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  1. Thanks, for that. Still got a lot of poke when you 30 and over. EGR has been cleaned as I had a problem when it was painfully slow. Been told by mechanic that it could be the particulate filter? Can the chip be re mapped ? (flash over it ?) Have been also looking at Lindop chip.
  2. Hello T180 very slow in 1st & 2nd gear, is this a fault of ECU or Turbo ? Could the existing chip be re-tuned ? Thank you for your help : )
  3. Recently changed mine to Yokohama Geolanders and got given a free can of that " tyre in a can" ! - no regrets
  4. Yes, its a great place. They have a huge roller coaster there now - unfortunatley not open when we went
  5. Hello, Back from Germany, I just love that place ! Diesel is the cheapest fuel at the moment, paid about 1.33 Euro's !! It also amazes me the amount of beer, wine and !Removed! you can buy at the petrol stations !! Pretty safe drivers tho ! ha ha Mild at the moment so not much snow The Nurburgring was an amzing place ! All my doubts in Yokohama tyres vanished when I saw their impressive showroom along with the impressive cars wearing Yokohama's In the end I found a local Thule Hire company near me in Lancashire that hired me the racks and pod and a reasonable £85 for 10 days. Wishing you
  6. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooooooooo :censor: I had my runflats taken off in September and some fab Yokohama Geolanders put on. I got a flat on Saturday and it cannot be repaired . The Tyre chap could not get hold of one of the GO51's to match the others. Well, after phoning round most of the morning, National Tyres got me the only one left in the North West from Manchester. I emailed Yokohama : Good afternoon Stella. Many thanks for your enquiry and sorry to hear that buying Yokohama's are such hard work. Please be re-assured that the only problem we have with this tyre is we have no st
  7. Great, Thank you , just having a look on ebay / fleabay ha ha.
  8. Hi Stella, If you only need the rails/bars for a single trip, how about borrowing mine? Don't know where you are in Lancashire but I'm in West Yorkshire - which can't be so far away. I reckon 1.5 to 2 hrs should easily see them fitted. Hi Chris, That is so kind of you - Thank you I might see if I can get a cheaper roof rack like "Blue Monster" - just going to have a look on ebay..... If not I might come back to you .
  9. The roof runners are around £300, not such a cheap option borrowing my friends anymore ! Thanks
  10. Oo thanks, I haven't got any roof runners , I noticed a lot on ebay fix to the existing runners ? Will have a search on Lidl
  11. Hi Off to Germany again and decided that we need more space ! A friend has a roof box I can borrow, where is the best place to buy the bars? Thanks
  12. Oh, Any ideas how I can listen to my music on my android phone through the stereo ? Thanks for your help
  13. Hello Could someone help me in locating the auxillary point on my 2007 T180 please ? Want to play my music from my mobile ( awaiting a call for Toyota as they find out ! ) Thanks, sorry if this is obvious , I have looked through both manuals too .
  14. :o Oh is it that obvious ! Use the hands free etc in the car, didn't realise I can play music too . I better look through the manual . Thanks Yoda
  15. Hello I have been trying to find out how to play Music I have on my android mobile phone through the car stereo ? Any technical help would be appreciated :) T180 2007
  16. I am going in to Toyota tomorrow to see Dave in parts and see if I can just get the glass and backing - which I have been told exists !! If the other party pays and the main unit is damaged will look at replacing the lot. Apparently parts were amazed at the price it came to !
  17. Thank you so much , will see if I get them to pay out. If not I shall be in touch. The breakdown from Toyota was : Paint Cover £50 General work £39.98 Mirror to Door £299.29 Glass £42.82 Sub Total £432.09 VAT £86.42 Total £518.51 !!!!
  18. Hello Just wanted to share my misfortune in coming in to contact with a complete :censor: !! Luckily I got the vans company name and number plate ! Phoned the company and police as the driver came out of a side road whil'st I was travelling past on the main road. The driver did not stop either. Anyway , Toyota emailed me a quote to replace my wing mirror... £518 (inc fitting ) !! Now is it me or do you think that is ridiculous!
  19. Hi Last week replaced the run flats with Yokohama Geolanders - Fabulous! We drive to Germany every December, these will just cruise through the Snow ! Hope this helps
  20. Yep! Toyota said that they would not repair the tyre, but would replace it with a bridgstone . He also said that most likely the inner band would be broken so they would charge me £440 inc VAT and I could have a coutesy car thrown in !
  21. Chip kits ? Would someone explain please Thansk Indeed You are Mate and that's without considering the residual value of the unit itself. The big plus point is that with an external plug in type box is that its removed in just a few minutes. I saw how Big kev has installed His one ... Nice ,,, A quick question RE price on these units.. Looking at the website ( Lindops) it seems the cost of the unit is 375 quid inc VAT and delivery ?? Is this right ?? Do We forum Members get a discount off this price ??? Wee Charlie.
  22. Hello, Would the premium diesel do anything? I have just had a new Golf Bluemotion as a hire car ...... wow the fuel guage never moved. I would actually think of swopping had I not just bought 4 new tyres
  23. Run Flat Tyres - Argh

  24. Yes,,,they can put on normal tyres, but there's a wee added complication....you have a tyre presure monitoring system (TPMS) which is individually triggered by a separate sensor unit built into each wheel. Your independent garage will more than likely require to cut your Runflats and their supporting internal rings off manually, in the absence of them having the "special machine" that Bridgestone and Toyota cooked up between them to fleece the recipients of this system. (i.e. me and you...) In cutting off the tyres and rings, it is possible they may damage one or more of your sensors, and thes
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