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  1. What a star you are, what great information - Thank You, will try this weekend.
  2. Hello I have a 2007 T180., The handbrake seems quite loose, in that you can pull it up a fair way. (Always had VW's and they seem the opposite). I took it to Toyota, who charged me £46 to Remove the rear wheels, adjust the handbrake shoes and carry out an efficiency test. Anyway today the stupid thing started rolling down the hill ! Could anyone help me or point me in the right direction? Many Thanks for your help
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    Drove to Germany , snow...no problem!
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    Rav T180
  5. Hi , and welcome . Good choice of rav and some people may never have a problem with the RFT so dont worry. As for the bull bar & underguard they do fit , ive one on mine (factory fitted) Ive seen them on fleabay before , give KINGO ( parts king) a PM on here as he works for a Toyota garage for Parts and is very good , im sure he will help with a new one at a good price . Hope this helps Mick Thanks Mick I wanted a BMW X3 but hubby said to go for the Toyota - I'm pleased I chose the Toyota !
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  7. Hello I have been recommended to this website by a fellow Toyota owner! I am a new owner of a Rav T180 2006 and what a great motor - although I keep getting comments about the run flats tyres ??? I was looking to buy a silver front underguard and the Rav 4 plastic Bull Bar / Nudge bar. Rang Toyota as it is in the Rav 4 brochure and they said they didn't do one for that model ! I'm sure I have seen a few around! Any help is appreciated - Thanks :)
  8. Hello, Just joined ! A new owner of a Rav T180, took it to Germany at Christmas - what a fab car ! :D
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