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  1. Hi Phil is your man there. He said it would be difficult to build it blind as he makes it fit the vehicle. Give hime a ring ?
  2. Ha ha yes ! I you have a look on page 1 of this thread I put some pics on of it. They replaced the large middle box too. Dropped it off at 9.00 and picked it up at 4.30...St Annes is nice this time of year for a stroll , or your right by the train station if you wanted to pop to Blackpool etc :)
  3. T180 now has new engine : ) Quick Save Motorist Centre 10 St. Albans Road, Lytham St. Annes , FY8 1UB Tel: 01253 205096 Fitted mine in Jan - Great Job , with a life time guarantee ! “car tyres part worn tyres”More from profile
  4. Just seen the new Rav4 Invincible - Wow ! The whole package has really impressed me, especially the electric boot that finally opens the right way !
  5. Hi Can I just say, what fantasticinstructions ! I have just followed them and it seems my poorly Rav is okay again ! Just need to get rid of the warning lights now ! A Huge Thank You
  6. Please could someone tell me where the information for cleaning an EGR valve is ? I have looked through past posts but can't find it . Currently gome into Limp Home mode...On the motorway doing no more than 40 ....ahhhhhh Warning lights on. It has been blowing some serious smoke recently. The worst thing is its due to go in for a replacement engine tomorrow some distance away. Many Thanks
  7. Very useful descriptions of the Outlander ! I too have been looking at them, been put off now by the "!Removed!" reference !
  8. Ha ha ....wee hair peice , Ooo a merkin !! Mr T has had to cancel for the time being ......no engines in stock
  9. That's interesting, will keep that in mind for the future.
  10. Hi Yokohama Geolanders GO51, see below : Good afternoon Stella. Many thanks for your enquiry and sorry to hear that buying Yokohama's are such hard work. Please be re-assured that the only problem we have with this tyre is we have no stock. Demand has exceeded supply recently. The G051 is a current Yokohama 4x4 tyre. Best regards, Mark. Mark Griffin. Sales Manager. Yokohama H.P.T Ltd. Mount Farm, Dawson Road, Milton Keynes. MK1 1AH. p. 01908 625 603 f. 01908 625 635 e. markg@yokohama.co.uk Registered Office: Mishcon de Reya, Summit House, 12 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4QD Registered in England
  11. T180 going in to see Mr T on Monday - would anyone know if they will look at the recall issues ? Have had a letter from Toyota some months ago but no recall as yet ! Just while I'm on has anyone read any where about people having issues with a burning smell ? Been doing it for a few months, when I get out the car I always notice a burning smell, more like an electrical burning smell. No smoke and not a strong smell - will mention to Mr T.
  12. I would say if anything quieter - very pleased,
  13. SMH13

    Where Is The Snow?

    Lots of snow in Lancashire.....not stopped all day ! Usually drive to Germany at Christmas - the Rav & my Yokohama's love the snow :D
  14. Glad you can see them , very pleased. They are so helpful too. http://www.qsmc.co.uk Based in St Annes on Sea - well known by those into their cars £360 inc VAT and lifetime guarantee. As anchorman said, it joins just after the cat, dropped it off at 9.00 and picked it up at 5.00 - sorted !
  15. Probably me, but the only way I could attach them was on page 1 , my initial question ....can you see them ?
  16. Have attached some photo's of the new part of the exhaust - tried as best I could whithout having to lie under the car !
  17. Hi Kenny, Its good to know I'm not alone ! Seeing Mr T on the 29th re the engine. Do you know what I love the car and actually can't find anything as good to replace it with as yet. Will let you know what happens. Thanks
  18. Will take some photo's ....... Due to go back to Toyota on 29th to look at the engine, they did mention the cat too... So I now have new tyres, brake discs front and rear , exhaust, been re sprayed due to prang and if I get a new engine I should have a new car.....well nearly ! I might well keep and get my money's worth !
  19. Well, a happy ending to my story ! On recommendation from a few people and yourselves mentioning stainless steel.... I visited an exhaust specialist , even handier because I could walk to work from there ! As I thought they could not weld it back to the middle box so they have made a new section. stainless steel and a life time guarantee and even looks the biz ( the garage has been going a very long time too ). £360 inc VAT and sorted in a day ! They also specialise in Yokohama tyres. Well it turned out okay in the end, I really appreciate your advice and knowlede
  20. Once the engine is sorted the car should be all good..The exhaust I know from experience is a very costly job but the reality is like my car the cars are near t 7 years old now and like many cars they cost a lot of money to maintain.. Stella only you can decide ? New tyres and exhaust and a new engine means you bills should hopefully be low for some time but again taking a reality check We You or I just cant know what is round the corner but at least with your car you know the dice is loaded in your favour..... Plus you have spent a lot on tyres ect ect so maybe you should at least get some return ?? It is I think pretty rare for satelite / Audio systems in these cars to give trouble ! Welding up the existing exhaust is I think a waste of time as it will likely just pop somewhere else on that Huge centre box !! Try googling and ringing Bosal exhausts.. Bosal is one of the largest manufacturer's of replacement exhausts in the country and I know they were about to start making systems for the Rav4 fairly soon... I have just discovered Bosal are only down the road from me :) , Bamber Bridge ( Preston). I shall speak with them first thing. You have really been a great help - Thank you
  21. Just taken it to a friend who is a mechanic in the army - was looking to take it to the barracks and weld it back . Unfortunately it has broken off too close to the middle box ! Off to an exhaust specialist tomorrow who hopefully will be able to fix it ! I guess its coming up to 70k and is 2006, its a pity that nothing to do with the T180 is standard !! If it was a VW I would be fine ! I have new Geolander tyres, I am getting the engine sorted at Toyota re head gasket and now I'm getting a new exhaust.......does anyone know anything else that could go wrong ?? Should I part ex or should I keep ? I'm thinking the satellite/ audio system or something will go wrong next ! Any advice appreciated , Thank you
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