to put it all together. Re-assembled the top and went to put the nut on the bottom (eyelet) bit, and the thread is shagged on the bolt :|. So can't even get it back together, tried filing the end to get onto a further thread but no luck. I think we must of caught during the hammering and bent the thread a bit. Dunno what to do, gonna have to get it flatbed'd to a garage and hope they don't bend me over :(. All the money I
  12. Sorted, tyre place next to work sorted it this morning. Hopefully now I can change the rears over pain free.
  13. Interesting. I really can't be bothered right now as its parked on the road not the driveway, got a JCB coming through tomorrow morning. Bluergh I'll see what the garage says, if he's not gonna charge me silly money like garages like to I'll just get it sorted there. If not I'll try after work tomorrow.
  14. Does the nut definitely have a collar around it? I did take one off to inspect from the other side and it didn't look like it..... Hmmmm.
  15. Interesting thats only a mile or so from work, will try and get down there at early o'clock tomorrow and see if they can help! Cheers :).
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