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  1. Will do, I have decided to go down the stainless steel route - Thank you
  2. This is the way to go, hoping to take it in tomorrow , Thanks
  3. Try a motor factor to see if they can supply a aftermarket one Great , Thanks
  4. It is in two sections, the cat and a tailpie, Kingo Ahhh I understand - Thank you
  5. What fantastic information - I am on with the task now , Thank you
  6. SMH13


    T180 2006 - Literally no more than 26 mpg !! I'm getting an Audi A8 as better mpg ;)
  7. SMH13

    Where Is The Snow?

    None here in the Preston / Blackpool area. Kids off school today as the power is off in the village school - they are most upset
  8. Someone correct me if I'm wrong , but isn't the T180 a complete exhaust, well that's what Toyota say ! I can only buy it with the Cat attached ? Also, does anyone know if I got one made and fitted, would anything show on diagnostic reports ? You have made me feel better - Thanks
  9. Hi, That's helpful...will start shopping round.
  10. Thank you, now I have calmed down I will have a look in to that .
  11. Hi, Mechanic said the it had worn through at the welding, he said its thinest part ?
  12. Hello I feel like crying ! Happily going about my business today when suddenly a lot of smoke and then a noise like dragging metal ! Pulled in to a local garage to find that my exhaust system is broken in two !! Arghhhhhh I have been quoted £1100 from Toyota or £700 plus VAT for the back half (including the catalytic converter). Please does anyone know a cheaper method ??? As well as this I am currently looking in to engine problems via Toyota ! I give up
  13. Depending which bits of the spec appeal the most, the Qashqai in Tekna trim is pretty close. Not as refined as the T180 (and likely not as capable as a 4x4), but it's an entertaining drive, somewhat surprisingly the build quality appears to be better than the Rav and it is costing vastly less to keep on the road than the T180. I had a Qashqai Tekna and the build quality was excellent (but so is my RAV), the equipment level was very good (and the glass roof was sublime) but - at least for my lowly powered 1.5DCi - it was a very uninvolved and forgettable drive and the road holding was much inf
  14. I know exactly what you mean, I spent last night on auto trader and cannot find anything as good or with that spec ! It is very disappointing and I must admit has put me off Toyota .
  15. Not ignoring you.....never knew ! Have now replied , Thank you for your help
  16. Oh No, sorry to hear that ......what do Toyota say ? Currently shooping around as mine is a 2006 T180 !
  17. I am having the exact same thoughts ! Mine are mainly due to the worrying reports of the head gasket going on the T180 when its about 7 years old !! (mine is a 2006) I got rid of the run flats and had Yokohama Geolanders put on, I kept the sensors. I am having trouble as so many of the 4x4 are gas guzzlers ! Good luck and keep us posted,
  18. Mine too, I have been told the same thing.
  19. I had mine removed, some great Yokohama's put on with the sensors all intact.
  20. Mine too ! I have been told it purges itself to clean ......, EGR valve has been cleaned etc etc..... Ive given up !
  21. Thanks Charlie, that might be a good idea. Always had German cars up until the Toyota, never had to take them to main dealers as a lot of people had the diagnostic programmes, never found one yet for a Toyota !
  22. Hello Well I'm still having problems and want to get it sorted once and for all. When I bought the rav it was fine, I'm really try to workout exactly what the problem is ? As soon as the turbo kicks in its fine, but in 1st and 2nd especially it runs rough ! It also does no more than 26.7 !! Any help is appreciated :) Let me know if anyone is interested in buying my T180, getting something smaller! Thanks
  23. Nice, friend has just bought an allroad - very impressed! I have always had German cars and have never had any trouble, this is the first Toyota and if I'm truthful will go back to German cars after this one ! Only problem is you never get all the extra goodies like the Toyota's Need a 4x4 due to where I live, the BMW's X3 never seem to get a good write up. Just been looking at the Audi Q3.....
  24. No Jedi, oil is fine. Will PM you Charlie if I don't get rid myself !! Thanks What are you replacing it with ? Stella
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